Stuff I Learned This Week

  1. Even macaroni and cheese seems glamorous when served as a side to bacon-wrapped filet mignon.
  2. It's an absolute joy to give something to someone who truly appreciates the gift.
  3. Strive to live more fully alive.
  4. I prefer that people would say no, than not answer the question at all.
  5. Consider rest to be as essential to success as is hard work.
  6. Miracles can and do happen.
  7. Seeing my "graduated daycare kids" at a local store warms my heart, especially when they see me, they come running with a huge grin and jump in my arms.
  8. Giving always feels good. Always.
  9. I'm still not surprised by the fact our government lies to the people.
  10. Hearing a child say "I love you" is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.
  11. Candy tastes just as good when you're a grown-up.


Toy Coupons and More to Print

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Kids for Kids Clothing - Review

Kids For Kids is a fashion company that features artwork made by children from organizations that support underprivileged and orphaned children around the world. Kids For Kids also donates a share of their sales to these organizations. I love this idea!
This charming Circle of Elephants t-shirt was inspired by a drawing made by 16 year old Skhanyiso Mdzebele in Swaziland. Beautifully printed on a soft, lightweight material, this children's shirt comes from a sustainable and earth-friendly company created by Iris Shiloh after her encounters with orphanage children throughout India in 2010.
You can see all the designs created by children at http://www.kidsforkidsfashion.com. Currently there are fashions for kids and babies, with adult fashions coming soon! You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.
Here is my happy little 3 year old daycare girl sporting her new Circle of Elephants shirt. She absolutely loves it and told me it's "cute and comfy!"
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to Kathleen Downes
winner of the $25 Kohl's Gift Card!

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“Design Your Dream Space” Pinterest Contest

With today’s busy lifestyles, the master suite has transitioned into a space to unwind and relax...a haven. Over 70% of consumers have Internet access in their bedroom and most watch TV or read emails before sleep. This trend has homeowners and designers rethinking the use of a bed and bedroom not just for sleeping but as a completely restyled sanctuary designed for all of your favorite activities. There’s no need to sacrifice style and a high-end look for premium comfort. The Designer Series Adjustable Beds from Leggett and Platt offer customized comfort for reading, TV viewing, surfing the web and working then, with the push of a button, glides into your favorite position for sleeping. You can choose from four on-trend colors and headboard styles to create a personalized, tranquil retreat.

Emily Henderson, the host of HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist and home style expert for Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds wants to put YOUR bedroom design skills to the test through the “Design Your Dream Space” Pinterest contest.
Enter HERE 
and please use referral code PW

How It Works:
“Like” the Leggett and Platt Facebook page; click on the Contest Tab and follow the instructions to enter.
Create a board under one of three themes (Coastal Getaway, Modern Elegance or Eclectic Inspiration).
Include at least one image of a Leggett and Platt bed that you’d like to design a room around.
Pin a minimum of 7 additional items of your liking to help decorate your bedroom.
Visit LPAdjustableBases.com for more details.

Emily will choose a grand prize winner, who will receive a free, queen-sized Leggett and Platt adjustable bed and headboard and $1,500 cash towards their own bedroom makeover! Two runners up will receive $500. Hurry, ends October 15, 2012.

Prepare your Fireplace for the Season

Whether you have a wood burning or gas fireplace it is important to properly prepare them for the fall and winter seasons to ensure both their functionality and your safety. Napoleon Fireplaces have provided some helpful tips to consider when preparing your fireplace for the season. Most of the simple inspections and cleaning can be done by the average homeowner, however, if you have any doubt at all, contact your local fireplace installer or chimney sweep.

Wood Burning:
  • Have the chimney cleaned before starting your wood burning fireplace, stove or insert. The leading cause of fires from wood burning appliances is the result of creosote (unburned fuel) that has accumulated in the chimney.
  • Have any gasket material inspected and replaced as required, such as the gasket sealing the door, the door glass and in some cases the ash dump. If an airtight appliance is operated without these gaskets effectively sealing the openings, excess air can leak into the firebox creating an over fire condition, which may permanently damage the appliance.
  • Clean the blower if your wood burning appliance is equipped with one. Unlike your furnace blower, these blowers do not have a filtering system to prevent the buildup of dust and hair on the blower.
  • Replace any broken or deteriorated brick lining in the wood burning appliance. While cracks in the lining are not a concern, if the brick lining is deteriorated to the point that the steel body is exposed, the heat from the fire can cause permanent damage to the appliance.
  • Replace the batteries and test any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors you have in your home to ensure these defense monitors are operating properly.
Gas Burning:
  • Have the appliance serviced by a qualified technician. A properly maintained fireplace can look as new as the day it was installed and a proper cleaning can help prevent permanent damages from occurring. Even the glass must be cleaned annually to keep it looking clear. Although gas fireplaces appear to be maintenance free, like a car engine, these combustion systems are affected by problems such as dust and insects which will impair performance. The airways of both the pilot and main burners should be regularly cleaned to ensure that they are operating correctly and a general inspection of the entire system including the safety controls is also beneficial.
  • Clean the blower if your gas burning appliance is equipped with one. Unlike your furnace blower, these blowers do not have a filtering system to prevent the buildup of dust and hair on the blower. As the dust accumulates on the blower blades, the balance of the blower will change causing premature wearing of the bearings. The dust also insulates the motor; preventing it from being cooled and can eventually cause the motor to cease up.
  • Replace the batteries in any optional remote transmitters and in some cases, in the receiver as well. Even when not being used the power held in a battery is slowly depleted.
  • Replace the batteries and test any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors you have in your home to ensure these defense monitors are operating properly.


