Waldlaufer Boots - Fall Fashion, Comfort, and Warmth

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
It's finally time for my favorite season - BOOT season! There are no shoes I love to wear more than my boots and I am beyond excited about the new fall styles at Waldlaufer. I just received a pair of their Iris Hoja Black Elefant boots and they are incredible!
These women's boots come in either black or khaki. The black boots have a gray sole and the khaki boots have a tan sole. They are made of a natural, soft, textured leather with a TPU flexible sole for traction. These boots also feature an ankle buckle for style and a calf strap of velcro with a snap design.
The interior is lined with soft, fuzzy, natural wool to keep feet and legs toasty warm even on the coolest of autumn days. They also have a zipper on the inner side to make them very easy to put on and take off. I have thicker calves than I'd like to admit and I am very happy that these boots allow me plenty of room.
The Iris Hoja Black Elefant boots are amazingly comfortable! I can wear these all day long without any discomfort at all. The heel is just slightly elevated for comfortable walking and standing. These boots look adorable with skirts, slacks, leggings, and jeans. They are both casual and dressy, making them perfect for all my fall and winter outfits.
I am extremely impressed with the quality of Waldlaufer boots. They are impeccably designed and constructed for years of comfort and warmth. This classic style will always be in fashion. Visit www.waldlaufer.com now for these and other wonderful boots and shoes for women and men.!


Sydney Paige Backpacks - Buy One/Give One Program

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I am really excited to share this wonderful program with you! This adorable backpack is one of the many styles and sizes available from Sydney Paige, who is on a mission to help children in need of school supplies get what they need to succeed. As families start to get their young ones ready for the start of a school year, many will not have the means to send them off with the proper school supplies. On average, 2 in 5 students don’t start school with the supplies they need and many backpacks donated to these families are cheap and fall apart within the first couple of months. Sydney Paige is on a mission to raise awareness for this issue and provide children with essential, quality gear they need in order to receive a proper education.
Isn't this Dino backpack for preschoolers charming? My grandson will love it! It features a roomy inside, two side pockets, a front zipper pocket and two exterior clip loops. Sydney Paige backpacks are made from eco-friendly materials of 100% cotton canvas, natural leather, nickel free hardware, and recycled polyester where possible. Through their Buy One/Give One program, Sydney Paige donates the same high-quality backpack as purchased, filling each donated backpack with a full set of age-appropriate school supplies, food, clothing, or hygiene kits, and letting customers choose which non-profit company receives their matching bag and supplies.
From toddlers to adults, Sydney Paige offers backpacks for everyone and anyone who wants to make a positive impact in a child’s life. Order your favorite backpack today and provide one filled with supplies!


Porte Play Tablet Case #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
If you're anything like me, you probably own several devices. As compact as my laptop is, I prefer to take my tablet along when I'm traveling. It's much lighter in weight and much smaller in size. I've tried several different tablet cases over the years, including zipper cases, snap-on cases, and even a case that wraps around my tablet like a notebook with a magnetic tab. None of them compare to the features of the Porte Play Tablet Case.
The stylish Porte Play Tablet Case offers so much more than just a place to stick my tablet. It's designed with beautiful, durable fabric in colors that both men and women will love. It comes in several professional designs and I chose the Mint Tablet Case. It measures 8"x10.5" so it securely holds a 9.4" tablet. My current tablet is only a mini, and the Porte Play Tablet Case still holds it without worry.
The Porte Play Tablet Case features a double zipper so you can zip it from the top or bottom. Inside, there is a padded inner tablet pocket that features two velcro closure tabs so I never have to worry that my tablet will slide out onto the ground when I unzip the case. The tablet case also easily fits into a backpack, a tote, and even my favorite handbag.
The Porte Play tablet case also has a large mesh zipper pocket and several elastic strap pockets for chargers, cables, and cords. The mesh pocket is big enough for my mp3 player and my phone too. It's beautifully designed for all the things I carry around with me. I also really love the exterior strap on the Porte Play Tablet Case.
Porte Play tucked a few gifts into my shipment...these cord holders are perfect for keeping my earphones from getting all tangled up, and they fit perfectly into the mesh pocket of my Porte Play Tablet Case. I'm extremely impressed with the high quality and careful design of this tablet case. I highly recommend Porte Play!
The Porte Play Tablet Case is just $17.99 making it the perfect gift idea for anyone and everyone who owns a tablet. Check out their entire product line for gadgets at porteplay.com and get something for everyone on your holiday gift list!
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Toddler Dual Height Step Stool by Jessa Leona

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Jessa Leona has a fabulous line of specialty baby products, from safety locks and corner guards to potty chairs and step stools. If you have a toddler, you know that the one thing they want more than anything is their independence. This Toddler Dual Height Step Stool is the perfect partner for fostering your little one's desire to do things independently.
Jessa Leona's Toddler Step Stool is made from lightweight plastic so that it's easy enough for a toddler to carry around, yet it's sturdy enough to hold up to 150 pounds. The neutral white and gray design will match any decor. It features two steps so your child can use it at different heights and for many years to come.
The Toddler Step Stool also features handles on both sides, making it easy to carry and both heights of the steps have a soft grip texture so your child feels secure even on the top step. The base of the step stool has a slip-resistant design that provides a secure surface on all floor types. Jessa Leona is so sure you'll love their step stool that they offer a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.
Give your toddler a boost for potty training. Help them step up to wash their own hands too. Use the Toddler dual height step stool in the kitchen so your child can help with baking, washing vegetables, and drying the spoons. Use it in the garage to give kids a peek at the car engine and in the backyard to help fill the birdfeeders. Kids will love the extra height and they will love the independence the Jessa Leona Toddler Step Stool provides.
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