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Quick Kitchen Makeover with Dining Chair Slipcovers #farmhouse

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
We purchased our kitchen table and chairs before we bought our farmhouse. I've struggled to find a way to make the set more "farmhouse like" because it has rather modern lines to it. I was SO excited to discover The Slipcover Company because for much less than replacing the table and chairs, two dining chair slipcovers changed the whole look of my kitchen!
The Mini Ruffle 2 Tier dining chair covers soften the entire room. Made of 100% cotton, these slipcovers lend simple charm while providing a more comfortable seat for meals (and no more legs sticking to the vinyl seats). I have already thrown both slipcovers in the washer and dryer and they came out beautifully. I hate to iron and I felt these really didn't need ironing, unless I'm having the President to dinner. I love the sweet ruffles!
The material is like a soft canvas feel, and the ruffles fall perfectly around the front and sides of my dining chairs. Each slipcover has a flat back that drops right over the entire back of the chair, and an attached set of ties makes a pretty bow at the back of the chair that helps to fit lots of sizes and styles of dining chairs.
I am certain if you wanted a more crisp look to them, a quick ironing does wonders for cotton, but here on the farm, we like a casual and lived-in look to everything. I am completely delighted with my dining chair slipcovers from The Slipcover Company! They offer tons of different styles and colors of slipcovers for all kinds of furniture, including sofas, easy chairs, pet covers, and car covers. They even offer pillows. What a great gift idea for the holidays!
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Mimmo Caddy - Organize All Your Stuff with Mollie Ollie

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I am often teased about how organized I like to keep things, but I'm also the person who knows where everything is at when no one else can find it. The Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie is one of the most wonderful storage caddies I've ever used. It's just big enough to store tons of stuff, while still being compact enough to fit almost anywhere.
It's made of beautiful colors that complement any decor, and since I love the farmhouse style, the gray and blue fits right into my home. I love the materials Mollie Ollie uses to create their Mimmo Caddy - a 5mm heavy duty felt material for the exterior and smooth, resilient polyester lining that's easy to wipe clean.
Mimmo Caddy measures 14.5” x 9.5” x 7” plus it has two removable dividers. The workmanship is superior, with a reinforced base, enhanced stitching on the handles, and very sturdy construction. I was delighted that it didn't have any chemical smell, so it's safe to use around babies and would make a great diaper storage bin in a baby's room.
You'll find it super simple to store all your stuff, with 8 pockets of various sizes, including a zippered exterior pocket with 5 elastic loops for easy access and smart organization. Mimmo Caddy is also lightweight and the handles are just long enough to make it super comfortable to carry. It's marketed as a diaper caddy, but there are hundreds of ways to use it!
If for some reason you want to store it away, it folds down easily too. I could truly see using the Mimmo Caddy in every room of my home in one way or another. Here are some ways Mollie Ollie suggests you use it: Baby Diaper Organizer, Portable Nursing Station, Road Trip Tote, Car Seat Organizer, Knitting Supplies Basket, Arts and Crafts Bag, Laundry Storage Bin, Essential Oils Tote, Cosmetic and Skincare Storage Bin, Toy Storage Organizer, and Stationary Organizer.
I came up with some great ideas too! I put together a Get Well Soon caddy, with a large size tissue box, a package of baby wipes, and a package of cleaning wipes, for those days when someone isn't feeling well and needs extra loving care and a clean environment. Tuck in a magazine or coloring book, and you've got a great gift for someone who is under the weather.
I also put together a Kid's Quiet Box, to take along on trips to the doctor or dentist, so your child can have their own toys and snacks on hand, rather than play with the germy toys that are often found in waiting rooms. Kids could also use this to keep busy on a rainy day while their younger siblings take a nap. It would also make a great after-school activity bin.
I think my favorite idea is my Painting Caddy. It stores lots of my paints, brushes, and other creative tools all in one space. I would love to have dozens of these Mimmo Caddy organizers all lined up on my pantry shelves to organize different food staple items, health and beauty supplies, household tools, and more! What will YOU put in your Mimmo Caddy?
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Bedroom Makeover with The Brickyard Collection Luxurious Quilt Set

