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Revenge - This Fall on ABC

I just watched a sneak preview of "Revenge," a new show coming to ABC this fall. What a great story line and the characters are amazing! I only got to see the first episode and now I have to wait all summer before I can see the next one. The setting is on a fabulous beach where some very wealthy people live. The characters all have lots of secrets. And just wait until you meet the main character! I'm sure you won't want to miss this one. It's a whole new mysterious twist on drama. "Revenge" is definitely not about forgiveness.

I am so addicted to this game!!!

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Kermit was Wrong, It's EASY Being Green

As a home daycare provider, I admit I use a lot of paper products. You would not believe the amount of toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, tissues, and drawing paper that gets used in a single week here. It can be a challenge for me to "be green" but I believe if everyone takes small steps, together we can all make a difference. One of the many lessons I try to instill in my preschoolers is to be aware of ways to help the earth. We always turn off lights when we leave a room. We always use both sides of our coloring papers. We always use just one paper towel to dry our hands.

I was looking for some online lesson plans one afternoon and found Marcal Small Steps. They have an entire section dedicated to learning about small steps to improve the earth and save trees. The website has some great tools on it for teachers, parents, and kids. There are even four different lesson plans to download and use with students. My daycare kids and I used the elementary school lesson plan (with a few adjustments) to learn about trees and recycling.

Marcal Small Steps has many ways for us all to take "a small, easy step towards a greener earth." They manufacture many of the paper products that households and businesses use every day, but their earth-friendly products are 100% premium recycled. Okay, I admit I was skeptical about the quality. Maybe you remember my recent post about brand loyalty? How even a great coupon couldn't drag me away? Well, I received a sampler package from the company to try their paper towels and toilet paper.
I can honestly say that Marcal Small Steps toilet paper is of the same quality and softness as the Charmin Strong that I always buy. The only difference is Charmin does not have cute little hearts embossed onto their toilet paper. The Marcal Small Steps paper towel is excellent as well. The only advantage I see that Bounty has over Marcal Small Steps paper towels is the select-a-size option, which allows me to use half a sheet of paper towel. After each meal and snack, each preschooler gets a wet, half sheet to use as a "wipey" to clean their hands and face. The half sheet size is perfect for their little hands. The ones we used for meals today, I cut in half for the kids.

I am impressed with Marcal Small Steps and recommend you check out their website and their products. In addition to their fabulous website, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge to review. My opinions are true and are mine.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com Giveaway and Review


Today my teenage son said to me, "Mom, I really like your hobbies." What he really meant was he loved the food in the gourmet gift basket that I received to review for you. The delivery man rang my doorbell yesterday afternoon (in the middle of the daycare kids' naptime, of course) and handed me a big box from GourmetGiftBaskets.com.
It even came with a card that had a personalized message to me on it. I knew the daycare kids would want whatever was in the box, so I hid it in the kitchen until they were gone. Yeah, I felt slightly guilty, but preschoolers really don't appreciate what gourmet means.
I liked the printed message on the inside of the box flap. It was a nice touch. Lots of air-filled plastic surrounded the top of the basket, holding it in place. I removed the plastic and was pleasantly surprised to see an assembled gift basket inside. Other gift baskets I've received in the mail don't look anything like the pictures in the catalogs or on their websites. They usually come packed as individual items.
I took it out of the box by the string bow, which was made from several strands of a colored twine. It was certainly presented well. Isn't it pretty? Looks like a great gift!
I set it on the table, slid the bow off to one side and snipped through the wrapping plastic with a pair of scissors so I could sort through it all. Everything was tacked together with tiny little sticky dots to keep the products in place and the dots came right off. My mouth was already watering looking at all of the products in the Snack Basket.
The website description lists these as the contents: raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, gourmet dipping pretzels, key lime white chocolate chip cookies, almond pecan crunch, peanuts, trail mix, buttered pecan crunch, peanut roll, organic coconut bar and cheese biscuits. That's exactly what I got.
I decided a "tasting party" was in order. My two teenage boys and my husband thought that was a fabulous idea. I made myself a sampler plate with a bit of everything. The guys loaded up their plates, their faces, and their stomachs. There wasn't anything in the basket that we didn't like! You know you wanted to see pictures of them eating, right?
The snacks were absolutely delicious. Everything was fresh and well packaged. We all decided the gourmet peanut roll was our favorite item (I shared a fourth of it with everyone. Aren't they lucky?). I also really, really, really liked the raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip.
We (well, mostly they) ate nearly everything in the basket. There is easily enough food in there for a party (as long as you don't invite teenage boys). The snacks definitely qualify as excellent quality gourmet snacks. The basket is cute enough to keep for decoration too!
My husband took the remainder of the trail mix and peanuts to work in a plastic baggie. He said it'll be a great power snack. One of my sons has laid claim to the rest of the buttered peanut crunch. I think there are a couple of the key lime white chocolate cookies in there, but if my other son sees them, I won't get to have another one.

