Restaurant Review: El Rincon, Pflugerville, TX

We had a date night last night. Using one of our Restaurant.com gift cards, we visited El Rincon. It's on the main street in our little town of fifty thousand people and a very popular restaurant. Friday night was very busy and we waited about ten minutes for a table. We were offered a tall table in the enclosed patio and found ourselves next to a band setting up for music later that night. With all the commotion, we were slightly forgotten and it took longer than we wished to get our order in, but we were patient. We started with queso with meat to eat with warm tortilla chips. It was so good that we both decided we could easily have made that dinner! I ordered the Combinado dinner, which ended up being way too much food for me. I did at least sample everything on my plate and have nothing but high praises for their delicious food. The quesadilla was awesome, with strips of beef inside. The chicken flauta was good too and I dipped that in our queso for extra spice. I have found that if I like the salsa at a mexican restaurant, it's likely their food will be great too. El Rincon has a family atmosphere and on Mondays kids eat free.

Living in a small town means you often see people you know at restaurants and last night was no exception. I spotted and waved at a fellow childcare provider that I met at Tuesday's training! She recognized me too and waved back. Then as we were leaving, the neighbors who live a couple houses away from us were heading into El Rincon to eat, so we chatted with them a minute. Date night for budget-minded people means you eat dinner out, with a coupon or gift card of some kind, then go home for entertainment on tv. We're not really into live Tejano music, so it's a good thing we went early Friday night. We even chose a restaurant in our town so that the sales tax will go to our city's tax base. The more sales tax a city collects, the less the property owners pay in taxes!

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