Bil-Jac Dog Training Tips and Treats - Review‏

Ready to train your dog? Want him to learn to sit, lie down, and roll over? Whether your dog is a puppy, new to you, or just ready for some new tricks, you will find some helpful tips HERE in the Bil-Jac Dog Training Tip videos. Buddy loves Bil-Jac treats!
Made of chicken and chicken liver with apple and banana flavor, Bil-Jac Yapple Nanas are perfect for rewarding dogs when training them to do new tricks. These moist dog treats are one of the ways I get to spoil my Buddy. He's such a good dog and listens very well to my commands.
The Bil-Jac Little Gooberlicious treats are Buddy's favorite because he adores peanut butter. They are made with real peanut butter and are soft and moist. They are even shaped like little peanuts. Buddy couldn't wait for me to open the package and was licking the package to get at them.
As the owner of an older dog, I like to give him healthy dog treats. Bil-Jac treats are at least 20% protein and less than 10% fat. Joel Silverman (the one in the dog training videos at the above link) recommends Bil-Jac Dog Food and Treats and feeds them to his own dogs. He is a well-known TV personality, Hollywood animal trainer, and author.
Buy premium Bil-Jac Dog Food and Dog Treats at www.bil-jac.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Let me know how the training videos work for you and your dog!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Biggest Loser Contestants Make the Switch to Jennie-O Turkey

For several seasons now, contestants on The Biggest Loser have “made the switch” to turkey, a lean, delicious and (most importantly) better-for-you protein. Jennie-O Turkey has so many choices that I've made the switch for many of my meals, even breakfast!
This healthy breakfast sandwich is made with Jennie-O Turkey Burger, a tomato slice, and spicy brown mustard, on a whole grain round bread. I added some cucumber slices on the side too. I cooked the Turkey Burger in a skillet with 3 tablespoons of water, for about ten minutes, turning it every 2-3 minutes. It was delicious! It's nice to eat a burger that doesn't leak grease.
Jennie-O offers tons of breakfast recipes using their Lean Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links and Turkey Bacon too. I've got my grocery shopping list ready so I can make the Piled High Supreme Turkey Breakfast Pizza this weekend!
Disclosure: I received products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

#Austin Families Needed for Summer Miracles

Kidsave is seeking families in Austin, Texas, to host children age 8 to 13 from Colombia who are growing up in orphanages and foster homes, without the commitment of a permanent, loving parent. Hosts can be interested in adoption, or just willing to share family life with a child living without parental care, and introduce them to people who might become their adoptive family.

Summer Miracles is aptly named - 8 of 10 children who participate in the program are adopted by people they meet during their visit. We all know children with parents are more likely to succeed in life. Give a part of your time and put a child on the path to a better life.

In addition to hosts, volunteers are also needed to help run this program. It’s a great way to hone your management skills, translate, practice fundraising, and manage local events.

Learn more at www.kidsave.org and then attend an online webinar:
n Monday, February 11th 4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific
n Wednesday, February 20th 7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific
n Saturday, February 23rd 12 Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific.

RSVP to [email protected] or contact Larry Rawlinson at [email protected].


"You're So Invited" to Win - February Shenanigans Giveaway Hop

Get ready for some FEBRUARY SHENANIGANS.
 photo februaryshenanigans_zps74982c5f.jpg
Enter to win prizes at all the blogs below
from February 15 through February 28!

I'm giving away a brand new, hardbound copy of
"You're So Invited" by Cheryl Najafi.
This fabulous guide will help you to "Panic Less, Play More, and Get Your Party On!" It is packed with fabulous ideas for food and drink, fashion, DIY and decor. Cheryl Najafi breaks all the rules of proper entertaining and being the perfect host, while sharing her easy, fun, stress-free entertaining style. After all, a party should be fun for everyone, including the hostess!
The book is divided into "Parties" with everything you will need to host a Going Away Roast, Garden Get-Together, Martini Birthday Bash, Guys-Only Scotch and Cigar Gathering, Tween Spa Birthday, Retro Baby Shower and much more.
 Full of beautiful photography, detailed recipes, and step by step instructions, "You're So Invited" will make your house the most popular one in the neighborhood. Don't miss the holiday chapters and check out this adorable pirate hat! I love this book!
To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in the USA or CANADA. Giveaway ends on 2/28/2013. Good luck!
Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge - Review