I was browsing their website and there is certainly something for every taste and every budget. It's a fabulous place to shop for gifts for anyone. Their customer service is responsive and helpful too. Overall, it's been an outstanding experience with a superior product!

Would you like one of these delicious Classic Snack Baskets (Item 4051, value $59.99) from GourmetGiftBaskets.com? Of course you do! I will gather entries until midnight on June 30, 2011, then let random.org select the winning comment. I'll email you if you are the lucky winner, so make sure I have your contact information in your comment. Good luck!

First, the Mandatory Entry:

Then, the Bonus Entries:
  • Visit the website at GourmetGiftBaskets.com, then leave me a comment below telling me which other item of theirs you like.
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Many thanks to GourmetGiftBaskets.com for asking me to review their products and for sponsoring this generous giveaway! This company has my recommendation!
Disclosure: To review this product, I received a gift basket at no charge. Opinions are truly mine!

    Twitter Stubborn

    I am proud to say this post is featured at www.skinnyscoop.com

    Everyone keeps asking me about a Twitter account. I don't have one. I don't want one. I won't get one. Guess you can call me a Twit. I love my blog so I can write to my heart's content. And I "like" Facebook so I can keep in touch with friends and family and fans, but I'm truly avoiding everything else. To me, it just seems repetitive. I say what I want on my blog, then share on Facebook. Sometimes I even struggle with what to write on just those two types of media. I'm guessing that many of the people who choose to follow a blog, also follow on Facebook, and would also follow on Twitter (and Stumble, and Slideshare, and YouTube, and Digg). Isn't it mostly just the same stuff over and over? Just one big media cluster$*@%!

    There are all kinds of social media to choose from and I'm sticking with the two I have now, Blogger and Facebook. I'm more than happy to share a company's Twitter links on my blog for sponsored reviews and giveaways, but it's just not for me. It sure is frustrating to me though when a Twitter Tweet is required as the mandatory entry for a contest, because that means I can't enter that one. Yep, I'm Twitter Stubborn and I'm going to stay that way!

    I Got Free Samples This Week!

    My mail was filled with freebies this week. I got two samples of Miracle Whip, a free ink pen, a tiny calendar, address labels, and a coupon for a free dinner with purchase of a dinner. What did you get? Nothing? Well, sign up, quick so you can get freebies too!

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    Friday Hopping is On - Let's Go!

    Stalk Hop FridayA Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

    I Won Business Stationary for my Blog

    Look at this! First, I won 50 Free Cards from a Tales from the Nursery blog giveaway.

    Then a few days later, I won 100 Postcards from a giveaway on the Someday I'll Learn blog.

    Free Reading Games for Kids

    I am so excited about this website. It will be great for helping my older preschoolers learning to read, since it's for ages 4-7 years old. I have several who are already sounding out words and I can hardly wait for them to wake up from nap so I can show them! Well, okay, I can wait, but can you tell I'm excited about it?

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    Change Your Outlook

    If you are at home all day long and you feel stuck in a rut, here are some great ways to change your outlook:
    • Move the furniture around.
    • Switch all the throw pillows to different rooms.
    • Lightly spray your favorite perfume on your husband's pillowcase.
    • Hand-write a love note and put it under his pillow.
    • Pick some flowers from your yard and put them in a cup of water on the windowsill.
    • Turn on some music that you seldom listen to and dance.
    • Tie a bow around any animal statues in your yard.
    • Paint your toenails with an unexpected color and go barefoot.
    • Open the curtains that are almost always closed.
    • Have a backyard picnic.
    • If it's raining, have a picnic on the family room floor.
    • Invite a neighbor over for coffee. 

