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Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook by Kimberly Storm Ritter

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I'm so excited to share this new cookbook with you! Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook by Kimberly Storm Ritter is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you work inside or outside the home the task of cooking dinner can be daunting. With these fantastic tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have more time for making memories around the table at the end of your busy day.
This book is filled with go-to meals for your busy family. Kim’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes, help you plan a complete meal any night of the week. As a bonus, Kim keeps her readers entertained with stories of motherhood full of her own memories and nostalgic traditions from her childhood. Each chapter contains a Farm to Table Fabulous tip for making dinner extra special, from lighting a few candles to dressing like your favorite superhero.
The foreword includes a complete shopping list to help busy moms stock the pantry and freezer with everything needed to prepare a delicious meal without having to make a last-minute trip to the grocery store. In addition, many meals can be prepped ahead of time or even frozen for future use, then quickly reheated for serving.
Overflowing with tasty recipes, there is something in Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook to satisfy every member of your family. Moms might be busy, but there’s no reason that dinner can’t still be fabulous. I love this cookbook, especially all the color photos. It's a great gift idea!
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Cleaning Hacks - 500 Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

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Cleaning Hacks by Sarah Flowers is an invaluable resource book that contains over 500 unexpected ways to clean your home in natural ways. You will find this book is filled with simple, cost-saving cleaning tips and tricks in an easy to read format. Did you know you should be cleaning your sponge on a weekly basis by putting it in the microwave for just 90 seconds? Or that you could use a rubber glove to clean up pet hair instead of a lint brush? Or that wax paper can be used to make your faucets and sink fixtures shine instead of a chemical polish?
Avoid long lists of mysterious chemicals and skip buying multiple cleaning products and get back to basics and use simple, all-natural solutions that are safe, inexpensive, and effective. Take control of your cleaning to-do list with these easy, natural cleaning methods. Organized by cleaning project, you’ll be able to find the perfect easy solution for all your cleaning jobs, however large or small, with this handy guide. It's an excellent book to have on hand for spring cleaning!

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The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children by Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer

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I think this book is a wonderfully refreshing look at ways for families to approach life with love, kindness, and compassion for others. Unless we find real ways to help our children navigate through today's life and society, we could end up with an entire generation of adults who are self-absorbed and narcissistic. The book offers many suggestions that can be put to use both immediately and throughout a child's life. It's a great resource for parents and teachers.

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In homes and school communities nationwide, there is re-energized interest in the values of community, compassion, and tolerance, and in finding our way to a kinder culture - a culture that starts with our families. Headlines speak of hate crimes, intolerance, and us-versus-them divisiveness. Recent political events have left many Americans yearning for unity, respect, and compassion in our national discourse. In our schools, bullying continues to be a pervasive problem, and in our homes, "screen-time" poses a constant threat to 'family time.' Research shows that connection and social engagement are key to successful, fulfilling lives, and yet we have never been less connected than we are now. Perhaps more than any other group, parents recognize the potential damage of this trend. Children who are raised in a culture where giving and compassion are valued become happier and more positively engaged with those around them. They are less likely to treat others disrespectfully. With increased concern about meanness and bullying, you may be among the many parents who see the need for more civil, respectful, and considerate behavior among our children.

The Kindness Advantage is a practical and concrete guide for you to equip your child with the skills they need to have a positive influence on the world. We all benefit when children are raised with the understanding that they can have an impact by making conscious choices. It's never too early to start your child on a path of fulfillment through meaningful connection with others. Designed to be read with children as young as four, the book presents ten fundamental concepts to weave into your family's daily life. Using text, quotes, questions and real life stories, The Kindness Advantage is the first book parents need to think about and teach the necessary skills to be a kind, compassionate person. Each idea on its own is simple and unintimidating, yet together they form the powerful foundation parents need to go beyond teaching "please" and "thank-you" to form kindness habits that will last a lifetime. In a world where kindness is so greatly needed, The Kindness Advantage offers inspiration and activities to teach kids empathy, inspire a culture of compassion and connection, and empower children to make a difference in their community and the world.