It's February, so how's your weight loss resolution going? Yeah, me too. Get back on track with the My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge starting February 17! The Challenge is taking place in all My Fit Food stores and clients compete against each other to win prizes. Prizes are awarded at each location and the grand prize winner across all markets will win a trip for two to Cabo, Mexico. Winners are determined by the most amount of body fat % lost for the top male and female finishers.
Daily Menu includes 3 meals and 2 snacks.
My Fit Foods was created by Mario Mendias, a personal trainer who was frustrated that his client’s nutrition was sabotaging their work in the gym. In just six years the concept has grown into over 50 stores in Texas, California, Arizona, Idaho and Oklahoma, with 50 new stores planned for 2013. While food is the obvious product, what My Fit Foods really does is educate consumers about healthy eating so they can make better food choices anywhere and anytime. Customers can sit down and have a free nutritional consult anytime they come in the store.
My Fit Foods are filling, delicious and healthy.
My Fit Foods serves up a smorgasbord of "grab and go" healthy meals that are perfectly proportioned to help you lose those stubborn pounds without sacrificing taste. Meals are designed for breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks and come in small (for women), medium (for men) and large (for couples or anyone doing strenuous workouts) sizes. Only high-quality ingredients are used and over 99% of the products are gluten-free and most are low glycemic index making My Fit Foods ideal for diabetics.
I visited My Fit Foods in Austin, Texas, to pick up two days' worth of healthy food. I met with the assistant manager, Cody, who was so helpful in explaining the program, the benefits, and even directing me to some of his favorite foods.
I've had the opportunity to sample six meals and four snacks now. My Fit Foods are delicious, gourmet quality meals. You will never feel like you're eating diet foods. The chili is absolutely incredible and I wish I could get my hands on their recipes. The mint chocolate Oatmega Bar is heavenly. Honestly, there wasn't a single food that I didn't love!
Made fresh with nothing frozen, clients pick up a couple of days worth of food at one time to store in the fridge. The women's meals are marked "small" but two meals I couldn't even finish because I was so full. Their website allows you to express order to pick up or you can go in to shop to see what's available from their many refrigerators.
While I was in My Fit Foods, Cody also made a My Fit Cocktail Shooter for me. It's their own special blend of cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, b-12, and lemon. Wow, talk about an immediate powerhouse of natural energy! It tasted a little bitter because of the vinegar, but as a shot the tastes are combined so it's not overly bitter.
I totally recommend My Fit Foods! Join the My Fit Foods Can’t Fake Fit 21 Day Challenge today! Visit www.myfitfoods.com for more information and to find a location near you. Follow them on Twitter and "like" them to get a money-saving coupon on their Facebook page!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

mybotto Loves to Help You Save Money

This is one of those products that makes me think, "Why didn't I think of that?" These handy little helpers are called mybotto and they can help you save money! Don't you hate when you get to the bottom of a bottle of soap or detergent or ketchup, and you can't stand it upside down to get the last bit out?
Many consumers throw away up to 25% of bottled product and this inverted bottle holder does the job of propping up just about anything so you can use every last drop. I love the bright colors and I've been using them all over my house.
My kitchen got one so I can make sure I use every drop of dish detergent. I'm also using them in my fridge because I love mustard (honey mustard, spicy mustard, you name it) and with mybotto, gravity makes sure I get to get my money's worth of mustard.
The pantry is another great place to use mybotto because cleaners, especially specialty cleaners, can be really expensive. I bet when my husband discovers how well these are working for me inside the house, he'll swipe some to use in the garage too.
Cute enough to leave on the bathroom counter, mybotto is also helping me make sure I get to take advantage of every last ounce of expensive facial serum to combat my wrinkles. Available in bunches of colors, several sizes, and even doubled-design, mybotto can help you save money too!
Visit www.mybotto.com to pick the colors that complement your home! I think they are a super idea and I hope they'll come out with some more with wider mouth openings too. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you can be first to hear about new releases and special promotions.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Agraria Home Fragrances - Review

Add a touch of sophistication and class to your home with the beautiful home fragrances from Agraria. Not your ordinary air freshener, these home decor products are as pretty as they smell. With scents like Mediterranean Jasmine, Lavender and Rosemary, Golden Cassis and Golden Pomegranate, you can transform the mood of a room!
Their gorgeous TasselAire is one of their exclusive products. It can be hung on a doorknob, cabinet pull, closet hook, and many other places. It comes with refresher oil and an eyedropper so you can refresh it hundreds of times! I hung mine in my family room on the curtain tie-back since that room is used most in our house.
They offer a huge variety of home fragrance products, including stunning candles, lotions, soaps, shower gels, cologne sprays, and so much more. These would be perfect hostess gifts, mother's day gifts, and thank you gifts.
See the whole line of chic Agraria products at www.agrariahome.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook too!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Getting in on the Wig Fashion Trend

One of the hottest new trends in hair care is wigs. Women of all ages are rocking fantastic new styles with wigs that turn heads. These are not your grandmother's wigs. Today's wig wearer is sassy and trendy, and wig designers have taken notice. The newest wigs to hit the market are revolutionizing the hair care industry and represent a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

New Styles
Wigs of the past were a one-size-fits-all deal. Tailored to mature women, these wigs often lacked style and panache. Most featured the same style, and there was little variation from one wig to another. Today's wigs are different. The modern wig is designed in all styles, from short, spiky bobs to long, flowing tresses. Today's wigs come in bright, bold colors. Now you can buy wigs in basic black, or spice them up with blonde highlights, gold streaks and red hues.

Natural Looks
In the past, you could spot a wig a mile away. Now, wigs are crafted to appear as natural as possible. These wigs are made with natural parts and simulated scalps that look just like growing hair. They can be made to fit the wearer's head, ensuring a seamless look. Only the stylist will know that the hair is not growing from the wearer's scalp.

