There is so much going on in the world today that my mind is just reeling! Sometimes I think I don't write because there's so much to say that the task is daunting. The news is full of sad stories. If you are a praying person, I hope you are praying for those in Japan. What an awful thing to have to endure! My heart just aches for the children who have seen these disasters first-hand. They are forever altered, imprinted with knowledge and memories that are so painful. The best I feel I can do for them is pray and give thanks to God for all I have been given. Jesus, take the wheel!

Okay, deep breath, and refocus. I have exciting news. I won a $50 restaurant gift card! I'm not quite sure to which restaurant, as the winning email did not specify, but I'm very happy because we seldom have dinner out. This gives Johnny and I an opportunity to have a special date night. I won it from www.raffledog.com and I encourage you to visit them to enter their sweeps. I'm told it should be here within 30 days. One of the things we changed in our lifestyle was constant dinners out. Now that the kids are teenagers, they eat alot of food so they aren't cheap to feed! It will be nice to have a quiet dinner out for just us. Quality time is so precious!

I'm still waiting on my two $25 gift code wins from www.abacus.com though. I've posted inquiries on their Facebook page and sent emails, but am having no luck getting the codes. They keep saying they will take care of it. They run a Facebook comment sweeps daily. On another note, did I mention I won another video game from the Subway sweepstakes? I've got two games on the way to me now. I've entered a number of blog sweeps this week too, so hopefully that will produce some good wins too. Happy sweeping my friends!

Update: I did finally receive my codes from Abacus.