Dualyz Slippers - Indoor/Outdoor Everyday Shoes

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The chance to wear slippers all day long is now a reality, and it's no longer an embarrassing photo that ends up on social media! Dualyz Slippers are innovative shoes that convert from indoor slippers to outdoor shoes in a snap.
Dualyz Slippers are available for both women and men. They come in either light gray or dark gray, plus you get to choose your ridge outsole in black, salmon, sky blue, white, yellow, gray, or teal. You can even buy multiple outsoles to change your look every day.
Dualyz Slippers are incredibly comfortable. I've been wearing mine indoors (bottoms off) and outdoors (bottoms on) all day for several days. The insole is cushioned with gentle supports in all the right places. The collapsible neoprene back allows me to choose between holding my heel or pressing down to wear them clog-style.
The uppers are made from 60% wool / 40% polyester. The lining material is made from 100% polyester and I love the soft faux fur! The footbed is made from cushioned sponge, lined with breathable microfiber. The slipper sole is made from EVA, and the ridge outsole is made from 50% rubber / 50% thermoplastic.
The secret to Dualyz Slippers lies under the loop at the heel, which stylishly snaps down to hold the ridge outsole to the heel. The front of the outsole stays attached due to its shape that curves just over the toes. They are easy to put on and take off in just seconds, and can even be done while the slippers are on your feet.
The sole of the slippers is perfect for indoor use, with a tiny criss-cross pattern to keep you from slipping on floors. When it's time to leave the house, just snap on the ridge outsoles and go! Your feet will stay comfortable all day long and no one will know you're wearing your favorite slippers (except that your friends will all want a pair too).
With the fall season coming upon us and the temperature beginning to drop, Dualyz Slippers are the perfect footwear choice. Moms will love the easy shoe-change when it's time to drop kids off at school. College kids will love the style and protection from those cold, hard tiles in dorms. Dads will love the casual comfort. Teens will love changing their ridge outsole colors three times a day.
I am extremely impressed with Dualyz Slippers. They are super comfy and there is just enough support in the insoles at the arch and just under my toes that I can walk in them for a long time and not feel strain on my back. I chose the dark gray slipper and black outsole since most of my clothes are neutral, but I'm going to get a pair of blue outsoles for those days when I want some flair.
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They are a great gift idea for the holidays too!


Yookidoo Discovery Playmat makes Traveling with Infants Easier

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Traveling with an infant can be challenging, but the Discovery Playmat from Yookidoo is the perfect distraction for baby boredom! This big playmat measures 53.2 x 44.1 inches and is loaded with developmental activities to keep your baby entertained for hours.
I adore the bright colors on the Discovery Playmat, with lots of contrasting patterns and happy animal faces with big eyes for visual stimulation. It is perfect for tummy time, turning over, moving around, and sit-up play. Yookidoo has 20 prestigious awards for excellence, innovation, and quality.
This playmat offers fine motor skill development through detachable toys that encourage touching, squeezing, spinning, and grabbing. The flower petals stimulate auditory development with crinkly sounds. The inner mirrors of the toys help create self-awareness.
The Discovery Playmat is made of a lightweight, washable material. If you're stuck in the airport with your baby, you can spread this out and give them a clean, safe place to play while you rest your arms. If your little one is chilly, it's the perfect wrap for a restful nap too.
The Discovery Playmat also comes with two balls that tuck away in a pocket, and can be used with the soft pop-up playhouse for a game that helps teach baby about object permanence. It's designed for ages 0-12 months, but I can easily see it being used long after the first year.
The toys easily detach so you can toss the Discovery Playmat in the washer, too. You can rest assured knowing that it is BPA free, phthalate free, latex free, and lead free. Yookidoo's original toys meet international standards as well as the high expectations and rigorous judgment of parents and babies.
The top is soft and padded for your baby's ultimate comfort, and the bottom is made of a strong durable fabric. It folds up easily with all the toys inside and even offers carry handles. It also fits perfectly into a diaper bag. I am extremely impressed with the Yookidoo Discovery Playmat!
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Learning Resources Jumbo Jungle Animals: Mommas and Babies

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Having a new baby in the house can tough sometimes for older brothers and sisters, especially for preschoolers who are used to being the center of attention for mom and dad. You can help make a new big brother or sister feel important, with a fun sibling gift from “baby” that will help set the stage for future acts of brotherly and sisterly love.
Give big sisters and brothers their own “babies” to take care of with the Jumbo Jungle Animals: Mommas and Babies from Learning Resources. These tough, crush-resistant jungle animals are the perfect size for even the littlest of hands.
With their realistic detailing, these six play figures will help children learn new words, build their fine motor skills, and enjoy endless hours of imagination and play. All the animal figures can easily be wiped clean, and are durable enough to stand up to even the most active play room.
I love the adoring eyes of the baby animals as they look up at their mommas! Learning Resources has so many wonderful products for kids of all ages. I've purchased their products for years and have always been impressed with the quality of workmanship and the open-ended play opportunities for children.
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