Get Instant Curb Appeal with a Wreath

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There are many ways to add curb appeal to your home. You could spend hundreds of dollars or more on landscaping your plant beds, painting the exterior of your house, or installing two dozen solar lights. The easiest and least expensive way to give your home a new look is by hanging a beautiful silk floral wreath on your front door. By selecting a wreath made from silk flowers, you can be assured it will be beautiful for years to come.
Choose a wreath with fullness and color. When deciding upon what colors you'd like in your wreath, select colors that contrast with the front door color so that the wreath stands out. Pastel colors will create a soft look, whereas bright colors will provide more of a "pop" to your curb appeal. This Hydrangea Wreath from Silk Plants Direct looks incredibly realistic and gives a warm, welcoming feel to my front door. My curb appeal style tends to lean more to the farmhouse look and this wreath is the perfect decor for the entryway to my home. It took me all of thirty seconds to change the curb appeal on my home. This wreath is perfect for any time of year and looks great against the white door.
These Silk Flowers were provided by the good folks at CSI Wall Panels. Thank you!


GuruNanda Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser and Pure Essential Oils

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Essential oils are all the rage right now, but in reality they've been used for thousands of years. Their natural healing properties offer a myriad of physical and psychological benefits. GuruNanda is a line of exquisite oils and diffusers designed to improve your health and well-being. The line of essential oils and diffusers are carefully developed and brought to the end consumer with a farm to shelf process.
The Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser is absolutely stunning. It has a sleek, modern design and it is so easy to use. Just combine a few drops of an essential oil with water inside the diffuser, place the lid on top, plug it in, press the diffuser button, and it will run for up to 7 hours. It disperses a fine mist into the air containing molecules of essential oil that have the power to calm, relax, uplift, or invigorate depending on which oil is used. The diffuser’s soft, soothing, color-changing LED light adds a special visual element to the experience.
The GuruNanda Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser even comes with two essentials oils that are 100% pure and natural. Lavender Essential Oil is calming, relaxing, refreshing, and cleansing. It will help you de-stress, sleep better, and it even soothes muscle tension. Peppermint Essential Oil is a fresh, comforting scent that invigorates you. It helps you breathe better and clears nasal congestion when you're feeling under the weather.
GuruNanda always makes excellent products and the Rosegold Tower is my favorite one to date. This set from GuruNanda is a perfect gift idea! The holidays are coming and the Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser with two essential oils is a great way to bless friends and family members. Order today!


MIU COLOR Eco-Friendly Shatter-Resistant Glass Water Bottle

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The MIU COLOR glass water bottle is a shatter-resistant and eco-friendly option for drinking, whether you're on the go or busy at home. This 27oz bottle measures about 3 inches in width and just over 9 inches tall, making it fit perfectly into my car drink-holder slot. It features an insulating silicone sleeve which helps reduce the chance of it slipping from my hands, as well as giving it a fun, eclectic style. MIU COLOR is available in dark green (which I selected), black, and dark red. The seal inside the lid ensures my drink won't leak out.
This glass water bottle is made of Borosilicate glass that is BPA, PVC, and lead free, so I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals. It has a low expansion rate and a high temperature resistance making it stronger and more durable than typical glass bottles. It can withstand temperatures from about -4 degrees F to 266 degrees F, so I can use it for hot or cold drinks. MIU COLOR also features a wide mouth opening so I can easily add ice cubes or fruit wedges, and it's easy to clean with the free cleaning brush that is included. It's perfect for work, school, home, and travel. I love my MIU COLOR!
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Eco-friendly Trick-or-Treat Bag Alternative from ZizzyBee Bags

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Halloween is just a month away and it's time to start making decisions about costumes and trick-or-treat bags. ZizzyBee Bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and you can use them long after the ghosts and goblins disappear.
These see-through mesh bags are washable and reusable. ZizzyBee Bags are available in 9"x9" or 12"x12" and both sizes feature a zipper and a carry loop. It's the perfect way to carry that coveted candy from house to house!
Long after the candy has been devoured, you'll find so many uses for ZizzyBee Bags! Use them to store baby toys in the diaper bag to find them quickly and keep them separated from other items. These bags are also a great way to store toys in the bathtub since the mesh fabric allows toys to dry.
You can use them to store and organize your favorite makeup and bath products. ZizzyBee Bags are also great for organizing your personal items in your luggage for traveling. You can even wash your delicate lingerie in these bags!
ZizzyBee Bags come in lots of great colors and designs. The handle makes it easy to carry and hang on a hook. Fill them with snacks for a road trip or use them to organize crayons and markers. Take them to the beach to tote home your wet swimsuit too.
ZizzyBee Bags are a awesome way to send an extra outfit along to kindergarten and they easily fit into a backpack. There are so many ways ZizzyBee Bags can help you organize your life. You'll find hundreds of uses for them!
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