Week Five - Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop - (6/5)

Week Five - Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop - (6/5)

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Giveaway - Snorg Tees


Every time I go on a trip, I have to buy a t-shirt. Some of my favorite shirts are from Vegas, Washington, and Florida from trips I took in recent years. I wear them all the time, both for work and play. Well, I guess since I work with kids, that is work and play. When Snorg Tees invited me to choose a shirt to review for you, I knew which one I wanted immediately.
Finally, a t-shirt I can wear to church! This shirt is so soft and comfortable. I've already put it through the washer and dryer, and the quality of the shirt is excellent. Snorg Tees uses mostly their own designs, but welcomes your ideas too. Their customer service rocks!
Some Snorg Tees will make you grin.
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Snorg Tees is going to let one lucky reader choose a t-shirt for FREE! I'll take entries until 6/13/2011 at midnight, then let random.org pick my winner. Complete a task, leave a comment, earn an entry. Easy as that.
One task = One comment = One entry. 
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Be sure to buy Dad a Snorg Tee for Father's Day!
Disclosure: I was provided one t-shirt at no charge from the sponsor for this review. Opinion is truly mine.

Disciplining Children in Public

I am so proud to say this post is featured content on Skinny Scoop. 

My husband and I were at Home Depot this morning, standing in the checkout line behind a mom who was there with her children. The boy looked to be about 8 years old, his sister maybe 5, a baby in a stroller, and one "bun in mom's oven." The boy was obviously in a rotten mood and trying very hard to cause his mother grief. As she pushed the stroller up in line, and pulled her full shopping cart with the other hand, the boy yelled at her, "Don't do that Mom!" She didn't say anything to him at all.

She spotted the plant I was buying and asked me about it, so we started chatting. It was her turn to check out and her two older kids went up near the baby's stroller while the mom and I were talking. My husband interrupted our conversation with "Your kids are shaking your baby." She rushed over to gently push the kids away and check the baby, and the boy got ugly with her. He tried to push her and she grabbed him firmly (not meanly) by the arm and tried to move him near the shopping cart. He yanked his arm away from her, making nasty faces at her, and arguing back. I could see the hairs rising on the back of my husband's neck.

I watched as the boy kept trying to hit her, as she was trying to pay the cashier for her flowers and dirt. She unknowingly dodged his fist as I glanced at my husband, whose forehead vein was beginning to throb visibly. I really felt sorry for this mom. She had much more on her plate than she could handle. I'm pretty good about not stepping into other people's business, so I didn't do anything more than glare at the boy. She managed finally to get moving out towards the parking lot, pushing the stroller, dragging the cart, and mostly ignoring the boy and girl who followed along.

I joked to the cashier as we got up to the register, "Wow, that's great birth control, huh?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, I have an 8 month old and he will never act like that." I chuckled at that and said to him, "You know, I've learned that as a parent, you can do everything right, but you really can't ever control how your kids are going to act." My husband piped up with, "Yeah, but you can make sure they know not to ever do that again." I agree with him that doing nothing to teach the child how to act properly is the wrong action.

It seems like in the past 20 years or so, many parents have just stopped disciplining their children in public, although perhaps they don't discipline at home either. There are probably several reasons for the decline in public parental discipline, one of which is fear of accusations of abusing their children. People can be really quick to make a judgement and report parents to police or to children's protective services when it's really just the parent trying to teach their child. There is a big wave of people who are against spanking children at all, citing concerns about damage to the child's self esteem, or sometimes just a general feeling that teaching a child not to hit by hitting them just doesn't make sense.

In answer to the question likely forming in your mind, yes I do believe there are times when spanking a child on the bottom is the appropriate discipline. I also believe it should come with clear instructions for the child about why they are getting the spanking, and an explanation provided about the appropriate behavior that will be expected from the child going forward in similar situations. I don't believe parents should just smack a kid and expect that to fix everything.

Parenting takes time, work, consistency and lots of talking. Parenting can wear anybody out. Parenting is difficult and there are no guarantees about anything. You can raise a child in the best of homes, teach them manners, discipline them appropriately for their misbehavior, provide them everything they need (and a good balance of the things they want), take them to church, send them to good schools, pat yourself on the back for doing a great job, and then later discover your teenager is doing drugs, skipping school, sneaking out, having sex, starting fights, you name it. Children are their own people. Truly the only person whose behavior I am responsible for is my own. Certainly I can be held accountable for something my child does illegally, but ultimately that child chooses their own behavior.

