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Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day 5

Weight Change from Yesterday is -2.0 lbs
Cumulative Weight Change from 9/6/11 is -6.0 lbs


Today's Menu 9/10
Breakfast: Banana, Coffee
Lunch: 3 Pieces of Veggie Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust, Red and Green Grapes, Coffee (we had a birthday party today for my nephew)
Dinner: Spinach and Corn Soup, Coffee
Lots of water on and off all day.
Mood and energy both good!

Stuff to Scrap Mega Kit Review

I have really fallen in love with digital scrapbooking! I've discovered so many benefits:
  • I can move all the page elements around easily.
  • I can re-size things to suit my design.
  • I can change my mind over and over.
  • I can easily share my creations online.
Stuff to Scrap has a line of digital scrapbooking designs called Mega Collabs. Of their eight Mega kits, I chose a kit called There's a Party Going On. For one low price, I got to download 14 folders of gorgeous papers, embellishments, alphabets, frames and more. Everything in the kit is color-coordinated so there are literally hundreds of designs I can create from just this one kit. I made this one for my boys' last birthday.
Then I realized I don't have any more birthday pictures to scrapbook yet! My birthday is in October, the boys' is in November, my daughter's is in December, and my husband's is in January. So I decided to play with the software and just make a bunch of different designs.
I was really excited that these graphics uploaded into the MMS software program that I already have for scrapbooking. The files were really easy to pull in so that I could use the special effects like shadows on embellishments. Compatibility is a huge plus when I'm looking for digital designs. Be sure to check out their website for their gallery, forum and blog!
These are just three of the designs I created. I'm having so much fun with this! Besides this party kit, they also have Birthday Bash, Berry Delight, Tropical Paradise, and School Time design Mega Collabs. Plus there are pre-made page kits in the Mega Collab collection called School Time Brag Book Pages, Tropical Paradise Quick Pages, and Berry Delight Quick Pages to make your digital scrapbooking go even faster. These awesome kits leave you no excuse to fall behind in scrapbooking! I'm really impressed with the color, clarity and quality. Thanks to Stuff to Scrap for sharing a kit with me for this review!
Disclosure: I received a kit at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Always Be Prepared

It's not something couples like to discuss because no one likes to think about it. But death is inevitable. We are all going to die. Every one of us. Doesn't it make sense then that you would want to have some way for your family to survive without you? Having term life insurance is fairly cheap. I've had a term life insurance policy ever since I've had kids. Even when life was difficult, even when money was tight, even when I was a single mom, even when I was laid off, I had life insurance. I had peace of mind knowing that if (okay, when) I died, the person who would raise my kids would have the money to do it. I'm glad that I've paid off most of my debts, so that I don't leave a huge mountain of bills for my family to cover. If you do have lots of debt, though, that's an even stronger reason to make sure you have life insurance. Did you know that some companies offer monthly life insurance premiums that are about the cost of lunch for two? Once my kids are grown and gone, I'll reevaluate the type of insurance I want to have, because I'll still want to leave something for my husband (not too much, I don't want him celebrating my death....haha). As parents, we really have enough to worry about, and it's really been a blessing to find affordable life insurance options. Not sure where to start? Check out Affordable Life Term Insurance Options today for coverage options and ways to lower your premium.

Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day 4

Weight Change from yesterday is -0.8 lb
Cumulative Weight Change from 9/6/11 is -4.0 lbs

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Peach, Coffee
Snack: Handful of whole grain cereal, Five blackberries
Lunch: Veggie Salad with Mandarins, Six Whole Grain Melba Snack Crackers
Lots of water all day, added juice from a lime for taste
Snack: Cup of mixed melon balls
Date Night Dinner: Chili's Black Bean Burger with Mushrooms on a Whole Wheat Bun. Came with lettuce, tomato slice, and pickles. But, I only ate the smaller half of the wheat bun. The meal was supposed to come with french fries, but I ordered steamed broccoli instead. The meal was filling and delicious. There was probably more oil on the meal than I would have used had I made it myself, but it was so nice to have a date night with my husband.


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Have You Forgotten?