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I am always amazed at how easy it is to makeover the look of a bedroom with a change as simple as a new bedding set! Southshore Fine Linens is a fabulous place to shop to find just the right look for any decor. I selected The Brickyard Collection, a luxurious quilt set by Vilano Springs in the color Vilano Steel Gray. Their website describes this look as modern but it fits in perfectly with my old-fashioned farmhouse look!
This premium quilt collection features a beautifully detailed brick pattern on the quilt and pillow shams. The Brickyard Collection comes in twin/twin xl, full/queen, and king/california king sizes. It is lightweight yet cozy, soft yet sleek. The Vilano Steel Gray is a true gray, with gray stitching to create the brick pattern.
The two pillow shams fit any standard size pillow and the entire look is simply stunning in my white shiplap bedroom. It's the perfect look whether you go for simple, like my gray/white theme, but you could dress it up easily by adding some throw pillows in robin's egg blue or bright yellow. You could even dress it through the fall by adding a black and white buffalo check throw blanket at the foot of the bed, and take it into the holidays with some themed throw pillows featuring reindeer or snowmen.
The brick stitching is perfect over the entire set. It's just thick enough to appear as a thin "mortar" line, while keeping the quilt filling in place for those times you want to run it through the washer and dryer. I love how my white dust ruffle gives it a more feminine look, but this style is also perfect for a male's bedroom due to the more masculine look of the brick lines.
I am thrilled with The Brickyard Collection quilt set! It is breathable enough through the summer months but will also be cozy warm through the winter. It is extremely well constructed and laid out nicely with no wrinkles straight out of the packaging. It comes in many colors, including black, brown, white, bone, steel gray, dark blue, sky blue, taupe, slate, and steel blue. I highly recommend Southshore Linens for all your bedding needs!
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Thread Spread True Luxury 1000-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
A good night's sleep goes beyond a good mattress and a dark room. The type of sheets you put on your bed are just as important. I once slept on a set of sheets at a friend's house that were so slippery that I nearly fell out of bed during the night. When I was much younger and on a tight budget, I bought the cheapest sheets available; they were so hard and scratchy that every time I moved, the rustling woke me up. This week, I've been sleeping on my new Thread Spread sheets and am absolutely delighted with them!
Thread Spread Sheets are true luxury, with beautifully crafted 1000-thread-count sheets made of only pure, 100% long staple Egyptian cotton yarns, which are renowned for their superior quality and durability. These sheets feature a sateen finish that offers a lustrous look, like silk or satin, yet more breathable and natural. They are smooth, soft, and extremely comfortable.
Thread Spread sheets come in twin, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes. My bed is a queen size and my set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Whenever I get new sheets, I like to spread them out on the bed before washing the first time, and then again after washing them, to see if they shrink or wrinkle. The photo below is before washing, and the next photo is after washing. They did not shrink and they did not wrinkle. I was amazed!
After just a single night of sleeping on Thread Spread sheets, I knew these sheets were superior. They are super breathable, which is important especially during the hot, humid summers we have here in Kansas. They are incredibly soft and smooth (with no noisy rustling). Even my husband noticed how wonderful the new sheets felt. I highly recommend Thread Spread Sheets! They are available in about 20 different colors so you can choose whatever goes with your bedroom theme. I was surprised that luxury like this is available at such an affordable price. Check out their entire line of bedding!
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PittMoss Organic Potting Mix

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
PittMoss is an organic potting mix made from recycled cellulose fibers, like newspaper. It keeps material out of the landfill, which allows gardeners to have good stewardship of our planet. The unique physical, chemical, and biological properties of PittMoss maximize the use of nutrients and water.
PittMoss is a next-generation growing media. Not only does it reduce the need for applied chemicals and water, it is made from organic and natural materials. PittMoss can be used in so many different ways. Whether you're an avid gardener, a specialty grower, or you like to mix your own potting or gardening soil to perfection, using PittMoss can dramatically improve your results.
The first thing I noticed about PittMoss was its lightweight properties. Carrying a bag of PittMoss is so much easier than carrying a bag of regular potting soil. It's also an easier medium to work with when planting, especially in planters, like my planter wagon of strawberries. PittMoss is easy to handle, easy to move around, and easy to spread around plants.
PittMoss is also less dusty than a peat-based blend. The surface area of PittMoss encourages a better balance of air and water, which acts like a probiotic for plants, helping them grow bigger and better. The recycled ingredients of PittMoss are also free of pests, insects, and diseases. I love working with PittMoss!
I've gotten around a dozen tiny strawberries from my two strawberry plants before adding PittMoss to the existing potting soil I used when I planted them a month ago. I'm so excited to see if the addition of PittMoss increases the size of the berries. I'll update my post in a few weeks to let you know!
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Refresh Your Sink with a Hand Soap that Brings Joy

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The recent trend of organizing and reducing clutter in our homes is intended to spark joy in our lives. The job of actually doing all that work is not all that joyful. Trying to carve out several hours to organize a closet, the bathroom cabinets, or the pantry can cause stress in and of itself. Make your home more joyful without all the work! The Decor Collection from Softsoap brings joy to the sink by adding a pop of bright color to the room and refreshing scents to washing your hands. The collection consists of five lavish scents, each with unique and modern packaging that allows you to customize the space around the sinks in your home. The fresh scents are all perfect for spring and summer and are sure to brighten your day.
Softsoap brand recently conducted a survey to discover where Americans find joy in the home and where they want to see more of it. The Decor Collection from Softsoap can help you find more joy every time you wash your hands!

