Holiday Gifts for Science Fiction / Fantasy Fans

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I've been a fan of science fiction / fantasy ever since I was a kid. I can't even tell you how excited I was to open this package and find this gorgeous leather-bound book! Classic Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a very thick book, with gold edged pages, and an attached ribbon bookmark. The spine of the book is raised, just like books from way back when. It's a perfect way to get your teenager hooked on this genre of books, and is the perfect keepsake gift for a sci-fi/fantasy fan of any age.
For Marvel fans, The Amazing 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book will keep them busy for hours. These puzzles are much more sophisticated than the ones you did as a child. It's a HUGE paperback book, about 10" by 14" and has lots of pages of challenging fun. A great gift idea, especially for that hard-to-buy for teenage guy!
If you're looking for something a little different, there's a Marvel Universe Crochet Kit that will tap into the creative side of science fiction / fantasy. This kit includes an instruction book on crafting characters like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Falcon, Groot, and Rocket. It also contains all the materials needed to make Captain America and Spider-Man. A super gift idea for gals who love Marvel!
Maybe a couple of intricate coloring books is the right gift for your sci-fi / fantasy lover! A Bestiary of Tolkien and Tolkien's World are filled with gorgeous illustrations ready to be colored. Order both, add a set of quality colored pencils, and you'll have just the right gift for Tolkien fans! Each book has nearly 100 pages of coloring fun inside.
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Planet Weidknecht Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Crabtree & Evelyn Winter Beauty Gifts - Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

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These beauty gifts from Crabtree & Evelyn are exactly what every lady hopes to find under the tree! Bath and body products are always appreciated and when they come in variety packs, it means we get to try several new items at once.
Crabtree & Evelyn started as a small family-run business in 1972 and it's grown to an international luxury brand. Their products are bursting with natural ingredients such as fruit, flower, and plant essences, that combine to create a collection that is both luxurious and beautiful.
These winter beauty gifts feature indulgent scents like lavender, rose pineapple, festive fig, spiced earl grey, pomegranate, citron, and avocado, among others. Each collection comes in elegant packaging, perfect for putting under the holiday tree.
Crabtree & Evelyn beauty products make perfect gifts for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and don't forget your hairdresser and the postal workers! When you give someone a gift that allows them to pamper themselves, you give them moments of relaxation and peace. Who wouldn't want that?
Crabtree & Evelyn offers a huge line of winter beauty products, including lotions, soaps, bath tablets, shower gels, body washes, as well as other products like fragrances, candles, and even gifts for the guys. You can even search their website by scent collection or gift idea.
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Giveaway! 4 SnoSpice Ice Cream Infusions

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I'm giving away 4 SnoSpice
Ice Cream Infusions!
ARV $28 
I love finding unique products and SnoSpice definitely fits that description! SnoSpice blends contain herbs, spices, and nothing else - no sugar! Each flavor is designed to play on the sweetness already present in milk to make ice cream much more flavorful without anything sweet. They are ground to fold perfectly into plain flavors of homemade ice cream, coconut gelato, and vegan smoothies.
SnoSpice is so easy to use! Just grab a bowl of vanilla ice cream, shake your favorite SnoSpice mix onto the ice cream, stir it in, and enjoy a taste like no other. You can shake in as little or as much as you'd like and you can even shake a bit of extra SnoSpice on top if you want. This is a great way to have lots of flavors of ice cream, and with only a single carton of vanilla ice cream taking up space in the freezer. Think of all the fun ice cream socials you could host with SnoSpice!
There are currently six SnoSpice flavors available, with even more in the works. I received four of them - Cinnamon for Optimists, Pumpkin Carriage, Lemon + Basil, and Turmeric'd. Also available are Cocoa Cayenne and Deep Chocolate Sea Salt, which you know means I'm going to have to buy the other two to add to my collection!
You know you're living the good life when you need to eat four bowls of ice cream to write a blog post! First I tried the Cinnamon for Optimists. I love cinnamon so I added a whole bunch of SnoSpice to my bowl and stirred it in. I discovered that it's easiest to stir using two spoons to work the flavor into the ice cream without the ice cream sticking to your spoon. I don't think I've ever had cinnamon ice cream, and it was so good!
Next, I tried the Pumpkin Carriage SnoSpice. It's absolutely scrumptious! My husband says this SnoSpice is his favorite flavor. SnoSpice is also a great way to add flavor to milkshakes and I'll bet this flavor makes an incredible pumpkin milkshake. Top it off with a few chocolate chips and I'd be in heaven! I might even try SnoSpice in yogurt and see how that tastes too.
I was a bit wary about the Lemon + Basil flavor. I just could not imagine how ice cream would taste with basil in it. But in reality, you know I'll try anything once, so I loaded up my vanilla ice cream with the Lemon + Basil and dug in. It's absolutely delicious and this flavor is my favorite! I also really liked the Turmeric'd, and I can't wait to try the two chocolate SnoSpice flavors. The SnoSpice Gift Sets would make wonderful holiday gifts!
Shop www.snospice.com now!