It's almost the anniversary of the September 11 that forever changed America. I'm a bit sad as I look out over today's America because it seems much of that bond we felt following that disaster is now gone. The American flag waved from nearly every home after 9-11. Where are the flags now? Have you forgotten?

Where were you? I had just dropped off my daughter at her middle school for the day and was driving back to the house. I heard a blip of news on the radio about a plane hitting a tower in New York. I got home and turned on the tv to see what had happened. I watched the news replaying the plane flying into the tower again and again. I still remember the sick horror and intense fear that gripped my soul as I watched with my own eyes as the second plane hit the second tower. I felt so small and helpless. I watched people jump from the towers to their death at the same time I saw heroes running into the buildings. I watched the first tower explode, rain down in a shower of death, and completely collapse into the ground. I remember the pure shock that left my mouth wide open and my hands over my heart. The plume of smoke and dust that rose up from the concrete, with all the evil of hell inside of it, swallowed the people who were desperately trying to run away from the falling tower. I remember how deeply my heart was ripped apart as I sat there watching the second tower begin to fall and I wondered if the world was ending. I saw and watched it happen, live, and I wonder how long I really held my breath.

Then I heard about the plane that hit the Pentagon. And then I heard the news about the plane that went down in a field, that was headed towards the White House. I remember thinking maybe every plane in the United States was destined to crash that day. I became glued to the tv and watched the news reports for hours at a time. I watched the news replay the towers falling day after day, month after month. I was scared, I was mad, I was depressed, I was sick. It was very difficult to deal with and even harder to explain to my young kids, ten and six at the time, but slowly my heart began to heal a little.
Even today, those same awful, empty, helpless feelings come back every time I see anything that reminds me of that terrible day. May God forever bless all those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives to save others, and those who came together afterward to help. I will never be the same. I will never forget.
 Where were you when the world stopped turning?

King Arthur Flour Halloween Products and Ideas

Halloween Products from King Arthur Flour
spookalicious Halloween ideas

Fondant $12.95
Mold delightful Halloween ghosts or mummy cupcakes that are more sweet than scary with this pliable and delicious icing.
Caramel Apple Kit $19.95
Make the gooiest, tastiest caramel apples ever. The easy to use kit includes enough delicious caramel for 6-8 apples, rainbow jimmies, sticks, plus bags and ties for wrapping.
Halloween Sugar Decorations $4.95
Scare up some fun this Halloween with these frightfully cute sugar toppers. Set of 12; 4 of each design.
New! Halloween Cupcake Papers $6.95
Gingham and dots, in traditionally festive Halloween colors, add a sophisticated touch to the table, and subtle style that is always in season. Pack of 60, assorted.
Haunted House Cookie Cutter $6.95
Trick or Treat? It’s definitely a treat to bite into an oversized cookie custom made for little goblins. Sturdy 4 1/2” cutter features thick top edge for comfort.
Black Cocoa $8.95
Add this midnight, super-dark, super-rich Dutch-process cocoa to intensify the color and flavor of your rollout cookies.
Decorating Tool Set $19.95
At last! A user-friendly cookie and cake decorating set that’s simple enough for everyone in the family to use, kids to grandparents. Set includes five bottles, five tips, and a spatula.
Boiled Cider $11.95
With the intense, robust flavor of just-picked apples, Vermont boiled cider is all-natural apple cider, boiled into a thick, pourable syrup. 16 oz.

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HH Weidknecht Fire Destruction Relief Fund

My husband's brother Howard and his wife Holly have lost everything they own (except for the storage shed which is his office) in the Bastrop Texas fires. They lived in Paige. Praise God that everyone is alive. They have five children. I am mobilizing my Christian family around them to help them. We've encouraged them to come and stay here with us. Please pray for them. I've set up a donation button if you'd like to donate funds to help them get back on their feet. It will go directly into my own business Paypal account and I will ensure they receive every penny of it. I will be getting sizes of clothing and shoes for those of you who are local and can help. We may be seeking bedding for seven people soon. I know now why God did not let us sell this big house last spring. Thank you and please stay tuned.