It is my job as the parent to lead, guide, teach, discipline, and love my children. Most parents question their style of parenting at some point, but I really believe most of us are doing the best we can. My  background includes extensive education on child development and many years of experience working with children, but there were many days I threw my hands up in total frustration about my own kids. I recall one day driving over to my church, throwing myself on the altar steps and sobbing hysterically at God's feet for an hour, because I was so upset at one of my teenagers.

Okay, so back to the mom at Home Depot. My husband mumbled something to me about the boy becoming a future sociopath, which made me giggle because I think he watches way too much Law & Order on television. I wondered where her husband was on this glorious morning. That mom really could have used an extra pair of adult hands to help her. She seemed really embarrassed by the whole situation, unsure of how to deal with that boy in public, and frustrated at everything that was going on. Since she was also pregnant and the temperature in the garden area was about 95 degrees, I'm sure that didn't help balance her hormones at all.

Every situation is different and every child is different. Although there are lots of books written on parenting, I have yet to find one that offers any guaranteed child-rearing methods. They are all based on theories and theories constantly change. I sure hope that mom finds some peace today. I did send up a prayer of silent thanks that I wasn't the mom dealing with kids who were acting up in Home Depot today.

Winner Announcement

The winner of the Bacon Hot Sauce giveaway is
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Thank you to everyone who participated.
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It's Time for a Blog Hop Bonanza!

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That +1 Button

What is that new +1 Button on the Share Bar?

“+1” is often used as a digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool.” It’s also a way for friends, contacts, and the rest of the world to find great things on Google search. Google launched the +1 button back in March as a way to help share web content and make search more personal and relevant. (Blogger Buzz)

I see this as the Google version of like the button you click on someone's Facebook comment when you like what they have to say. The +1 Button can now be found on blogspot blogs using the share bar. Not only is it a quick way to like what the blogger has to say, it helps fine-tune future searches for yourself and others. So, I'm encouraging all my readers to feel free to hit that +1 Button anywhere on my blog. In fact, give it a try now by finding your favorite post on Planet Weidknecht and +1 me!


Giveaway - $25 Sears Gift Card

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Anyone ready for another gift card giveaway?
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I purchased a $25 Sears Gift Card for one lucky winner!
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This Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

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Review: Five Finger Tees

I spend eleven hours with half a dozen preschoolers every day, singing to them, dancing with them, supervising a myriad of art creations, changing diapers, cooking meals, and sitting on the floor reading to them. Being comfortable in my clothes is a big deal to me. I spend most of my work time in t-shirts with jeans or shorts. FiveFingerTees.com let me choose a shirt to review for you! I chose this awesome "Respect Your Mother" t-shirt since I have teenagers (hahaha).

Five Finger Tees got everything right, let me tell you. This family-owned business takes care of you. Their t-shirts (for both men and women) are of excellent quality material, their screen printing is superior, their shipping is lightning fast (and free for orders over $50), and their t-shirts are only $9.99 each (which is a steal in this economy)! I spent about half an hour looking over the hilarious slogans available for their shirts, laughing so loudly that I actually woke up the kids from their nap! Here's a few I really liked:
I love my comfy, high quality Five Finger Tee and I know you will too! I've already put it through the laundry and it came out looking brand new. Go over and like their Facebook page today, because I saw they are offering a FREE T-SHIRT to a random Facebook fan! You can also add them on Twitter. Thank you to Five Finger Tees for an affordable t-shirt at a great price!
Disclosure: I received a t-shirt at no charge. Opinions are truly mine.

Winner Announcements

GoodOnYa Bars Giveaway
#32 - Hannah Avery

Crunchy N Yummy Giveaway
#36 - Lauren Chan

$25 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway
#314 - Ardy22

Thank you to everyone who entered!
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Scored with Propel by Pepsi Cola Co.

UPS just dropped off a sweet gift pack for me
with a note that says, "Thank you for posting details about the Propel
"Your Body Will Thank You" Blogger Sweepstakes, sponsored by
Pepsi Cola Company."
 I got a t-shirt, a bag, two bottles of Propel and
coupons for three more bottles of Propel. SCORE!

Last Day to Enter

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Want to Hop on Wednesday?

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Tuesday Was a Great Mail Sweep

I received a big bag of Chex Mix Muddy Buddies as a freebie (I'll let you know what I think of them). I received three prizes previously won, a newly released PS3 game (that I'll probably give away to a lucky reader since I don't own a PS3), an envelope full of candies (that my teenagers will probably eat), and a Lady Gaga Pray for Japan rubber bracelet (that will be added to the daycare dress-up closet). I also received two packages that have items inside for me to review for you!

