October Gramma in a Box - Sweet Treats, No Work, Just the Fun!

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Gramma in a Box is the perfect gift subscription for kids. If your kids love to decorate cookies and create fun edible crafts, but you hate all the mess, then Gramma in a Box is perfect for your family. If your kids are grown and you're enjoying time with your grandchildren, this box will keep them entertained for a while and you won't have to bake. If your grandchildren are far away, then Gramma in a Box is a great way to let them know they are always on your mind.
 Your monthly Gramma in a Box includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkless as well two easy candy crafts to make. There are enough supplies in each box to make at least 20 finished products. Each box also comes with handy step-by-step instructions with illustrations, but of course creativity is always encouraged.
October Gramma in a Box comes with three projects - Oreo Spiders, Monster Bark, and Halloween Cookies. You get all the necessary sweet ingredients in the October box, already separated into little cups or baggies. Gramma even sends along wax paper to help keep the project mess in one spot on your table.
Since my grandchildren are out of state, I borrowed a couple of children from one of my neighbors to help me make the Gramma in a Box treats. They were so excited to do these projects and the little one kept asking me if Gramma was coming over to eat the treats. They even wanted to keep all the little leftover storage cups and lids.
I am a big fan of Gramma in a Box! The ingredients are fresh, the project cards are easy to follow, and the mess is so much less than if I had to bake all the cookies before the kids arrived. The kids even used the shipping box as their little trash can while working at the table, so cleanup only meant tossing the little box of trash and a quick wash of the table with a wet cloth.
I asked the kids which project was their favorite one and they both shouted "all of them!" With the holidays coming up, a Gramma in a Box subscription is the perfect holiday gift for your kids or grandkids that will keep them smiling month after month.
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myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter #tech #review

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I am so excited about the myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter! This amazing piece of tech is like taking a wall outlet along with you wherever you go. This heavy duty Portable Power Outlet delivers 20,000 mAh and AC 110V/65W total output power for up to 10x extra battery providing a streamlined power source of a maximum power output of 65W, enough to power a laptop or even a 34-inch LED television for up to four hours.
It has a compact design, measuring 5.0 in x 5.75 in x 1.4 in, and you won't want to go anywhere without it. It's the perfect camping and tailgating companion, because it's designed to replace heavy, bulky generators and extend the life of your electronics when out of reach from a consistent power source. Power your laptop, tablet, cell phone, Bluetooth speaker, lights, fan, camping and outdoor accessories, and much more!
The myCharge Portable Power Outlet is rugged and durable with a rubberized finish. It is built for regular and repeated use, and to withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions (it's splash-proof, drop-resistant, and dirt-proof) while camping, hiking, mountaineering, or simply on the go. I love that each power outlet features a rubberized cover to use when not in use!
This fabulous power hub allows you to power up to four devices at one time, with two USB outputs, one USB-C output, and an AC power output. It features a super easy on/off button on the face of the hub and an easy to read LCD display screen that shows you the charge level. You can even charge up the Portable Power Outlet while you're charging your devices.
I don't do much camping anymore, but I take my Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub along with me on road trips and plane trips. It's a wonderful travel accessory and it's safe to take in the airplane cabin with you. My older-style laptop doesn't hold a charge for very long, so taking the myCharge along on the plane allows me to plug in and use my laptop on long flights.
Best of all, I fully charged the myCharge Portable Power Outlet Charging Hub and Inverter in less than 2 hours! And, if no devices are being charged, it will automatically turn its power off in 60 seconds to retain power. I have never, ever had a myCharge product fail on me. Every product I've ever used from myCharge did exactly what it was advertised to do or better.
The myCharge Portable Power Outlet is an excellent gift for anyone. They offer a wide variety of portable power solutions at www.mycharge.com. Check out their entire line of products and find the one that works best for you and your lifestyle, then order some for holiday gifts!


Myland Fire Truck - Lights and Sounds #giftidea #kids

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Fire trucks are probably one of the first vehicles that young children can easily recognize. In my 25 years of teaching preschoolers, I cannot even count how many of them wanted to be firefighters. The Myland Fire Truck by Kid O features a chunky red fire engine with lift-up ladder, a fire fighter, and a dog. To make it even more fun, there are lights and sounds!
Your kids are going to love the Myland Fire Truck! They won't even realize they are learning new developmental skills while they play. Children will practice social skills as they role play sending the fire truck out to fires, helping the play figures to climb the ladder, and pretending to put out fires all over town. Children will use their motor skills to move and push the truck around, to lift and lower the ladder, and to place the fire fighter and dog into the fire truck.
The hidden learning experience comes when children place the fire fighter in the front seat and the dog in the back seat. Notice the fire fighter's lower half is yellow and the dog's is green. In the photo below, notice the same color seats in the fire truck. Children will learn when they color match the fire fighter the siren lights come on and when they color match the dog the sounds come on. These cognitive skills will also be enhanced by children using their senses (sight, hearing, and touch). All that learning will be happening, but your kids will just love playing with it!
I love the open-ended play the Myland Fire Truck offers! I also love that Kid O has a whole line of Myland Toys for imaginative play, including a house boat, play house rooms, and a UFO, as well as a horse, a dinosaur, and a seal that the Myland characters can ride. Each Myland toy comes with its own figures so the more play items you add, the more little friends your child can add to their collection. It's a great gift idea for youngsters!

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Precious Moments - Perfect Gifts and Decor for Fall

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Autumn has finally arrived and I am so ready for pumpkins and colorful leaves! Precious Moments has released their newest bountiful blessings collection for fall and I fell in love with the "I Picked The Best One" bisque porcelain figurine. Precious Moments is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and their figurines are always the perfect gift.
Headed to your family celebration this Thanksgiving? "I Picked The Best One" is the perfect hostess gift for Thanksgiving dinner. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, this figurine makes a perfect autumn display for your console table or coffee table. Another great option for this gorgeous piece is to combine it with some other fall decor for a beautiful dinner table centerpiece!
Did you or someone you know have a fall wedding, or are you headed to a fall wedding? This is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, especially with the theme of "I Picked The Best One." The sweet faces of Precious Moments figurines always display so much affection and I just love them!
This figurine is so much bigger than I thought it was going to be, at 7 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. It comes packed in a gift box that can easily be used as a storage box year after year if you store your seasonal decor in the off season. This one is so cute I will probably leave it out year round! This bisque porcelain figurine is meticulously hand painted and is simply stunning.
I styled my "I Picked The Best One" figurine on a flipped-over distressed tray (to provide a pedestal stand) and surrounded by artificial pumpkins and leaves, and a few tiny authentic pine cones. I love the soft colors used for this figurine because it goes perfectly with my farmhouse decor. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift to give to someone you love!
Precious Moments has so many wonderful gift ideas! Find all their bountiful blessings figurines, as well as themed cutting boards/cheese boards with bowls, serving trays, candles and candle holders, appetizer bowls, salt and pepper shakers, table runners, trivets, porcelain pumpkins, platters, and much more! Shop today for the best gifts!