Giving Thanks - Day Five

Today I give thanks to God for my son Ryan.
I am proud of the man he is becoming.
I love that he strives to be a man of God.
I love that he still hugs me every day.
I love his smile and his laugh.
I love you Ryan!


Sponsor Spotlight - Community Coffee

I love gift collections! It's always so much fun to see what someone else will group together as a gift. Community Coffee has put together some great holiday gift sets and I've just opened up their Southern Christmas Treats set. It arrived in this beautiful red box with a gold band and card -- talk about nice presentation. The red box floated delicately within bubble wrap in a sturdy shipping box and arrived in just a couple days.
I opened up the box and found a darling metal coffee-fresh canister filled with Cafe Special coffee and a package of Pecan Praline Private Reserve coffee. The set also comes with recipes for Pecan Coffee Pralines and Caramel Pecan Candies by Holly Clegg, plus a pound of pecans. There is a bamboo mixing spoon, measuring cup, and coffee scoop too.
I can easily think of dozens of people I know who like sweets and coffee. I bet you can too! There are eight different Holiday Gift collections to choose from, so you're sure to find exactly the right gift. Community Coffee is made in America and based in Louisiana. Their first cup was made over 90 years ago by the Saurage family. They are still family owned and operated, making this fabulous coffee for their "community" of friends, which includes you!
Community Coffee is steeped in tradition and guarantees your satisfaction with their products. I tried both of the coffees included in this kit and both taste great. It was a real treat to try the Pecan Praline coffee because it's a whole new coffee taste for me. The pecans are delicious and it will be very hard not to eat them all before I can buy the rest of the ingredients to make the candies.
I am thrilled to announce that one lucky Planet Weidknecht reader can win a Southern Christmas Treats gift set just like this one! Community Coffee is sponsoring me for the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Hop (November 14-20).
Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, then come back here on the 14th to enter the giveaway!

Candle Warmers Etc.

Candle Warmers Etc. offers such a unique collection of lamps, crocks, warmers and wax melts. For several weeks now, I've really been enjoying the warmers and melts I received. I am so excited to announce they are sponsoring me and I get to offer you this beautiful Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp, plus a Christmas Day Scented Candle (one of my favorite scents)!
Description: The Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp is a revolutionary new concept to the candle warming industry. With a patented soft halogen light the Aurora Lamps create the ambiance of a burning candle releasing the candle‚Äôs fragrance within minutes. Also included is a highly fragrant Jamie Clair 22 oz. candle in Christmas Day scent that will leave a lasting scent. Be sure to read my review  of Candle Warmers Etc. and come back to enter on November 25th!

Easy Meal Planning

Easy meal planning opportunity by "Food on the Table."

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panels Has Openings!

Hurry! Neilsen is accepting people for the Home Scan Consumer Panel!

FREEBIE Digital Scrapbooking Designer Pack Download #4

Here is this week's freebie, 
compliments of My Memories Software!
Just click to download it to your hard drive. 
Can't see the image above? Click HERE!


Pine Cone Foot Stool - Sponsor Spotlight

When I was a little girl, my Nana had a little wooden foot stool that I just loved. I remember sitting on it at her feet while she knitted and crocheted. Childhood memories can be so precious and seeing an item that takes us right back to a specific moment is priceless. Do you have things in your home that remind you of your grandparents or your life as a young child? When I saw this Pine Cone Foot Stool from Plow & Hearth, it took me right back to Nana's lake cottage, the one my Gramps (we called him Grumps) built with my dad and uncles.
When I opened the shipping box, I was so happy I didn't have to assemble it. I really love user-ready gifts! I set it right on my fireplace hearth and it's just perfect for the decor there. The pine cone design will work for the entire fall and winter season, so it's really versatile and stretches my design dollars!
The Pine Cone Foot Stool is made of a beautiful acacia wood and the design is hand-carved into the top of the stool. The carved art is then painted to make it stand out even more. It fits the design in my family room easily. I can also see it in my kitchen, my game room, the guest room or my bedroom.
What makes this even better is that it is beautiful AND functional. Furniture that is never used is just a waste of space and money. It would be an awesome complement to the sofa and a great place to rest my tired feet after working all day. Since I am only 5'4", it will definitely be used to give me a boost up to get things on higher shelves. This stool is very sturdy and would also make a great child's chair. What a lovely place for a three minute time out!
Can you see leaving milk and cookies for Santa on this stool? It even looks great on my front porch as a perch for my scarecrow couple. Plow & Hearth has all kinds of wonderful unique gifts for those you love (and for you too)!
They have generously agreed to be my sponsor for the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Event, so you have a chance to win a Pine Cone Foot Stool for your home! It begins on November 14, so be sure to come back and enter.
Disclosure: I received this item at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Giving Thanks - Day Four

