It's Time for a Breakfast Makeover and a Giveaway

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Now is the time to toss the toast made with enriched white flour. Now is the time to stomp the sugar cereals. Now is the time to dump the doughnuts. You can still keep your family's breakfast quick and convenient, but it's time for a breakfast makeover! Ozery Bakery and Tribest Corporation give your family healthier breakfast options.
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds marries convenience and health. This family-owned company has created delicious, nutritious buns that are filled with real fruit and only the healthiest grains. Morning Rounds are completely free of artificial preservatives and they are GMO-free!
Morning Rounds are a great source of fiber and are a delicious low-fat choice that are made in small batches. Choose from four fabulous flavors - Date and Chia, Cranberry Orange, Muesli, and Cinnamon Apple (my favorite).
You can pop Morning Rounds in the toaster, top them with cream cheese or jam, or make a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese. You can even make gourmet french toast with Morning Rounds. Since they are made with whole grains and no artificial ingredients, I store mine in the freezer for optimal freshness, then pop it in the toaster for maximum convenience.
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds even won accolades in the Prevention 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards 2015. Morning Rounds are delicious, soft, and have a natural sweet taste that your entire family will love. They smell freshly baked right out of the toaster! Morning Rounds are also a perfect choice for an afternoon snack.
Alongside your Morning Rounds, how about some fresh squeezed orange juice that is free of processed ingredients, artificial ingredients, and added sugar? The Tribest Corporation CitriStar easily and quietly extracts all of the liquid (and Vitamin C) from oranges, grapefruits, and any other citrus fruits.
CitriStar is also really fun for the whole family to use! Remember how your mom had to press and turn, press and turn, press and turn, just to get one glass of juice? This fabulous kitchen appliance does all the work for you. Just press half of any citrus fruit on the top and CitriStar spins its juicer, and the juice flows through the colander and into your glass.
CitriStar is compact, so you can store it on the countertop or easily tuck it away when not in use. It's made of four simple pieces, plus a handy lid, all of which are super easy to clean. It has a powerful 50 watt motor and the auto start/stop feature means an easy one-touch operation.
CitriStar has the ability to quickly squeeze the maximum amount of juice from the smallest limes to the largest grapefruits, so your breakfast juice can be any citrus combination that you want. I really love my CitriStar!
Give your breakfast a makeover with Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and Tribest CitriStar! It's time to get back to wholesome and healthy options. It's also time for a fabulous giveaway! Enter below to win a breakfast makeover!
One winner will receive a selection of Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds and a Tribest Corporation CitriStar! Open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends on 9/18/2015. Good luck!

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Going Gluten-Free Made Easier #glutenfree

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Going gluten-free simply isn't that simple. Perhaps your doctors have told you that you must go gluten-free. Perhaps you've made the decision to live a gluten-free lifestyle. Either way, you've got your work cut out for you. When I walk into my local grocery store, there are at least twenty aisles of food choices, but the gluten-free section only covers about six square feet of shelf space. It's rather hard to imagine limiting your food choices to just those products for the rest of your life. Many of them are processed choices, like crackers and cookies.
Cooking at home is a much better alternative. It's also a much healthier option than purchasing processed gluten-free products, because you will have control over the ingredients that go into your foods and you will know exactly what's in your foods. For people who are new to the gluten-free life, the thought of never eating bread products again can be nearly incomprehensible.
Going gluten-free can certainly be a challenge, but you can continue to enjoy a wide variety of home-cooked and home-baked foods with just a few tweaks. There are many gluten-free flours that you can use at home to enhance and even improve your lifestyle. Gluten-free flour is the secret to making a gluten-free lifestyle a much easier transition!
Did you know that there are gluten-free flours that can be used as a butter substitute, an egg substitute, a thickening agent for soups and sauces, and as a replacement for gluten-based flours? There are gluten-free flours that are excellent for baking and there are gluten-free flours that are perfect for making coatings.
Trim Down Club has created an easy-to-read reference guide that lists how to use 24 different gluten-free flours in your kitchen. It's the most comprehensive, helpful list I've ever seen on gluten-free flours. This handy sheet is the perfect printout to stick on your refrigerator! Get it HERE and start living a healthier, easier, gluten-free life!