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Belli Skin Care - Safe and Effective

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Moms have so much to worry about, especially new moms and moms-to-be, that's why skin care shouldn't be something to worry over! Belli Skin Care makes a fabulous line of safe and effective skin care. These luxurious products are allergy tested, free of paraben preservatives, phthalates, and artificial dyes or fragrances, and made in the USA. Expecting and new moms can be assured that the products are screened to avoid ingredients with even remote links to birth defects or miscarriage, and to avoid any ingredients that could be harmful if passed through breast milk.
If Belli Skin Care is safe enough for pregnant moms and new moms, then it's safe for all of us! I received three Belli Skin Care products - Body Wash, Facial Wash, and Facial Hydrator Lotion. These products are made with essential oils, so every use offers a spa-like aromatherapy experience. Both of the washes lather up wonderfully, smell amazing, and leave me soft and squeaky clean. I love that the light scents hang around for hours after washing. These are great products!
The Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator is a fabulous daily lotion. It's light and creamy, smooths on easily, and leaves my skin feeling very soft and pampered. I really love this facial lotion! I have very sensitive skin, and these products do not irritate my skin in any way, rather they soothe and calm my skin. The essential oil scents are further calming, and knowing I don't have to worry about what's in my skin care products means my daily routine is quick, easy, and pleasant. I highly recommend Belli Skin Care!
Visit www.belliskincare.com for these products and many other wonderful safe and effective skin care products. I can't wait to try the Body Lotion and the Fresh Start Scrub! While I was browsing on their website, I noticed a banner across the top that offers FREE SHIPPING for orders over $49, so don't miss that discount!



Giveaway! Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box #eorecipebox

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I'm giving away a
I have used essential oils for years, but mostly just by dabbing a bit of essential oil onto my temples to relieve a headache. I honestly had no idea that there were so many different ways to use essential oils until I received the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box. This amazing package contained several types of essential oils and recipe cards showing me new ways to use them! Also included were bunches of supplies used in the recipes. This is a fabulous holiday gift idea!
Simply Earth makes it easy to make natural bath bombs, hand warmers, bath scrubs, and even a scented diffuser necklace, all with their pure essential oils. Even better, Simply Earth is a subscription box, so I can get a new box every month, filled with five essential oils, plus extras, and recipe cards. I did need to add a few ingredients from my pantry for a couple of the recipes, but they were things most people have on hand anyway. I had so much fun creating all the recipes and I love using my new products!
Using the Simply Earth Coffee Essential Oil and the Simply Earth Citrus Burst, I made a Holiday Diffuser Blend in the extra amber bottle. It smells SO amazing! I also created a Digest Roll-On with the Simply Earth Coconut Fractionated Oil, Simply Earth Ginger Essential Oil, Simply Earth Spearmint Oil, and the roller amber bottle for helping relieve digestive bellyaches. It was so easy to do with their recipe cards. They even included stickers so I could label my amber bottles. I really love these essential oils and I'm so excited to be learning new ways to use them!
You can order the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box HERE. You'll save money by signing up for a subscription, or you can order just one box as a gift for someone special for the holidays. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, plus you'll get free shipping, and they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Visit SimplyEarth.com and get started this month!

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WellnessMats Signature Collection #review

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When we were living in Hawaii, I got a job in a souvenir store, where I had to stand for eight hours on a solid concrete floor, without sitting down, except for my 30-minute lunch break. I lasted a week and I ended up quitting because I hurt from my shoulders down to my toes, which were bruised black from the pressure. Had we been offered WellnessMats to stand on while behind the register, I probably wouldn't have had to resign.
WellnessMats are unlike any other mat. They provide constant, cushioned support under your feet. WellnessMats are made from a proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology. The soft, smooth surface and buoyant core encourage very subtle movements and re-alignments, which reduces muscle and joint fatigue, as well as stress on the lower extremities.
They are ‘one piece construction’ which means that, unlike other mats made from several different materials fused or sewn together, WellnessMats will never delaminate, the edges will never curl, nor will they puncture or slide. In addition, all WellnessMats come with a 20-Year Warranty. These mats will forever remain buoyant and supportive bringing you years of comfort and well-being. WellnessMats are also antimicrobial, easy to clean, and stain resistant.
There are many different styles of WellnessMats to choose from, and their new Signature Collection even allows you to add a monogram, making it truly customized to your home (or workplace) decor. The Signature Collection includes two elegant designs, eight stunning colors, and one initial in either gold or silver. As an added bonus, WellnessMats are made in the USA!
I received a Gatsby design from the WellnessMats Signature Collection, with a gold W monogram. It's sturdy, solid, and very classy. I put mine in front of my kitchen sink, since I hand-wash our dishes. It is the most comfortable mat I've ever put my feet upon. I have decided it is a must-have for every kitchen. Standing on it is simply dreamy! It is a one-of-kind product that I'm truly thankful to have in my home, and I give my highest recommendation to WellnessMats!
WellnessMats are also sold nationwide through Williams-Sonoma,
Frontgate, and hundreds of independent retailers.