Fall Fashionista Sponsor Announcement

Planet Weidknecht is giving away a Unisex Winter Jacket from American Apparel (winner's choice of size and color) for the Fall Fashionista Event October 11-18. With over 100 participating blogs, you can enter to win thousands of dollars in prizes! Mark your calendar!

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Guest Post: Baby Zoe for Parents

Guest Post:
I just wanted to let you know about a great new app called Baby Zoe. Baby Zoe is a free app available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Baby Zoe is designed to be a parent’s best friend to track the health and developmental progress of their children while also documenting the day to day joys of growing up. The husband and wife team of Rusten and Karen Gomez are putting their life experiences of raising two energetic and often wild boys to use to make sure Baby Zoe is a fun and rewarding tool that will help parents and doctors alike.
Baby Zoe tracks your children’s eating, sleeping and growth progress. You can also manage photos, associate them with events, and share information with doctors, babysitters, daycare, and family members. Baby Zoe can also be used during pregnancy to help moms keep track of all the important information about the pregnancy and growing baby.
Rusten and Karen are working tirelessly to improve Baby Zoe and connect it to your doctors’ offices so that the information gathered can help improve the struggling healthcare system (just a small goal, right?). Download the app today and check it out. It’s free!

Google Play/Android download:

iTunes download:


2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Would you like your product featured in the 
Planet Weidknecht 2012 Holiday Gift Guide? 
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Fiction Untitled, 2.4


She waited for a child to appear. And she waited. And she waited. Her eyes grew heavy as she stared at the door, willing it to open. As she drifted off a bit, she began to dream. She saw a toddler, a boy, maybe as old as 3, with ice blue eyes and jet black hair, laughing from his belly as her hands tickled him. Her heart ached, reaching towards the dream, feeling a deep joy and longing. A deep creaking sound yanked her out of the dream and she turned her head towards the door. Standing there was the little girl who had visited her before, once for certain, maybe more. She had a bottle of water and a small burlap bag in her hands. Looking mostly at the floor, the child approached the bed and held out both hands to deliver the items as seemingly directed. From under the quilt came a feeling of hope inside her. She opened her mouth to speak to the girl. Not a sound came out. She grabbed the glass bottle and drank all of the water quickly, then tried to speak again. Again, her mouth merely opened and closed. The child dropped the little bag on the bed, grabbed the water bottle and turned toward the door. She grabbed the child’s arm in desperation, but the child wrenched out of her weak grasp and slipped out the door. She sank back into the bed, exhausted and a few tears slipped from her eyes. Suddenly the door opened again and the child came back in, thrust the refilled water bottle at her, and then left.

If you missed the beginning of my novel, you can start HERE.

New Printable Coupons

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3-2-1 Penguins! DVD - Review

VeggieTales presents the hit TV series 3-2-1 Penguins! on DVD. The complete first season of this #1 rated NBC show is available now on this two-disc set. Since I'd never seen the show before, I had no idea what to expect, but I know VeggieTales creates wonderful family-oriented shows that are appropriate for all ages.
My group of preschoolers and I sat down to watch the first episode together. We were all fans immediately. The story line includes two children, a brother and sister, who discover the penguins by accident. These are no ordinary penguins though! They take journeys all over the galaxy and the children get to go along with them.
Filled with excitement, fun and humor, 3-2-1 Penguins! entertained all of us. The graphics on the DVD are excellent. Best of all, each episode has a positive message that ties to the Bible, encouraging children to listen to the Word. I love that VeggieTales creates stories for children with the underlying principles of living a Godly life.
At the end of the episodes we've watched so far, the children are shown kneeling at their bedsides praying about the lesson they learned. It's really a great show and even though there are no dancing cucumbers in it, the children love it! As one of the children said to me, "Those crazy penguins are out of this world!"
You can order 3-2-1 Penguins! at http://www.veggietales.com/. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you're first to hear about new releases!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Custom Halloween Tote Just $2

Halloween will be here before you know it and that means your little ghosts and goblins will be thinking about costumes and candy. Why not kick off the holiday season with custom treat bags your kids can easily create online? Order the new, brighter reusable tote now and you’ll get our eco-friendly creation at a special price of just $2 each - that’s less than a bag of sweets. 
Click below to order yours now!

