Giveaway! Fieldcrest Luxury Pillows with DACRON Memory Fiber Down Alternative Fiberfill

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
As we approach the end of the year, most of us begin planning for little changes that will improve our lives in the upcoming months. Maybe you're thinking of weight loss, better eating, or more exercise. Did you know that how well you sleep at night has a lot to do with your health? These new Fieldcrest Luxury Pillows are helping me to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.
A Fieldcrest Luxury Pillow with DACRON Memory Fiber Down Alternative Fiberfill is an affordable, practical way to make a positive change in your life. The cotton sateen cover is soft and silky, without that slippery feeling that makes my pillowcase slide around.
The DACRON brand premium polyester with memory technology actually adjusts to your preferred sleeping position. I've found these pillows to be extremely comfortable, whether I'm sleeping on my back, my side, or my stomach.
These Fieldcrest Luxury Pillows are easy on pressure points, without the high expense of down pillows. The DACRON Memory Fiber down alternative fiberfill also retains less heat than down pillows, so it's a great night's sleep. I love my new Fieldcrest Luxury Pillows!
The Fieldcrest Luxury Pillow with DACRON Memory Fiber Down Alternative Fiberfill is available exclusively at Target and www.target.com. Want to win one of these wonderful pillows? Just enter below for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends on 1/5/2015. One winner will receive one pillow. Good luck!

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Pantone's Color of the Year: Marsala - Kohl's $50 GC Giveaway

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I am gushing over the 2015 Color of the Year! Pantone, the leading authority in color, today announced its rich, captivating 2015 Color of the Year - Marsala. Described as a “naturally earthy and robust wine red” by Pantone, this deep red-brown hue will be the must-have color in fashion, beauty and home decor in the coming year. Of course, Kohl's is the place to go for finding the products that will infuse the color Marsala into your home!
Check out this gorgeous Noritake Colorwave 4-pc. Place Setting from Kohl's. Made of durable stoneware construction, this set features a deep red matte exterior and rim, and a glossy cream-colored glaze on the inside. The set includes an 11-in. dinner plate, an 8 1/4-in. salad plate, a cereal bowl, and a mug. The pieces are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and even oven-safe!
Since each place setting is sold individually, you can use the gift cards and cash you got for Christmas to buy exactly how many place settings you need. This set is even beautiful enough to use as home decor pieces for your holiday parties and into the new year. How will you infuse Marsala, the color of the year into your home for 2015?
Visit www.kohls.com or your local Kohl's store to fill your home with the warm color of Marsala. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, then enter below to win a $50 gift card to Kohl's.
Enter to win a $50 Kohl's Gift Card
to celebrate the color Marsala!
To enter, just fill in the contest form below. Giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 and older. One winner will receive a $50 Kohl's Gift Card. Giveaway ends on January 5, 2015. Good luck!

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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!
                                                               ~ Lisa Weidknecht


Gold Elements D'Or Facial Cream - Review #beauty

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Dry winter skin gets the "Midas touch" with D'Or Facial Cream from Gold Elements. This amazing facial cream is made from pure 24k gold leaves, which provides several astounding benefits for the skin:
  • Quickening cell renewal for a radiant glow
  • Increasing the oxygen and blood flow of the skin
  • Boosting collagen and elastin production that assists in firming and tightening the skin
D'Or Facial Cream is a very rich cream and it smooths on very nicely. It has a very light, clean scent and it absorbs quickly into my skin. It conditions and rebalances my skin, leaving my face feeling amazingly soft without a greasy feeling. This time of year, I'm usually fighting very dry, itchy skin between the dry, heated air indoors and the cold windy weather outdoors, but D'Or Facial Cream gives me smooth, healthy skin. Its gentle formula makes it perfect for my sensitive skin too. I've also been using it on my hands because the back of my hands get very dry in winter, and this cream makes a big difference. I love it and definitely recommend it!
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Giveaway! CarPET Scratch Stopper

Disclosure: This was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and CarPET Scratch Stopper.
Soft kitty. Warm kitty. Very mischeivious kitty! It's so nice to have a purring kitty sitting in your lap, but sometimes cats are destructive and their little claws can damage carpets, especially in doorways where the carpet edge sits. I've had several destructive cats over the years and I'm excited that there is finally a carpet-saving solution that works! The CarPET Scratch Stopper is designed to keep your cats from tearing up the carpet in your doorways. It's an easy fix that stops the problem immediately. The CarPET Scratch Stopper simply lays over the carpet in a doorway, preventing cats from being able to get their claws into the carpeting, even when they're digging under the doorway looking for you. My cats always did this especially when I went into the bathroom. They are so curious and want to be wherever their people are at! 

