Las Vegas Photo Fun

 This was taken just inside the registration area of the Wynn. There was an entire garden that looked like the background above. It was really pretty. Our sweepstakes win included four days and three nights of fun, food and famous people!
 Here are pics of Johnny and I at the casino in the Wynn Hotel. We won a little bit of money and lost a little bit of money, but we never expect to win anything big. We just set aside "entertainment money" and when it's gone, we're done gambling.
The Wynn lets you drink for free when you're gambling. We wished we'd remembered that earlier on Saturday night because we stopped in one of the bars for a couple drinks and it cost us $68. Then again, I guess the free drinks probably cost a whole lot more when we're throwing all that money in the slot machines! I'm just glad the trip expenses were all paid for by State Farm's sweepstakes. It was a wonderful experience, full of great memories!


  1. Looks and sounds like a fun time :) Happy to hear that - you deserve it! Happy Wednesday!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. Looks like you had a great time. The Wynn is pretty amazing. I haven't stayed there, but I walked around the lobby with my mouth hanging open.

  3. I told Hubs about your winnings. He said that was pretty cool. You have inspired me to pick up my blog giveaway addiction again. Thanks Lisa ;D

  4. Congrats on your sweepstakes win. I've entered many sweepstakes and have won a few, but never a trip. Looks like you had a good time. By the way, you are this week's #3 spot for Keepin' Company Thursdays at my blog, heckofabunch6.com. The post will go up on my blog at 7 am Thursday morning.

  5. You were just a few hours from my home...I bet it was nice and warm there!

  6. Looks like you had a great time!

    Congratulations on winning the trip!


  7. Your trip looks like a lot of fun!


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