Today I give thanks to God for my daughter.
She changed the very core of who I was, some 21 years ago. 
I am so proud that she's getting ready to graduate from college with honors.
I love her dimples, her smile, and her laugh.
I love you Heather!

Stand Up For Family (and laugh)

This post brought to you by American Family Insurance. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last night, I checked out the AmFam videos and spent about a half an hour just cracking up over the comedians. The two best comedians of the five are Mark Viera and Bill Bellamy. I laughed so hard about Mark Viera's grandma hanging out the window in New York, sticking her nose into people's business. When Bill Bellamy was telling stories about his childhood, I could certainly relate to his memories about playing outside all day. I too can remember being sent out of the house to go play and knowing that I had better be back home when the street lights come on at dusk. We always had to be within yelling distance of the house too. I even remember being sent to stand out front and yell my sisters names, and ultimately be sent to find my sisters. American Family Insurance has created the family comedy to help remind us that family is a priority and how important it is to take care of each other. Listening to these comedians poke fun at how they grew up and how they relate to their own families was a great stress reliever after a long day. Even though it's not usually what I choose watch on tv, Stand Up For Family was fun to watch. Check them out for yourself: http://www.amfam.com/standupforfamily/full.asp.


Timberworks Toys - Beautiful Building Blocks - Review

If I was allowed to have only one toy in my daycare, it would be a set of blocks. Blocks are the most basic foundation and can be constructed into absolutely anything. Blocks can become a house, a building, an airport, a zoo, or a school. A single block can be a phone, a camera, a microphone, a hippo, a kitchen plate, or a car. Two short blocks can be clapped together to make music. Two long blocks can become drumsticks. Blocks are the perfect gift for a girl or a boy. They are perfect for a 3 year old or a 10 year old.

The ability to plan and engineer something is an innate gift that humans have. Even a toddler tries to stack things very early in life. Blocks develop math skills as children learn through trial and error how to build a bridge span. Blocks help children learn science, like gravity, balance and properties of weight. Blocks can be used to teach a child to count, sort, classify, and learn concepts of sizing (small, smaller, smallest) and ordering (first, second, third). Blocks encourage dramatic play and creativity.

Can you tell how strongly I believe in the importance of providing blocks to children? I actually have many different sets of blocks in my daycare. Several different sets are always out and available to the children. I have small blocks, large blocks, alphabet blocks, interlocking blocks, castle blocks, and magnetic blocks. I am so blessed that I was provided a set of Beautiful Building Blocks from Timberworks Toys.
These high quality American-made wood blocks are different from any other block set I've ever seen. The clean lines and large scale of these blocks are inspiring. As I opened the box and pulled out the sturdy zippered storage bag, I immediately had two children clamoring over me to play. They unzipped the bag and we poured out the set onto the carpet.
Two large planks became the base. The long blocks enticed the girls to stand them upright and I stepped back to take photos and observe, rather than interact. A four year old and two year old worked together, the older one instructing the younger one on which pieces to bring and  how to arrange them.
They discussed how putting them too close to the edge of the plank made the blocks tip. They finally, joyfully invited me over to see what they built. It's a stage! Like a live theater stage, they told me. One where ballerinas might dance.
Fifteen minutes later, they had included the remainder of the unused pieces in this gorgeous block set and a rocket ship stretched across my carpet, reaching up towards the sky as their imaginations reached beyond earth and into the heavens.
Yes, I believe you can purchase no greater gift for a child. Visit Timberworks Toys to see all the unique sets of building blocks they offer for kids of all ages. These are the kind of blocks that will have dad building with the kids on the Christmas morning!
FTC Disclosure: I received a set of blocks at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