This affordable solution allows you to protect the thousands of dollars of home investment you spent in your flooring. It will fit any standard size doorway, including 28-inch, 30-inch, and 32-inch. Find out how to measure your door HERE. To install it, all you have to do is place it over the carpeting in your doorway. The durable CarPet Scratch Stopper is maintenance-free and will last for years. It even comes with a 5-year warranty and it's guaranteed to work or you get your money back! Buy your CarPET Scratch Stopper HERE! Check out this video and then enter below to win a patent-pending CarPET Scratch Stopper!

Win a CarPET Scratch Stopper!
To enter, fill in the contest form below. Open to US residents, ages 18 and older. One winner may choose from 28", 30" or 32" CarPET Scratch Stopper. Giveaway ends on 1/5/2015. Good luck!

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6 Situations Where You Can Lose Your Ability to Hear

When many people think of hearing loss, they have visions of old age. The truth of the matter is hearing loss can happen regardless of your age group. In today's society, there is an increasing number of ways that you can damage the inner working of your ear without realizing. Your activities can directly affect your senses and you could damage yourself beyond repair and conventional healing. What situations could put your ability to listen in jeopardy?

Video Games

Millions of gamers around the globe adorn their headsets before leaping into player-versus-player combat. Unfortunately, many of them turn the volume up to levels beyond what is absolutely needed. Since many of these players are glued to monitors and televisions for several hours per day, they could be surpassing tolerance levels. According to DangerousDecibels.org, exposure time to loud noises is less tolerable as the volume increases.

Car Stereo Systems

A lot of drivers on the road believe that "booming the bass" is a sign of prestige. Unfortunately, it may also become a sign of direct eardrum damage. Many of these individuals listen to music far beyond 100 decibels, which can only be sustained for mere minutes without risking permanent damage.

Water Skiing

Although it may seem like an unrelated sport, water skiing has the capacity to render a person deaf within one or both ears. Speed may play a factor as the water skier loses control. WHen he or she falls of skis or marine vehicles, there is a risk of water traveling down the ear canal at incredible speeds. Since the inner workings of the ear are fragile, this could cause tears and ruptures causing permanent damage.

Movie Theaters

A good sound system provides a great deal of quality in the movie theater. However, a miscalibration in the stereo equipment could subject the patrons to prolonged exposure of intense sounds. As most movies are between 1.5 and two hours long, The decibel level has to remain below 90 decibels in order to benefit moviegoers. According to Miracle-Ear, many movie theaters are installing closed-captioning alternatives for the hearing impaired. This allows the experience to be enjoyed without cranking the volume higher.

Smartphone Volume

Talking and using the smartphone as your mp3 player is a common feature of many devices. However, the headset jack could provide sounds that are greater than what the eardrum can resist. Some devices will advise against turning the system up to maximum levels as the decibels could reach damaging levels. Jogging while using a headset plugged into your smartphone should be enough to hear, not drown out the ambient circumstances.

Home-theater Sound Bar

Sound bars connected to your television can produce near movie-theater-quality audio. However, it could also be turned up too loud when viewing anticipated movies with the family. In this situation, you may be risking the hearing of your children as well as yourself.

Human tolerance for sounds can reach above 165 decibels providing the sound only lasts for a fraction of a second. By subjecting yourself to louder noises, you're causing direct damage to your inner ear decreasing it's capabilities. You may think that some of your activities can get you attention or are cool to listen to loudly, but it will increase your risk of deafness over time. Take responsibility for your health and listen to sounds responsibly.