My Buddy

This is Buddy. When he was just 3 years old, I saw an ad placed on Craigslist by some young girl trying to unload her dog. I talked my husband into going to see him. My husband tells me he had no intention of bringing home a dog. When we arrived to see Buddy, the poor thing was starving at just 50 pounds and the owner told us she only fed him 2 ounces of food each day. My husband was not going to leave Buddy there, so into our truck he went. He sat up so regal and polite the entire ride home. (I knew before we got there that I wanted to bring him home.)
He is a fantastic dog. I fattened him up to a healthy 85 pounds and spoiled him with love and attention. He follows me everywhere. He is very sweet to me, but very protective and growls at my teenage boys if they get too rowdy around me. After dinner every night, he sits near me with his ears all perked up, waiting to hear me say, "Wanna go for a walk?" and his loyalty to walking helps me stay on track to exercise regularly. He is an awesome walker too, always walking on my direct left, following left and right turns with just a small movement of the leash in that direction.
We are pretty sure he was abused as a puppy, even other than the lack of feedings. He can be kind of skittish and prefers females over males. He is generally very calm and just likes to lay around most of the day, preferring his kennel to being handled by all the daycare kids that come daily to our house. But whenever we go outside to play, he goes out with us and sits in the dog run as close as he can get to me. When daycare is done for the day, he is almost always laying at my feet.
He even helps us conserve water by pre-rinsing all our dinner dishes before they go in the dishwasher. He is a very smart dog and knows lots of commands and words of communication. He never gets on the furniture and only barks when he feels he needs to sound the alarm for us. I am so fortunate to have Buddy in my life. He is a wonderful pet and fits perfectly into our family.

Hopping Tuesday

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Giveaway Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce


My husband makes awesome steaks on the grill. I could never be a vegetarian, although I do love to eat vegetables too. Country Bob's sent me some of their All Purpose Sauce to try, so my husband picked out two beautiful steaks to make us a romantic dinner for two.
He tenderized the steaks with a fork, smothered them with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, topped them with a red onion slice and fired up the grill for our dinner. Isn't he handsome?
Doesn't that look delicious? The dog was pacing outside the pool area where we keep the grill, obviously smelling our fabulous steaks grilling. Actually I think the neighbor was doing the same thing on the other side of the privacy fence, but I can't be sure.
While my dear husband was supervising the steaks, I prepared some spanish rice and salad, and set a romantic table setting with a candle and some wine. (None of our kids were around, except the dog.)
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce was a perfect sauce to use! It was delicious and unique, and both my husband and I give our stamp of approval. It was so good that I poured some more sauce on my plate to dip my steak. There wasn't any steak left for the dog this time, but I did let him pre-rinse my plate before I put it in the dishwasher. I can't wait to try the All Purpose Sauce as a fish marinade and a meatloaf sauce (and french fries when I'm feeling naughty).


Country Bob's is going to give TWO lucky readers of mine their very own bottle of All Purpose Sauce! For each task below that you complete, please leave a separate comment. I will accept entries until midnight on June 12, then let Random.org choose the winners. Giveaway open to U.S. residents. Sauce will be mailed to winners by sponsor.
  • Visit Country Bob's website and tell me something you learned there. (1 entry)
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Good luck and happy grilling!
Disclosure: I was provided a product to try for this review. Opinions are truthfully ours.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day

I give my thanks to all those who have given their service and their life for my freedom. 
Have a blessed Memorial Day!

Planning a Storm Shelter

With all the recent storms across the U.S. this spring, my husband has been contemplating building a storm shelter. Our house doesn't have a central room downstairs so he is going to build a steel-framed storm room under our staircase. The stairs are in the middle of the house and the space underneath is just wasted space anyway. He always has such wonderful ideas and he can build anything. He'll have to cut an entrance in the wall and install the steel, but I have faith he will do it in a way that only raises the value of our house. Since I have a home daycare, I told him it needs to be big enough for our family plus at least ten preschoolers to ride out a bad storm. Apparently he was awakened by a bad dream a few nights ago and ended up downstairs with a tape measure, planning out the storm room. I asked him to give me notice when he's going to start, so I can chronicle the process for my readers.

Nothing to Do Today?

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Giveaways Ending Today and Tomorrow

Be sure to stop by and enter the giveaways posted on my blog! Several are ending today and tomorrow. If you have a blog giveaway to offer, please add your link on our list.

More Prizes Have Arrived

I sure love winning things! I received these two items on Saturday. A nightie from Victoria's Secret and a bra from Playtex. The nightie was from a $25 Gift Card I won from Giving It Away. The bra came from the Playtex Fit Fridays sweepstakes on Facebook. Both links still have active giveaways going on, so get on over there and win something for yourself. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!