GyroBowl - Sponsor Spotlight - 3000 Follower Giveaway

This is one of those products that makes people say - Now why didn't I think of that??? I love this concept...a bowl that cannot be spilled. It is such a good idea! Kids spill things all the time and I can think of so many times this would come in handy. Does your kid snack in the car on the way home from school or daycare? The GyroBowl would be such a great car companion. The inner bowl actually rotates 360 degrees, so no matter how the child is holding it (or dropping it) the food stays in the bowl.
It looks like a little Saturn to me. The three handles make it really easy for a child to carry and even if it slips out of their little hands, the food stays in the bowl. It's top-rack dishwasher safe and even comes with a snap on lid to keep food fresh in between snackings.
I decided you needed to see a full demonstration via video to really get the sense of how the GyroBowl works, so I enlisted the help of my daycare girl who is about to turn 3 years old. She was kind of shy about it, so don't blink or you'll have to replay it!

You can see a much more detailed video on the GyroBowl website and I was actually kind of excited to see other uses for it that I hadn't thought about....like holding nails or screws for a DIY job, or maybe for holding paper clips on your desk. Do you scrapbook? I have spilled my eyelets a hundred times; now I can keep them in this! It's a super concept and I wish I'd thought of it!

I'm going to be giving a brand new GyroBowl away to one lucky Planet Weidknecht reader when my 3000 GFC Follower Party begins! Share my blog with your friends and tell them to follow me so we can start the party.
FTC Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

I'm Now Part of Nutrisystem Blogger Nation

I am so going to be one of those skinny AFTER pictures!!! I've been accepted into the Nutrisystem Blogger Nation and I'm anxiously awaiting my food delivery. I spent some time browsing around the online community this afternoon and I'm amazed at all the resources available. The food sounds delicious (even pizza and ice cream) and I'm so ready to lose the weight. The older I get, the harder it is to lose the extra weight, so I am happy to have a step by step program to follow. I'll share my journey with you and maybe even inspire you!
FTC Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program to me at no charge in exchange for my participation in the program.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? 
Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.

Giving Thanks - Day Three

Today I give thanks to God for my Dad.
Although he is currently chilling out with Jesus,
I know that someday I will see him again.
And, yes, I was always Dad's favorite!

Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop Winner

Congratulations to Nicole C. and
thank you to everyone who entered!
A big thank you to Viviscal and lifes2good for sponsoring!
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Torani Flavored Syrups - Review

I was excited when my Torani Kit arrived today from SheSpeaks. Torani offers regular and sugar free syrups that add flavor and enhance beverages. I received the Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup and the Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup. Honestly, I've only been a coffee drinker for about two years and I don't ever use cream or sugar. I've never tried one of those fancy coffees at coffee shops. I drink simple black coffee. My expectations were pretty flat, but I was curious. So I cut myself a piece of fresh pumpkin bread, poured a shot of Pumpkin Pie Syrup into my coffee and took a big, warm drink.

Wedne$day Wealth - Giveaway Linky

New Feature starts this week!
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Think Pink Giveaway Winner List

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  • amy bruce - 2 Usborne Books Kids Sticker Books
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  • Michelle Coddington - Baskets of Inspiration Pink Spa Gift Basket Set
  • Amanda Larson - Handmade Pink Ribbon Soy Candle from U-Neek Hats and Gifts
  • Tara Schaffer - Amazon Rain Camu Serum C (Beauty & Anti-Aging Serum)
  • Shannon Goldschmidt - Handmade Floral Polkadot Half Apron by Sweet Robins Nest
  • Sherry Fowler - Handmade Beaded Necklace by DorkwadGirl

Congratulations to everyone who won! 
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Giving Thanks - Day Two

Today I am giving thanks to God
for my wonderful mom, Joyce.
She gave me a wonderful childhood.
She loved me in spite of all the trouble I caused.
She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.
She is one of the strongest people I know
and her faith is an inspiration to me.
She will always be a hero to me.


Hot New Coupons to Print

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Why Daycare Providers Never Go Potty

tabletop in the home center

carpeting in the block center

Giving Thanks - Day One

 November has begun. 
The season for giving thanks has arrived.
Today I give thanks to God for my husband Johnny.
He is my best friend and I love him with all my heart.


Winner Winner

Congratulations to Jessica W!
Thanks to everyone who entered!
Don't give up now!
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Bucks 4 Black Friday Giveaway

Bucks 4 Black Friday! 