    Home Scan is Back!

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    Hop Around on Thursday

    Some great Thursday hops...

    PhotobucketBassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog HopIt's Almost Friday

    This Offer Expires Tomorrow

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    Mickey Mouse is waiting for You

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    UPrinting Giveaway - Design Your Own Stickers

    This contest is now closed to entries. Thank you!

    Who doesn't love stickers? It's a fun way to tell a child "good job!" It's a creative way to say "I made this box of holiday goodies for you!" It's a fast way to let your customers know "I've improved this product!" It's a smart way to label your child's school supplies, camp items, or daycare extras. It's an easy way to stick your message out there (haha, get it?) and UPrinting is going to let you do it for FREE!

    UPrinting.com is not just another print shop. It's like an online art studio where you can use their 100% downloadable templates to design your own labels, stickers, door hangers, calendars, greeting cards, newsletters, postcards and so much more. Still thinking of those FREE stickers I mentioned? They offer fabulous roll stickers and standard stickers that you can design on their standard label templates. One lucky winner will get to design and receive 250 stickers, 2" x 3.5", 70 lb. label matte, front only printing, with a 4 day business turnaround. Winner must be at least 18 and a US resident.

    Ready to enter for those FREE stickers? Okay, let's do it! You can get up to four entries!
    1. Leave me a comment if you "Like" UPrinting on Facebook.
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    How easy is that? You can enter until midnight on Monday, June 27, 2011 and I will let random.org choose who is going to get those 250 FREE stickers! Maybe it'll be YOU.

    Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive stickers; for hosting. Check out standard label templates on UPrinting.com.

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    Sweet Puppies

    Isn't he adorable?

    One daily click at The Animal Rescue Site will help feed him.
    It won't cost you a single penny.

    The Big Blog Hop Library


    CellFire Coupons

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    Link It All Up!

    New hops are awesome. Meet new people, read new blogs, find new businesses, enter new giveaways. Here's one a friend sent to me...

    Spring Cleaning in Summer

    Spring Cleaning is finally done! Yes, I know it's the first day of summer, but I finally got around to hiring someone to do it (haha). I'm just too tired to do the deep cleaning after eleven hours of working with the daycare kids every day. Everyone says my house is already clean, but I know when there is dust on the baseboards and how long it's been since I mopped the upstairs bathroom. I have to clean the two daycare rooms every day, plus keep the kitchen and family room clean since they are accessible to my business clients and the upstairs often gets neglected.

    So I called The Cleaning Authority. The owner came out to meet me, see my house and give me a free estimate. I was nervous because I had Merry Maids give me an estimate a couple years ago and I nearly had a heart attack at their quote. The Cleaning Authority owner gave me a very reasonable quote and I decided it was in my family's best interests that I be happy with the way my house looks. So, I invested in my mental health and hired The Cleaning Authority to come twice a month and do all those things I wish I had time to do.

    Two young ladies came to the house this morning, brought everything they needed, cleaned my house top to bottom with 'green' products that are kid-safe and pet-safe, and even took the trash out with them when they left. I am so impressed. And happy. And satisfied. So I wanted to tell YOU so that you can see if there is a Cleaning Authority near you. By the way, on their website you can sign up to win a year of FREE cleaning!

    Earn Extra Money From Home

    I have an opinion on everything. Just ask my husband. I'm that person who will chat up a storm with the telephone surveyor when they just want me to answer yes or no. I'll talk your ear off if you come to my door with a petition to sign. Best of all, I love to fill in surveys, especially since it's a great way to earn money and free products. These are programs that I belong to that are currently accepting new people, so hurry over and sign up today!

    Surprise in my Mail

    It's always a good mail day when an unexpected prize arrives from a sweepstakes. Yesterday I received this new t-shirt. I love free stuff! Even more so when it's stuff I can use. Since it has a guitar on it, I figure I will have to wrestle my teenage sons for this one.

    Brand Loyalty

    Here are some of my favorite brands. Even a coupon won't drag me away. What are YOUR favorite brands?