Please tweet this message:
PLZ RT - everything lost in Bastrop fires Donate to the Planet Weidknecht: HH Weidknecht Fire Destruction Relief Fund http://www.weidknecht.com/2011/09/hh-weidknecht-fire-destruction-relief.html?spref=tw

Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day 3

My energy level is 5x what it was a few days ago. I'm amazed. I'm excited. I'm happy.

Weight Change from yesterday is -0.4lb
Cumulative Weight Change from 9/6/11 is -3.2lb

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Banana, Coffee
Lunch: Mixed Fruit Salad, Whole Grain Melba Snacks with Mustard Dip, Coffee
Lots of water all day long
Dinner: Sweet Potato and Apple Bake, Sweet Corn, Melon Salad, Coffee

1/2 Mile Walk

Huge Savings in Store

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Discounted MelissaandDoug Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, MelissaAndDoug.com is making getting a great costume easy. Shop in Pretend Play and get 15% Off. Offer expires October 31, 2011. Use code costume15. Below are a few of our costumes. Be sure to check out all our costumes and pretend play inventory.

  • Has a simple philosophy: make each and every customer happy and a permanent member of the Melissa and Doug family by offering products with tremendous value, quality and design.
  • Is proud to offer nearly 1,000 unique and exciting products for children of all ages, as well as many items for children with special needs.
  • Our products range from puzzles to puppets, plush to play food, magnetic activities, music and more.
  • Free Ground Shipping on orders over $60, use code: FREESHIP60 at checkout.
  • We are one of the leading designers and manufactures of educational toys and children's products.

Say Hello to yoFreeSamples.com

This post brought to you by yoFreeSamples.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've said repeatedly that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. Money gets harder to come by every day. I'm always looking for ways to tighten the belt just a little more. Freebies are my favorite of course, because they cost me nothing and I usually spend hours online looking for offers for free samples. Lucky for me I found yoFreeSamples.com! They deliver daily deals to me via my email inbox and Facebook. Coupons and contests come right to me and I don't even need to hunt them down. I can't tell you how much time I've saved by signing up for programs like this. I have saved a lot of money by using coupons at stores that will double (sometimes even triple) coupon values. By combining coupons I get from yoFreeSamples.com with current sales at my local stores, I make a considerable dent in my weekly grocery bills, plus I save a ton on health and beauty items, detergents, and paper products. Free Stuff is often offered by companies that are new or that are trying to create some buzz about a new product or product line, so I keep my eyes open for those opportunities in my email too. I always prefer to get my coupons online because I can live "green" by only printing the ones I know I'm going to use!

Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day Two

Yes, it's really true. I've gone vegetarian. Unbelievable, I know. Stranger things have happened. I can't think of any right now. My kids wanted to make sure I'm not going to "force" them into it. HA. Nope, they are 16, they can cook if they don't like what I'm eating. But this is MY choice for MY life and MY health. I hope you'll follow through the journey with me!

Today is Day Two of the Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet.

Change in Weight: -2.8 lbs. from yesterday morning's weight

Breakfast: Banana, Coffee
Snack: Peach, Filtered Water
Lunch: Whole Grain Cereal with Blueberries in Rice Milk, Coffee
Snack: Six baby carrots, Blueberry juice
Dinner: Crock Pot Vegetable Soup (potato, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, green onion, mushroom, tomato, cilantro, basil, water...8 hours in the Crock Pot on high)

Overall: Feeling good, feeling happy and positive, not tired.

Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Guidelines

This is the source of my sudden diet change:

Video of the Last Heart Attack on CNN

Website of Dr Esselstyn's Diet

Here are the rules I'm following:

from PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. MD

You may not eat anything with a mother or a face (no meat, poultry, eggs, or fish).

You cannot eat dairy products.

You must not consume oil of any kind, not a drop.

You cannot eat nuts or avocados.

You can eat a wonderful variety of delicious, nutrient-dense foods:
All vegetables except avocado. Leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, veggies that are red, green, purple, orange, and yellow, and everything in between. Sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes (but never French fried or prepared in any other way that involves adding fats). Broccoli, kale, and spinach. Asparagus, artichokes, eggplant, radishes, celery, onions, carrots.

All legumes: beans, peas, and lentils of all varieties.