Other reviews from Amazon on this book:

"In this day and age, kindness and connection are especially important. An accessible and informative guide, The Kindness Advantage is a must read for parents of all ages." Judson Brewer MD PhD, author of The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love - Why We Get Hooked and How We Can Break Bad Habits

"Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer's book, The Kindness Advantage, can serve as a partial antidote to these turbulent times. They remind us that kindness is both a moral behavior that can improve the status of the world, but also be advantageous to the individual who practices kindness. The book's blend of significant and relevant issues in psychology, education, and humanism provides a myriad of practical suggestions to help us raise kind children. The book will serve as a resource to parents and educators. By teaching the components underlying kindness children can be provided a framework where we can both teach and weave these crucial lessons into the lives of children." Norma D. Feshbach, Ph.D. Professor, Chair, Interim Dean Emeritus UCLA


The Complete Book of Fruit Carving: Decorate Your Table for Any Special Occasion

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Have you been looking for a new hobby? Do you want to develop a new skill that amazes everyone? You're going to love The Complete Book of Fruit Carving: Decorate Your Table for Any Special Occasion by Rie Yamada. This beautiful oversized book will teach you all the tips and techniques to create beautiful tablescapes!
This full color book will teach you everything from the fundamentals to advanced skills. Fruit and vegetable carving originated in Thailand to adorn the table of the royal family. There are more than 60 amazing designs that cover all special occasions throughout the year, including New Year, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and many more.
Look at these eye-popping designs! I love this book so much and although I had never even thought about carving anything other than a pumpkin, I'm so intrigued to try my hand at some of these wonderful ideas. Even the book itself lends a touch of natural beauty to my collection of cookbooks in my kitchen.
The Complete Book of Fruit Carving is a fantastic holiday gift idea for crafters and cooks! It's also the perfect gift for your favorite vegan friends. Imagine the centerpieces you could make for baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations. These designs might even encourage your children to eat healthier foods.
A book is always a wonderful gift idea and I love to gift books that teach new people brand new skills. With practice, you could even start a new stream of income by carving fruits for catering services, or teach a continuing education class in a local venue to share this skill with others. Order a copy for yourself and one for a friend!
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The Complete Book of Fruit Carving:
Decorate Your Table for Any Special Occasion
by Rie Yamada


Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book

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Disney fans are going to fall in love with this wonderful new book. Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book is simply beautiful! The story begins on Christmas Eve, making this the Christmas Eve gift to open and enjoy together as a family.
The Ballerina of the Realms dances on every page of this magical book. From Disney's all-new live action film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, follow the elegant Ballerina of the Realms as she dances center stage in this artistic pop-up book, celebrating each of the unique and picturesque Four Realms.
This beautiful format is a perfect holiday gift for fans of this classic tale, full of colorful characters and no shortage of surprises. The story line is just long enough to make it a perfect bedtime story. It's sure to be a favorite. Wrap up this beautiful hardbound book for your favorite little dancer!
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Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms:
A Center Stage Pop-Up Book
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Mix-A-Mutt Children's Interactive Book #giftidea

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A book is always a perfect gift. You're giving the gift of reading, of discovering, of learning, and of exploring new ideas. You're giving fun, laughter, and creativity. You're developing hearts and minds with the books you give. Mix-A-Mutt by Sara Ball is a delightful, interactive children's book for kids aged 2-8 years old, and they are going to love it!
Mix-A-Mutt is a beautiful hardbound book with thick cardstock pages. Each page is cut into three sections and features a different dog breed, ten breeds in all. Dogs are the most popular pets and one of the first animals a young child recognizes. Mix-A-Mutt allows the child to mix up breeds and create new ones with the turn of a page (or a page section), for bunches of combinations!
Along with each breed, Mix-A-Mutt offers facts about the breed, like the size, average weight, history of the breed, along with fun facts, like spots on a Dalmatian don't come in until they are about four weeks old. You could even make a game of it, trying to combine the three breeds into one new dog breed name - how about a YorkKomPei? I give Mix-A-Mutt five stars! Or should that be five doggie treats?
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Smithsonian Exploration Station: World Atlas