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Make Holiday Memories with #HalosFun

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I just received this big holiday container from Halos and it's packed with activities to make holiday memories! Wonderful Halos Mandarins have long been a favorite in my house. They are always sweet and juicy, seedless, and so easy to peel. Halos come from California and are always a good choice when it comes to snacking healthy and delicious.
There are so many ways to share Halos for the holidays and their website is jam packed with activities for kids (and adults) to make memories together. Planning activities around healthy foods is a great way to help your children make good choices when it comes to choosing foods to eat.
My Halos container came with craft ideas, recipe cards, and supplies to make great holiday memories. Halos are a great gift idea for teachers, neighbors, and friends! It's easy to be creative and turn Halos into cute holiday characters with the supplies you have in your house.
My Halos recipe cards featured an adorable (and easy) reindeer to make. Since Halos are round, you could easily craft a Santa face, or even stack two or three (held together with toothpicks) to make a snowman face. Or peel several mandarins and make a Halos wreath for a holiday party!
The Halos website features lots of printables, recipes, and even offers a free download game for your kids to play. Don't miss the United States of Pure Goodness Sticker Game, where you can collect stickers, send them in when you've collected all 50, and get a free gift from Halos!
Halos are a wonderful surprise if your family uses a countdown to Christmas calendar. They are also the perfect size to drop into holiday stockings. You can always feel good about giving Halos to your family, because they are 100% California born and raised, and absolutely, positively Non-GMO Project verified.
Be sure to enjoy Halos when they’re in season, from November through April, because then they're gone until the next season! What holiday memories can you make with your family using Halos Mandarins? Tweet at Halos using #HalosFun!


My Baby's Heartbeat Bear - Baby Shower Gift or Holiday Gift Idea

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times in someone's lifetime. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection is a unique gift that includes an adorable stuffed animal and a 20-second red heart battery recorder that captures the sound of your baby's heartbeat during your next ultrasound. Created by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and mom of twins, My Baby's Heartbeat Bear makes a perfect shower gift.
My Baby's Heartbeat Bear is a wonderful pregnancy keepsake and you can choose from several bears, or select the giraffe, bunny, monkey, fox, cow, frog, sheep, hippo, and many more. They are all adorable and very cuddly. I chose a giraffe and he has the most adorable face with big eyes and a sweet, gentle smile.
He is 11 inches tall and is super soft with a fleece type fabric and poly fiber fill. Your baby's first heartbeat is a sound you never want to forget and this darling giraffe from My Baby's Heartbeat Bear will keep it safe for you. Once the recording is made, it's inserted into a special pouch in the giraffe and a press of the foot allows the heartbeat sound to be heard. We're expecting a new grandchild in our family and I know the mama will love this gift!
Order your favorite My Baby's Heartbeat Bear today at mybabysheartbeatbear.com. It's the perfect gift for expecting parents for the holidays. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear animals are also available at many ultrasound studios across the USA and you can use the locator on their website to find a location near you.



Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Brazilian Cheese Bread is an obsession in South America, and now I think it is in my house too! Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread is so easy to make, just pop them in the oven for 20 minutes. They come in four delicious flavors - Cheddar and Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, Zesty Pepper Jack, and Three Cheese Pizza.
They are made from a secret family recipe and include the finest ingredients: fresh cheese, eggs, milk, and tapioca flour, and are naturally gluten-free. Brazi Bites are perfect as a side dish, an appetizer, a party dish, and also a great late-night snack. They are light and crispy on the outside, and fluffy inside.
I prepared my first batch of Brazi Bites Garlic Asiago as a side dish for spaghetti. We loved them, and they were perfect for mopping up leftover spaghetti sauce on our plates. We didn't finish them all at dinner, so for a late night snack we topped them with pepperoni and a bit of cheese and rewarmed them in the microwave. Delicious once again! My favorite flavor is the Zesty Pepper Jack, but they are all scrumptious. You can even slice them horizontally to make amazing sliders! Check out all their recipes on the Brazi Bites website.
I am delighted with Brazi Bites and I'm thrilled that they are so easy to make! They have even been featured on Shark Tank. Find them in the freezer section of your grocery store or shop online. Get more information about Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread at www.brazibites.com.