All whole grains and products, such as bread and pasta that are made from them (as long as they do not contain added fats).

All fruits.


Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day One

That's it. I've had it. I cannot look at "fat" photos of me any longer. It's time for some radical changes in my food consumption. I'm officially on the Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet! Today is Day One.

Day One Menu:

Breakfast: Tangelo, Banana, Coffee
Snack: 1/4 Apple, 10 Peeled Baby Carrots, 1 Cup Blueberry juice
Lunch: Veggie Salad (lettuce, spinach, tomato, green onion, cucumber, mushroom, 1/2 cup of Chipotle dressing), Coffee
Dinner: Whole Grain Pasta with Assorted Veggies (cucumber, celery, spinach, tomato, onion) in Pomegranate Vinegar (cooked with no oils or fats), Mandarin Oranges, Coffee
Filtered Water throughout the day
Veggie Pasta
I am so proud of myself. I didn't even eat the piece of bologna that was leftover from the daycare kids' lunch preparation. I gave it to the dog instead. My meals today were delicious and nutritious!

Photo Journal West Fest in West, Texas

On our way back home from our weekend getaway, my husband and I decided to stop at the West Fest in West, Texas (home of the Czech Stop that makes the dreamiest kolaches). It's right off I-35, about halfway between Arlington and Austin. Here's my photo journal of West Fest, 9-4-2011.
The winds were whipping about 50 mph. See the dust fly?

One spot where the wind wasn't blowing!

Big food and drink tent!

Lots of great vendors with handmade gifts.

Awesome salsa, seriously! Get some at www.mamagcreations.com.

My favorite item in the vendor craft area.

No fair is complete without a fake Elvis.

Cotton candy and a merry go round. Need I say more?

American Tourister Luggage Review

Did I tell you I'm an ALL YOU Reality Checker? That means I get even more great opportunities to review things for my readers! When ALL YOU found out I was traveling over the Labor Day Weekend they sent me some American Tourister Luggage to rate. I received the Meridian Lite, 21" Spinner, in Black.
This is definitely the best piece of luggage I've ever had. The quality is unmistakable. The exterior material is rugged with details like rubber edging on those sensitive spots where cheap luggage rips when airplane skycaps throw it around.
I've also never owned luggage that has a liner. Again, the quality of the material is excellent. It's also HUGE inside with tons of pockets all over the place.
I was able to pack my stuff for the overnight, plus my husband's stuff, plus a book, and there was still room inside. We actually added some extra clothes because we didn't want our stuff tumbling around inside of it. Oh yeah, for all of you Thirty-One consultants, you'll recognize my free plug for you in there too because I used my zipper bag.
One thing I didn't realize until I actually used it, was that the "spinner" reference in the name means that the wheels swivel around in all directions, making it so much easier to pull and navigate onto elevators. The suitcase is also very lightweight, and the metal pull handle clicks up and down easily.
Here is my new suitcase enjoying a nap in our beautiful suite in Burleson, Texas. We stayed at the Comfort Suites and were thrilled with our accommodations. There was also hot breakfast included. Our little weekend jaunt away from home was wonderful. Thanks to American Tourister for making it even better, and thanks to ALL YOU for hooking me up!
Disclosure: I received this item at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Sweet Tomatoes Review and Giveaway

My husband and I had an overnight getaway this past weekend. A friend of mine stayed overnight with my boys and my dog so we could sneak off together. We drove three hours north to Arlington, Texas. I've been holding onto a pair of free dinner tickets to Sweet Tomatoes for a review, so this was a perfect opportunity for us to eat there. I've never eaten at a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, so I had no idea what to expect.
Walking in the front door, we were greeted by smiles and a long buffet of dozens of salad ingredients. Several kinds of lettuce, onions, olives, broccoli stalks, egg chunks, sunflower seeds, carrot shreds, cheeses, and so much more! I could also smell yummy bread baking from the front door.
My husband and I grabbed trays and plates to begin building our salads. Sweet Tomatoes has no ordinary salad bar. After paying for our drinks, we raided the baked potato bar and grabbed some fresh blueberry muffins and honey butter. I had to grab a small dish of mac'n'cheese too! That's a diet soda though, because I'm watching my weight.
Just as I took this picture, the manager and one of the waitresses walked by. I think I must have made them nervous because they kept coming over to the table to see if we liked our food and needed anything else. Then one of the waitresses took her dinner break and sat at the table right next to us, and I wonder if the boss told her to hang out near us.
An all-you-can-eat place is a dangerous proposition for me. This is my dessert and I promise that's a dessert-sized plate, not a dinner plate. It's got a fresh brownie crumbled on the bottom, topped with warm lava cake, topped with chocolate/vanilla frozen yogurt, drizzled with caramel topping, and sprinkled on top with cookie pieces. My stomach hurt when we left! Everything that both of us ate was fresh and delicious. Now I wish there was a Sweet Tomatoes in Austin, Texas!