Neater Feeder for your Pet - Review

Save your floors and spoil your pet! This product is called the Neater Feeder and it's designed to be kick-proof and spill-proof. The food and the water stays inside the enclosure to protect your walls and floors. It comes in several sizes for dogs and cats and offers an elevated (and more comfortable) position for eating. There are even extra leg extensions available for taller pets.
Made in the USA, the food/water enclosure and feet are made of plastic and feature a drain so that any splashed water drains down into the reservoir keeping your floors dry. There are two removable metal bowls, one for water and one for food. I love that the water bowl is a bit bigger than the dog food bowl, because my dog drinks a lot of water.
Buddy is a big dog, so the large Neater Feeder with leg extensions fits him perfectly. He actually prefers to eat outdoors in his kennel. I tried to feed him indoors, but he looked at me very strangely and walked away. We carried the Neater Feeder out to the dog run and Buddy dug right into his dinner.
The raised design makes eating easier for him because he's getting older and this position is better for his joints and for his digestion. Over the past few days, I've also noticed more benefits. His old bowls sat on the ground and often I would find ants in the food bowl and feathers in the water bowl. With the Neater Feeder, the ants are far enough away they must not smell the food and they are staying out. The birds are avoiding the water bowl now, likely because they're so skittish and don't like the enclosed feeling.
I much prefer the way the Neater Feeder looks than the old bowls on the ground and it does exactly what it's supposed to do! This product has won dozens of awards and I'm very impressed with it (Buddy seems very happy too). You can find out more and buy them for your pets at http://www.neaterfeeder.com. You can also hook up with them at Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Kid Room Giveaway at MyWonderfulWalls

My Wonderful Walls just launched a BIG giveaway - The Classic Baby Room Giveaway with $450 in handcrafted items. They put together "kid room package" with all handcrafted items (no mass produced plastic and plywood here) and bring some local artists and small businesses a little visibility. They collected items from some favorite etsy artists and of course the package includes one of their Classic Nursery Hot Air Balloon and Clouds Wall Sticker Kits.
Click HERE to enter!

BELLA Dots Coffee Maker Review

This fall, you can bring fashion out of your closet and dress up your kitchen! The BELLA Dots Collection is a fabulous new line of small appliances, including coffee makers, two-slice toasters, and slow cookers. I absolutely love the rainbow of glossy colors available: red, pink, blue, purple, grey, orange, green and pearl white.
Since function is always just as important as fashion, I received the pink 12-cup coffee maker so I could test it for you. The enclosed style warming plate is a great feature because it helps discourage curious little hands from exploring. Another awesome feature is the permanent coffee filter with a handle for lifting. All I do is dump it and rinse it, plus I never have to buy filters again. Even a coffee scoop is included.
The temperature of the warming plate is probably the best I've ever experienced - the coffee stays hot, but not scalding. I really love the design and the performance of the BELLA Dots coffee maker; I definitely recommend this product.
BELLA Dots are available exclusively at Target stores and Target.com. Not all the colors will be available in the stores, but all are available online. You can redefine 'counter culture' with the BELLA Dots Collection, proclaiming this is not your mother's kitchen!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

European Garden Birthday Bouquet - Review and Giveaway

Do you have birthdays coming up in the next few months? In my family, we've got an October birthday, two November birthdays, a December birthday and a January birthday. One of my favorite gifts to give to friends is flowers. It's always such a grand surprise to open the door to a delivery person, carrying a gorgeous bouquet!
Adding a birthday balloon is so much fun because everyone who sees it knows it's your birthday! I received this beautiful European Garden Birthday Bouquet sponsored by fromyouflowers.com and the Birthday Flowers are just gorgeous and smell so good. I especially love the sunflowers and tulips!
When you place your order online, the flowers are delivered by a local florist so they are fresh and beautiful. They even offer Same Day Flower Delivery! CNBC even rated them as the "best overall quality and price." You can hook up with them on Facebook and Twitter for news about special discounts and promotions. Be sure to enter to win a fabulous bouquet below!
Enter to win a fromyouflowers.com Bouquet!
To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in the USA. This giveaway ends at midnight ET on 10-14-2012. Good luck!