Easy Ways to Improve Your Skin

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Getting older doesn't mean you have to love your skin less. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep (at least 7 hours nightly, preferably 8), drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses daily), and avoid overdoing sugary treats and greasy foods (opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead). Adding Elan Rose beauty products to your daily routine is a super-easy way to improve your skin and to age gracefully. I love the names of these products - Wake Up Beautiful! Night Serum and Hello Sunshine! Day Cream give my face such a luxurious glow as they protect and improve my skin.
Wake Up Beautiful! Night Serum is a very lightweight lotion that works to repair my skin while I'm getting a good night's sleep. It contains Vitamin B3 for DNA repair and energy production, Gorgonian Extract for soothing and healing, Melatonin for strengthening, and Chestnut Extract for acid-free natural exfoliation. It strengthens and smooths my face, brightens my skin, and is actually reducing the wrinkles around my eyes! This dermatologist-tested night serum contains no parabens, silicones, or fragrance. Prior to Wake Up Beautiful! I rarely used a night serum, but I've noticed a marked difference in my skin upon waking since I've been using it. Based on my results, it is the best anti-aging night cream I've ever used!
Hello Sunshine! Day Cream is a luxurious Vitamin E face cream that includes a broad spectrum SPF 30. Since solar radiation is the worst thing your skin will encounter, this is the perfect daily use lotion. Hello Sunshine! protects my face from aging and from skin cancer, and gives my skin luxurious hydration all day long. It's not greasy or heavy, so it's great for using under makeup or alone. I generally don't wear makeup, and Hello Sunshine! gives me a healthy glow all day long.
Hello Sunshine! contains Vitamin B3 for DNA repair and energy production, Gorgonian Extract for soothing and healing, Vitamin E to protect the structure of the epidermis, and 7-dehydrocholesterol to activate the endogenous anti-stress system. This determatologist-tested SPF 30 day cream is non-irritating to my sensitive skin and contains no parabens, silicones, or fragrance. Using both of these Elan Rose products together make it so easy to improve my skin in just two daily steps! Learn more and shop for these fantastic skin care products at ElanRose.com.
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myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
There are loads of chargers available on the market right now, so it can be a challenge to find the right one. myCharge.com has a great selection to choose from, and the HubPlus is exactly the one I needed for my family. I carry an iPhone and my husband carries an Android phone, and since the HubPlus feature both type of charger cables, we can both it use when we're on the go!
The myCharge HubPlus is about the size of a deck of cards. It's slightly heavier than a smartphone and slightly smaller, with about double the thickness of a smartphone. I absolutely LOVE that I can plug it into a wall outlet to recharge it! It also features a USB outlet so I can recharge nearly every tech gadget I carry with me.
The charger cable tuck away into the side of the HubPlus when I'm not using them, to protect them from damage. Even the wall prongs tuck into the side, making it perfectly compact. Best of all, the myCharge HubPlus has an amazing capacity of 6700mAh. It's the most convenient, most powerful, most portable charger I've ever owned.
I love the sleek look of the HubPlus and, checking on their website, 98% of the people who reviewed this charger would recommend it to a friend, as do I. myCharge offers this incredible charger at just $79.99 and for a powerbank that recharges up to 50% faster than competitors, that's a great value! I give the HubPlus five stars!
Find out more about the HubPlus and 
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Cell-U-Logic Revitalizing Body Scrub #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
When women shop for body products, we generally want products that make us look good, smell good, and feel good. Cell-U-Logic Revitalizing Body Scrub is a fabulous product that does all three! This amazing body scrub is invigorating, energizing, and provides a deep down clean, while still being gentle on skin. Cell-U-Logic uses green coffee, cayenne pepper, and jojoba esters to tone, strengthen, and firm skin, while the powerful penetration of antioxidants repairs the skin's barrier function and locks in hydration. Cell-U-Logic products are 100% natural and organic, focusing on the body down to the cellular level. With regular use, these products provide smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.
Cell-U-Logic Revitalizing Body Scrub's key ingredients are green coffee, cayenne pepper, jojoba esters, coconut oil, and rosemary. The green coffee extract actually slows the release of glucose in the body and boosts metabolism. The cayenne pepper provides just a touch of warmth as dead skin cells are gently removed. It is a light scrub that feels very creamy, but it also has all these gentle little exfoliating beads in it. I love how it makes my skin so soft, and the invigorating, fresh scent is the perfect wake-me-up in the morning. And since what's NOT in it is also important to me, I'm so glad it doesn't contain any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives, silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils, sulfates, synthetic dyes, triclosan, EDTA, or aluminum.
Cell-U-Logic provides an entire line of beauty products based on enhanced cellular science, best used together in a 3-step program for optimal results. First shower with Cell-U-Logic Revitalizing Body Scrub or choose the Green Coffee and Seaweed Body Refining Detox Soap. Then use the Green Coffee Slimming Gel, followed by the Anti-Aging Body Repair Cream. I've only been using the Body Scrub for about a week and I'm already loving the results! Check out their website today and learn more about sculpting your body naturally.



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How an Animation Company Brings Humanity Together by Using Cartoons

I don't often post items like this, but this video was so interesting and inspiring, that I wanted to share it with you! Enjoy! ~ Lisa

PowToon, software that puts the power of animation into everyone’s hands, brought its latest animation platform to the Eastern African country of Tanzania to meet the Hadzabe Tribe, who are technologically isolated and have never seen cartoons before. PowToon released a web video today documenting their journey into Northern Tanzania where the Hadzabe welcomed them and shared their art and culture. Upon sharing animations with the Hadzabe, they were able to connect through laughter and the universal language of cartoons. The experience helped to build enough trust to allow PowToon to bring much-needed medical aid.

PowToon’s journey to Tanzania and their meeting with the Hadza Tribe was released today in a web video on PowToon’s blog and social media channels. CEO Ilya Spitalnik, COO Daniel Zaturansky and Marketing Manager Talia Finn-Jakar set out to find if the love of animation is universal, or if it is a product of childhood conditioning. So they wanted to bring cartoons to those that had never seen them before. The experience evolved into an exploration of the human spirit and the unifying power of communication through laughter and art. The video also reveals that PowToon learned about the serious healthcare issues facing the tribe and were able to connect the Hadzabe with local doctors who previously had been unable to reach them.