  • 71% of Americans find joy in washing their hands and 93% say that a pleasing scented hand soap brings them joy. 
  • 79% of Americans wish they can bring more joy into their homes.
  • 86% of Americans agree that decorating their home brings them joy. 
  • 69% of Americans wish they could add more joy to their bathroom. 

*All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from Toluna. Total sample size was 875 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between March 18 - March 21, 2019. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all U.S. adults aged 22-55.
I love all of the new Softsoap scents so much and I adore the pretty designs. I have one Softsoap in my kitchen and another in my bathroom, and I even took one into my post office to bring me joy while I'm at work. Put together a pretty gift basket with all five of The Decor Collection scents to bring your mom joy for Mother's Day! Which one is your favorite?


GuruNanda Natural Mist Room Sprays NEW

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
These are no ordinary air fresheners! GuruNanda Natural Mist Room Sprays can refresh your rooms with plant-based ingredients. These wonderful natural scents also offer immediate aromatherapy benefits. GuruNanda’s new Natural Mist Room Sprays are made with 100% pure and natural essential oils. They come in four exotic blends - Lavender Orange Vanilla, Jasmine Rosemary, Lemongrass Lime Basil, and Spearmint Patchouli Cedarwood. They contain NO artificial fragrances and NO chemical propellants.

I am absolutely in LOVE with these mist sprays! They smell so good and the scent lasts for a very long time. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite one because all of the scents are amazing, so I'm using them in different rooms and enjoying them all. I use the Lavender Orange Vanilla in my bedroom, the Jasmine Rosemary in my bathroom, the Lemongrass Lime Basil in my kitchen, and the Spearmint Patchouli Cedarwood in my living room. This collection would be a fabulous Mother's Day gift idea! Just get one of each scent and package them up together in a basket or a bucket with a few flowers for your mom. I love GuruNanda products and have always been happily satisfied with their essential oils, diffusers, and now their Natural Mist Room Sprays.

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Bedroom Makeover for Spring with Latest Bedding

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Spring is the perfect time to update your bedroom's entire look! I packed away my quilt and blankets in exchange for this light, airy, romantic comforter set from Latest Bedding. There is so much detail in this romantic set and the beige color is just perfect for our farmhouse.
The Antonela Comforter Set in queen size includes EIGHT pieces, with a super soft comforter, two ruffled pillowcases, two large square pillow shams, a bed skirt, a small square throw pillow, and a small rectangular throw pillow. It's a whole new look in a single purchase!
This set features pleats and ruffles galore, from the simple pleated bed skirt to the highly detailed comforter. There are even braided ribbon details on several of the pieces. It is a delightful combination of simplicity and glamour!
The comforter is a super soft microfiber polyester with a polyester fill that allows for air flow during sleep. I slept wonderfully under this comforter! The beige color is the perfect palette to balance out any color scheme in your bedroom.
I love neutral colors in my bedroom so that it's calming, but you can add more pop to your bed by draping a simple colorful throw blanket over the end and adding a colorful throw pillow to the two already included in the Antonella Set. A robin's egg blue would be perfect for spring, and maybe swap for red accessories for summer.
This comforter set from Latest Bedding is the second product I've received from this company and my first quilt set is still in excellent condition. I've packed it away carefully to reuse this fall. I'm very impressed with the quality and durability of the products from Latest Bedding. I can use them year after year!
Find comforter sets for your spring bedroom makeover at and check out the fabulous sale they are offering right now. I highly recommend their bedding and know you'll love their products as much as I do!


J and L Decor - Amazing Soy Candles at Wholesale Prices

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Candles are a staple in every home decor style. They provide light, ambiance, and wonderful aromas. Even before a candle is lit, it is a beautiful home decor item! Candles make dinner more romantic, bedrooms more sensual, and family rooms more welcoming. J and L Decor makes amazing soy candles at rock-bottom wholesale prices!
I received this beautiful glass mason jar candle from J and L Decor in Almond Creme scent. This handmade candle smells SO wonderful! It burns beautifully and evenly, and the glass jar provides my tables protection from the heat. I even love the rustic touch of the thin twine bow. It's perfect for my farmhouse decor, and the super low prices at J and L Decor mean I can stock up on lots of great scents!
I styled my new J and L Decor soy candle with a large round galvanized tray, a tea-stained daisy wreath, and a wood slice from one of our trimmed trees as a base for the candle. It looks lovely in my guest room on the table between the guest beds. This delicious scented candle is also the perfect way to freshen up the room before guests arrive. I am delighted with my candle and love that these products are made in the USA. I highly recommend J and L Decor candles!
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