GIVEAWAY - One winner will win dinner for two at any Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. You must be at least 18 years old to enter and win, and as always must be a Planet Weidknecht follower via email, RSS or GFC. To enter, leave a comment below and tell me the name of your favorite salad ingredient! Giveaway ends on September 16 at midnight. Winner selected by random.org. Good luck!

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Giveaway Gala Winners

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You will be contacted via email.

New Neighbors Book Discussion Group

(Texas) The Round Rock New Neighbors Book Discussion Group will discuss Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Monday, October 17th at 1:00 p.m. The store is located in the La Frontera Village at the intersection of IH-35 and SH-45.

Somali-born author Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the most controversial women on earth. For years, she has been forced to live in hiding; her life has been threatened numerous times; an anti-Koran script that she wrote provoked the assassination of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh; and a dispute over her citizenship indirectly brought down the Dutch government. This memoir about her family’s travails living under strict fundamentalist Islamic precepts tracks the evolution of a world-changing radical feminist.

All events are free and open to the public.

New Hot Printable Coupons


Barnes and Noble Round Rock presents NOOK 101

Barnes and Noble Round Rock will present a special one-hour NOOK 101 workshop in the store’s café on Thursday, October 6th at 7:00 p.m. The store is located in the La Frontera Village at the intersection of IH-35 and SH-45.

Whether you already own one of the NOOK eReader devices or are considering purchasing one, this workshop is for you. Learn about the NOOK WiFi, the NOOK Color and the new NOOK Simple Touch Reader. Come find out everything you need to know about our exclusive eReader devices and how they are changing the ways you read and experience books.

All events are free and open to the public.


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Armour Pepperoni with Cheese - Review

Anyone who knows me knows I could live on pizza alone the rest of my life. When I found out Armour had created Pepperoni with Cheese, I could hardly wait to try it. Look at these delicious slices!
We couldn't help it. We had to open the bag and try them right away. I absolutely LOVE this cheese cutting board that arrived as my gift with these amazing snacks. The slices come ready to eat and don't even need heating.
What a great little lunch combination! Just add crackers, milk and some fruit and your child (or you) has a well-balanced meal.
These delicious Pepperoni with Cheese slices also heat perfectly in the microwave! I took a flour tortilla, lined it with five slices and tossed some shredded cheese on top, then put it in the microwave for 45 seconds to make a tasty quick lunch.
Best of all, was the fabulous pizza recipe that my husband created. He popped open a can of refrigerated biscuit dough and smushed it all flat onto a 9x13" cookie sheet, then split it into six sections. He mixed up some tomato sauce with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and spread it on the dough.
He covered the sauce with Armour Pepperoni with Cheese slices and then tossed some fresh mushroom slices on top.
He put a layer of shredded cheese on top of those layers, then heated it in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. This delicious dinner could easily feed six if you add a side salad, but instead the three of us each ate two pieces, just feeling slightly guilty. I'm sure if just the two teenage boys were here eating, they'd have polished it off alone and felt no guilt at all.
It was scrumptious! The dough rose just enough to make a soft, thick crust and the Pepperoni with Cheese gave it a slightly spicy kick. The mushrooms helped me not feel so guilty since I at least got a pseudo-veggie with my meal. I absolutely love this new product and so did everyone in my family!

Hook up with Armour on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to watch for specials and promotions!
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge in exchange for my honest review.