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Give the gift of hands-on exploration of our world to your school-aged child! The Smithsonian Exploration Station: World Atlas by John Farndon is so much more than a good book. This treasure trove will take your child on an expedition across the world through interactive activities that both educate and entertain.
Included is a 56-page book full of informative text and full-color photography teaches children about the diverse cultures, customs, wildlife, and natural beauty that form our world. It's filled with maps, charts, flags of many countries, and interesting facts galore!
You will also receive a laminated fold-up map with three sheets of reusable, corresponding stickers. The stickers are little photographs of some of the most recognizable structures, landmarks, and wonders of the world.
Get even  more hands-on interaction with these three-dimensional cardstock models, just waiting to be assembled. Kids can construct the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and a Mayan pyramid with their own hands!
And, you'll also receive an incredibly detailed, inflatable globe that is both great fun and very educational. I was delighted with all the activities in this Smithsonian Exploration Station: World Atlas. Anytime that we can get kids excited about learning is a big win. I love this activity box and think it is an excellent gift idea for any child over the age of six years.
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Modern Farmhouse Style - Over 250 Great Design Ideas, Tips, and Projects #book

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For as long as I can remember, I've loved old houses and always wanted to own one so that I could fix it up. At the end of last year, we bought a modest little house that was built in 1888 in a town of 265 people in Kansas. Our little house hadn't been updated since probably the 1970s, and it's the perfect palette for farmhouse interior design! Weldon Owen Publishing has just released an awesome DIY guide called Modern Farmhouse Style: 250 Ways to Harmonize Rustic Charm with Contemporary Living.
Modern Farmhouse Style is a beautiful hardbound book with full color photos and easy tips and techniques to help you achieve that farmhouse aesthetic in your own home. The new farmhouse look is all about clean lines and modern shapes, paired with rustic textures and clever upcycled decor ideas from the country life. This collection of more than 250 gorgeous yet attainable farmhouse-inspired decor ideas, organizational tips, and DIY projects is everything you need to make your modern home perfectly rustic—or vice versa. It will take us years to get our home exactly how we want it, but this handy resource is the perfect guide, and it's a fabulous coffee table book in the meantime!
With chapters on entryways, living spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces, you’ll learn how to add farmhouse design to any area of your home so it’s charming yet refined, homey yet chic. Some of the topics include Stripe a Staircase, Unusual Storage Pieces, Craft a Beverage Station, Pack a Dining Caddy, Style Your Toy Storage, Farmhouse Workspaces, and much more. Searching on Pinterest for farmhouse design is a huge time-suck for me and I'd much rather curl up on the sofa with this gorgeous book full of beautiful photos and fabulous information!
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Secrets of Winter - A Shine-a-Light Book for Kids

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I absolutely LOVE when a children's book has a special surprise and Secrets of Winter is one of my top favorite children's books this year! This book by Carron Brown and Georgina Tee explores what happens outside during the winter months. It may look like the world is sleeping, but there is so much happening! The pages on the left side of the book are in black and white, and the pages on the right side of the book are in color.
There is a special feature in Secrets of Winter that I have never before seen in a book! Each of the color pages can be held up to the light to reveal a special surprise hidden on the page. The photo above and below are the exact same page! Imagine how exciting it would be for a young child to read through this book. The woodland is is filled with so many wonderful things and this book explores them all. This fantastic book is available in both hardback and paperback, and is a wonderful holiday gift idea!
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National Geographic Kids Books make great gifts!

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Books are always a perfect gift, no matter the age of the lucky recipient! National Geographic Kids books are some of the most beautiful, most fascinating, and most loved books in the entire world. Here are some of my favorites to gift this holiday season!