Quicklock Doorlock - The Tech Product Like No Other! #tech

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The Quicklock Doorlock is a brand new safety product! This innovative universal locking system provides exceptional personal privacy, security, and safety in a way that no other universal lock offers. Most secure door locks are for the main entry only, but Quicklock can be installed quickly and easily onto ANY door, giving you strong personal security and privacy for your space. Your door remains locked (and pick-proof) until you unlock it with your smartphone, or wireless and waterproof RFID keys, available in the form of a ring, label, or a FOB. The robust Quicklock is made of solid die cast alloy.
The sleek, modern Quicklock is incredibly easy to install with just two screws and a plug. Radio Frequency (RFID) cards or FOBs can be provided for others to gain access. Quicklock is also energy efficient. It uses four AAA batteries and has a battery life of up to a year. It will even indicate when batteries are less than 30% so you know when new batteries are needed. 
It even has Bluetooth functionality that allows you to track your historical log to see who has entered and when. The free app is available in iPhone or Android stores under the name ‘thequicklock’ for instant Bluetooth access and control. It stores up to 50 wireless RFID keys! Plus, Quicklock does not rely on the internet -- if the internet goes down, the technology still works. Need to give someone quick access? You can share access at any time with a simple text by sending your password temporarily to someone.
Who needs a Quicklock? Everyone! Teenagers need one to keep younger siblings out of their stuff while they're out with friends or at school. College students need one to keep roommates out of their dorm room or thieves from stealing their electronics. Business people need one on their office door to keep nosy employees out. Gun owners need one on the closet door where they store their weapons. Parents will want one on their bedroom door to prevent little ones from interrupting adult activities. In fact, parents need them all over the house - on closets filled with Christmas presents, on the pantry door to keep kids from eating all the snacks, on a bathroom door where medications are stored, and on closets where poisonous cleaning supplies are stored. It protects your personal property while protecting your little ones from dangerous things!
So, how do you order your new Quicklock Doorlocks? The best possible deal is on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter Campaign launched TODAY, Aug 26th! Go order yours now! http://kck.st/1g9CAEC

Snoopy's Favorite Rugs from Nourison #home #decor

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Today is National Dog Day and what better way to celebrate than with the adorable dog Snoopy! This colorful line of rugs features Peanuts characters is made by Nourison and is available at Overstock.com, Home Depot stores, and Christmas Tree Shops.
These rugs are the perfect pop of color for your front door, back door, or mudroom. They are very well made, easy to care for, and durable enough for even your high traffic areas. Even better, they are incredibly soft to bare feet!
Brighten up any entryway with a fabulous fall theme rug or delightful welcome theme. They are even the perfect size to put in front of a bathroom sink. Maybe your kids will be more willing to brush their teeth with Snoopy smiling up at them!
These Peanuts rugs have heat-sealed edges, so no worries about fraying, and I've found that a couple of good hard shakes releases the dirt and dust from them easily. The designs are pleasing to everyone, because who doesn't love Snoopy??
Check out all these great designs! I found them at my local Home Depot for under $15. That's a fabulous low price for fall decor that is functional and adorable. Which one below is YOUR favorite rug?