Bucks 4 Black Friday is brought to you by Formula Mom and Tales From the Nursery! 

A collection of fabulous bloggers have come together with Planet Weidknecht to bring you a great cash giveaway in honor of one of the busiest shopping days of the year! Beginning today through November 20th, you will have the opportunity to win $145 to fund your Black Friday shopping madness! The winner will choose between Paypal or an Amazon gift card.


Lovable Labels - Sponsor Spotlight

Lovable Labels was started in 2003, when Laura Porreca (owner and president) discovered a need for high quality labels when her child's daycare required all personal items to be marked with her child's name. She created a durable and adorable line of labels that can stand up to daily use and even washings. The line of labels covers everything from clothing labels to metal tags to household labels to medical alert labels.

With the temperatures falling and the snow setting in up north, Lovable Labels has gotten into the holiday spirit! Check out these six festive sets of Gift Seals and Address Labels. Can't you totally see these on your Christmas cards this year?
I had such a hard time choosing just one set! I finally decided on the SNO Berries design. What really surprised me, when my set arrived, is the size of these labels. Usually address labels are small and hard to read, but these Gift Seals are a full two inches across. The address labels are 2 1/2 inches long. Awesome!
The Gift Seals are going to look GREAT on Christmas gifts and I can hardly wait to do my Christmas cards this year. There are 150 total stickers in this beautiful set and you won't be disappointed! You can order them online, and be sure to check out their Holiday Packs too. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.
Lovable Labels is one of my sponsors for the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Event, November 14-20, so be sure to come back to enter to win your own set of Gift Seals and Address Labels. I love these labels so much, I'm even including them in my Holiday Gift Guide this year!

Marcal Small Steps Giveaway

Marcal Small Steps offers 100% premium recycled paper products. They make paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, napkins and more! I have three free product coupons for one lucky winner. Each one is good up to $6.00 (total arv $18). US only.

3000 GFC Follower Party Coming Soon

I'm planning a big party and all the gifts are for YOU!
As soon as I reach 3000 GFC Followers, we can start the party!
I'll be hosting a giveaway of fabulous prizes just to say THANK YOU
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Viviscal Hair Nutrition Program - Review

Two months ago I started taking Viviscal for a review. I have been faithfully taking my two dietary supplement tablets each day, one in the morning and one at night, as directed. I wasn't sure I would see any difference, but I was surprised to begin seeing a difference after just a few weeks.
There is no doubt that my hair is thicker and healthier after using Viviscal. It is also growing much faster than it has in years, which is great since I absolutely hated my last haircut and can hardly wait until it grows back in! It has been so easy to add it to my daily routine and now YOU have a chance to try it. You can WIN a two month supply HERE!
Disclosure: I received my samples at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Exclusive Discount to King Arthur Flour

Do you realize King Arthur Flour has an entire kitchen essentials shop online? They have some of the most beautiful bowls, amazing appliances, and great gadgets! Check out their holiday new arrivals and take advantage of this exclusive discount. Just click HERE or the image below to save 20% on your order of $90.

Ornaments With Love - Handmade and Personalized - Review

There are only a few Christmas gifts that get saved for years and years, sometimes even for generations. Handmade personalized Christmas Ornaments are one of those keepsake gifts. I was asked to review Ornaments With Love and I spent well over an hour just browsing the website. They have hundreds of choices and something for absolutely everyone.
Since I live in Texas, I chose the Personalized Western Couple Christmas Ornament on Fence. I personalized it with the year 2011 and put Johnny and Lisa on it. The online ordering system is so easy to use and the package arrived so fast! The ornament was very well packaged, in bubble wrap, then paper, then a box, then the mailing envelope. Included was a Christmas cellophane bag and tie in case I wanted to wrap it up as a gift.
A small thank you card was also included. What a nice touch! Personalized ornaments with personalized service. It just doesn't get any better than that.
My ornament is so cute. I'm so pleased with it. From the little cowboy hats to the tips of the cowboy boots, I can definitely say this one is a keepsake item. There is so much character to the ornament and it's very well made.
So head on over to www.OrnamentsWithLove.com and order personalized Christmas Ornaments for everyone you love. Their artists will create treasures your family will adore! Connect with them on Facebook and be entered to win one!
Disclosure: I received this ornament at no charge in exchange for my honest review.