Better Hair Quality
In the past, wigs were typically made from synthetic fibers. Today's wigs are made from human hair, allowing the user to wash and style them as their own hair. These wigs are made from individual strands of hair that is wefted onto a fine netting to create a natural look. A great example of this craftsmanship is the NOW by LuxHairfrom Vogue Wigs. These wigs look and feel just like natural hair that is growing from the scalp.

New Clients, New Methods
In the past, there were only a few local shops where you could purchase wigs. Now, with clients of all ages demanding top notch, quality wigs, resellers have taken innovative measures to sell their products. Resellers use social media marketing, mobile marketing and targeted ads to reach their ideal customer. There have even been mobile applications developed to help wig wearers find the exact hairpiece to meet their needs.

The new trend in hair is wigs. These wigs reflect the style, elegance and radiance of their devoted followers. Now is the best time to get in on the new age of wig fashion.
--guest post

Click to See Disney's PAPERMAN Full Animated Short Film

Here is a special Valentine's Day treat for you! Enjoy!

#SafeHaven - A Perfect Valentine's Day Movie

Safe Haven starts today! It's the perfect date movie and your date will love it as much as I did. Josh Duhamel is sweet, sexy, manly and romantic. Julianne Hough is spunky, perky, adorable and funny. Safe Haven is full of suspense and a bit of mystery. It's the story of a young woman escaping her past who finds herself in a tiny town. She meets a local store owner who is widowed with two adorable children. They both fumble through the days, unsure of themselves and each other, finally discovering there is really something between them. When her dark past catches up to her, he promises her a safe haven. I really loved the special twist at the end of the movie because it was totally unexpected. Even my husband said it was a great movie (and we all know it's destined to be called a chick flick). A wonderful romance story, beautifully written, artfully acted. Go see it at a theater near you!
Disclosure: I viewed this film at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Four Giveaways Ending Tonight

Conversation Heart Ice Cream Cake for Valentine's Day

It's not too late to surprise your sweetie or your family with a delicious and unique Valentine's Day surprise! Stop by your local Baskin-Robbins today and pick up a Conversation Heart Ice Cream Cake.
Choose from Kiss Me, Be Mine, or Love You. Baskin-Robbins combines a layer of moist cake, covered by a layer of creamy ice cream, smothered with delectable icing, and adorned with a rainbow of candy sprinkles. Ice cream and cake always go better together!
Baskin-Robbins has dozens of delightful ice cream cakes. It was really hard to choose one from the freezer when I visited my local shop. Since I'm on the Baskin-Robbins email list, I also received a $2 coupon to use towards my purchase. They can even customize your ice cream cake for any occasion.
Visit www.baskinrobbins.com to find your closest Baskin-Robbins. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Now, go get a cake that makes their heart melt!
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


Red Velvet Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Two rich and chocolaty Red Velvet Pancakes drizzled with cream cheese icing, a dusting of powdered sugar and crowned with whipped topping. Available for a limited time at an IHOP near you! 
Find an IHOP restaurant near you at www.ihop.com. 
Follow IHOP on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ihop.

Proverbs 3:5


Treats for Your Furry Valentine - Review

Don't feed your dog chocolate this Valentine's Day! Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Instead, treat your dog to some healthy and delicious dog treats from Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard.
Buddy just knows they are delicious and is willing to do whatever is necessary to be rewarded with one (or more). I'm pleased he likes these dog snacks because they are good for him. The Wellness WellBites are a Turkey/Duck recipe with carrots, blueberries and flaxseed.
Soft and chewy, the WellBites were an instant hit with Buddy. They contain no meat by-products, no wheat, no corn, no soy, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors. Since he's nearly ten years old now, we've completely cut out "people food" as a treat for him because it upsets his stomach, so these are a delicious replacement for him (so he says, I didn't taste one).
When we rescued Buddy at age 3 years, he was very skittish and didn't like any male humans whatsoever. We believe he may have been abused. We know he was mistreated because he was about half his current weight when we got him.
One of the ways we've eased him into trusting my children is by allowing them to work with him on simple commands. Slowly over the years, he developed a better sense of security around the boys, but mostly Buddy is my shadow (which I don't mind a bit). I tend to spoil him with treats, which is why he's a big boy, but all natural dog treats mean I can spoil him guilt-free.
The Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co. makes these Classic Chick'n'Apples Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits. Buddy definitely loves these crunchy little bone shaped delights flavored with chicken, eggs, apples, and carrots. They are full of all-natural ingredients and natural flavors, with no artificial preservatives and no wheat. Buddy and I both recommend them (and no, I didn't taste these either)!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture Valentine’s Day Giveaway

If you are wondering if electronic cigarettes can really help you to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, I've been using them for FIVE MONTHS and haven't even had a craving. I no longer smell like nasty cigarette smoke and I can smoke anywhere. Ready to make the switch? Enter below!

Giveaway Details
V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture will be giving away one of their most popular starter kits every week, for four weeks. Every week, two winners will be selected to take home a V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit (valued at $179.95) and a Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit (valued at $129.95). Winners will be contacted via the email address provided in the giveaway form to collect their prize.