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Montpelier Cuisine, Nevis #travel #NevisMangoFest

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Montpelier Plantation boasts some of the most beautiful resort grounds I saw when I visited the island of Nevis. It's a place to celebrate healthy living, good food, fine wine, and holistic wellness. As I walked the grounds during the daytime with Kakia Michou, the director of sales and marketing, I saw some of the most elaborate hotel rooms, ocean views, and lush foilage.
Dinner at Montpelier was rather fancy. Walking up to the restaurant at night, we were met by a towering ficus tree. I was certain it had to be hundreds of years old because the trunk was so massive, but I was surprised to learn it was only 50 years old.
I started with a refreshing Mango Smoothie and some nibbles of exotic appetizers that were being passed around by Montpelier staff. The evening was perfect for dining outside on the covered patio, with ocean breezes keeping the air cool.
The table was set at the corner of the patio, in a quiet area of the restaurant. The staff is nearby to lay your napkin in your lap for you as you sit at a table graced with lit candles with floating flowers. Wine was offered all around and tasted delicious.
We were served tiny little soups of carrot and chocolate, with a touch of mint flavor, a very interesting culinary blend. I learned that the old sugar mill at Monpelier (pictured at the top) has been turned into a private dining room for group dining.
My appetizer was a large bowl of Plantain Soup. The combination of the tart soup with the sweet cream on top was tasty. I dined with a group of journalists, some from New York, and another from London, several reps from the Nevis Tourism Authority, and Chef Gregory Austin from Barbados.
My main dish was probably one of the most delicious meals I had on Nevis. I ordered the Linguini with Lobster and it was simply heavenly. Be prepared to spend a chunk of time dining at Montpelier; our dinner from drinks to dessert was three hours. It was a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy good wine, good food, and good company.
Montpelier is a great place to go for a relaxed, fine dining experience.

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Giveaway! iCoffee Opus Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

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iCoffee Opus Single-Serve Coffee Brewer!

Your entire family will love having on-demand hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, tea, and more at the touch of a button. It's a fabulous gift idea too!

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10 Reasons To Love the iCoffee Opus #coffee #singleserve

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I love my Opus! Opus is the newest single-serve coffee brewer on the market. The iCoffee Opus makes my mornings better! 
10 Reasons To Love iCoffee Opus:

Opus is about the same size as any other coffee maker, so it fits perfectly on your countertop and slides easily under your upper cabinets. It's sleek and attractive, offering a cool blue glow that leads me straight to my Opus first thing in the morning.

It features a spinning needle with jets that spins, steams, and stirs the coffee, just like a mini French Press, rather than sending a stream of water straight down water through the coffee. I love the smooth, rich taste Opus-brewed coffee provides, because there is no bitter aftertaste.
Opus accepts ALL K-cups, ALL K-compatible cups, including ALL reusablebiodegradable, and recyclable k-cup options. Look for the sticker on the front of the box that tells you a FREE iCup Reusable is enclosed, so you can use any coffee or tea you have at home.

It features Dial-A-Brew, which is a knob that turns (displaying digitally) so you can choose the amount of water ounces Opus uses. Dial-A-Brew offers .5 ounce increments from 4-12 ounces, which gives you complete control of your preferred strength. I love this feature because 12 ounces perfectly fills my big coffee cup.
Opus features a removable drip tray so my travel mug fits under the coffee spout. This also allows me to easily brew up iced coffee because my tall plastic cup (filled with ice) fits perfectly under the coffee spout.

It has a large 75 ounce water reservoir that's easy to fill and easy to insert into Opus' side. Opus will even alert you on the digital pad when it's time to add water. The digital pad also tells you when it's heating the water.
Opus is easy to operate, even in the wee hours of the morning when I'm not yet functioning well. I just open the jaws by pushing the "coffee cup" button, pop in the k-cup, close the jaws, dial my preferred ounces, then press the middle of the Dial-A-Brew button.

My coffee is ready in less than ONE MINUTE. That's faster than a nurse could fit me with an IV line of caffeine. I really appreciate this feature!
Opus brews one cup at a time. This single-serve brewer gives me the power to save money because I never have to throw away a cold pot of coffee again. Brewing one cup at a time also saves time.

Opus also helps me save the planet, because I no longer have to use throw-away k-cups that fill the earth's landfills. I can even open the k-cups after they're used to dump the coffee grounds on my organic garden to repel bugs!

See how easy it is to use Opus:

iCoffee Opus is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores nationwide. Visit www.iCoffee.com and follow iCoffee on Facebook and Twitter. Make your mornings better with Opus!

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