Weird But True Christmas: 300 Festive Facts to Light Up the Holidays - This paperback is the PERFECT stocking stuffer for ages 8-12! Ready for some totally festive facts? Even Christmas can be weird -- it's true! Did you know that Santa's reindeer are probably all female? Or that artificial snow can be made from seaweed? Or that "Jingle Bells" was the first Christmas carol sung in space? Every kid will ho-ho-ho when they unwrap this book that is chock-full of the most random and fascinating facts about their most favorite holiday. Get it HERE!
Hey, Baby!: A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories from Nature's Nursery - Sweet dreams are made of this! Join National Geographic Kids on a trip around the globe to celebrate nature's nursery.This collection of stunning photography of wee ones of the wild world will inspire, awe, and awww. With dynamic profiles, clever poems, time-tested folktales, amazing rescue stories, and unlikely animal friendships, this book will be a favorite with sleepy little ones, new parents, and moms-to-be. Featuring everything from wobbly baby bison to teeny turtles, mini-monkeys to fluffy foxes, this is the perfect keepsake book for the baby animal lover in us all. An awesome book for all ages! Get it HERE!
Bet You Didn't Know: Fascinating, Far-out, Fun-tastic Facts! - Did you know that the first stop signs were black and white? Or that a litter of kittens is called a kindle? Or that butterflies can see more colors than humans can? Based on a favorite department in Nat Geo Kids magazine, this book is overflowing with fascinating facts, silly stats, and catchy little knowledge nuggets in all kinds of cool categories, from astronomy and sea creatures to revolutions and breakfast. Special features include Extreme Weirdness, Strange Places, Wacky World, and more. An excellent hardcover choice for ages 8-12. Get it HERE!
Just Joking: Jumbo: 1,000 Giant Jokes and 1,000 Funny Photos Add Up to Big Laughs - What do you get when you have 1,000 giant jokes and 1,000 funny photos? A stocking stuffer that adds up to some seriously big laughs! If you have a budding stand up comedian on your list this year - this is the perfect book for them. Knock-knocks, puns, riddles, tongue-twisters, photos of silly situations and even the craziest info about the history of funny business - it’s all here. Ages 7-10 will love this paperback book! Get it HERE!
Ultimate Dinopedia, Second Edition - Attention dinosaur fanatics! This is a big, gift-worthy hardcover that is also the most complete and comprehensive dinosaur reference ever. Although these amazing creatures roamed the Earth ages ago, new dinosaur discoveries are still being made today. The new edition includes favorites, like the fierce T-rex and the gentle Brontosaurus, plus audacious new finds, like the Anzu, Kosmoceratops, and Yi. Every dino profile is colorfully illustrated and features descriptions of when they roamed the Earth, how they lived, what they ate, and more. There are more than 600 dinos featured in all, including 10 profiles of recently discovered dinosaurs and new entries in the Dino Dictionary. Reports from paleontologists present the latest news and insights from the field. A gorgeous hardbound book for ages 7-10. Get it HERE!


LetterHeads: An Eccentric Alphabet Book for Everyone

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I love this book! LetterHeads: An Eccentric Alphabet is a book that everyone is going to enjoy. This creative, one-of-a-kind graphic design book allows the letters come to life as characters to create a playful, emotional alphabet. This type of technology has previously been reserved for Hollywood blockbusters but is now available in this fun book.
LetterHeads is a hardbound book created by award-winning graphic designer Stefan G. Bucher who has created an engaging experience that pulls your loved ones from their devices. These elegant and engaging characters delight children, parents, and lovers of design. I really like the use of alliteration throughout the book too. Put this book on your coffee table and watch people reach for it again and again!
The book is inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles and aims to inspire color literacy. LetterHeads is the alphabet book of the 21st century!  Stefan G. Bucher is the man behind the Daily Monster series, which has hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube. Grab a copy of his book now, and you can even order one autographed. It's the perfect holiday gift!
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