Nevada Vacation 2011

I just spent several days in Nevada with my husband, visiting his parents and having an awesome time! They live near Death Valley, so we visited Scotty's Castle, which was just amazing.

I just love the mountains and would love to live out there. We also explored an old abandoned mine site just outside Death Valley. We drove right up to the back gate of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, near Area 51, but didn't see any aliens.

We stayed in a casino hotel right on the border of Nevada and California. They have awesome biscuits and gravy!

The night of July 4th the fireworks were cancelled due to a storm that blew huge winds of sands across the area.

We spent a few hours in a casino in Las Vegas before boarding the plane to come home. We didn't win any grand amounts, but we're not broke either. We've learned to set aside a certain amount for entertainment money and when we gamble that away, we're done. My in-laws are wonderful people and I really love visiting them. We hope to visit them again soon!



  1. I have a cousin and friend that live there and you'd think I'd be able to vacation there at least once, wouldn't you. I would love to go and I think you offered great tips on places to check out. Thanks for the info.

  2. I just followed you. I came over from Mommy Bloggers. I'm a Texas girl myself. We are near Ft Worth. Have a great day!

  3. How fun! Nice that you could spend some time with the Hubs :D

  4. What great pictures! I love the first,Sunsets are my favorite things come summer. Such beautiful colors!

  5. That sunset is gorgeous! I can't believe you didn't see any aliens. Maybe you did, but they were disguised as people! LOL!

  6. Very nice! The sunset is beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up with Pinterest Monday! Hope to see you again next week!


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