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Wednesday night my husband and I ventured out to 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas to attend the Beaujolais and Burgers: A Night of the Perfect Pairing. Amazingly, we got a parking spot right on 6th Street, just a half block from Parkside Austin where the event was happening.
Entering Parkside, we were directed upstairs to the party. It was early evening and sunlight streamed in through the old windows, giving everyone sort of a wispy glow. There were lots of Georges Duboeuf wines to sample, so sample we did and they were all quite delicious!
Pairing up wines and burgers might not seem like a good idea, but these were no ordinary burgers. A huge table was filled with different trays of assorted gourmet burgers and of course we had to try all of those too. Ever had a lamb-burger? Scrumptious!
People-watching is absolutely hysterical at Parkside because Austin is so eccentric and everyone has their own unabashed style. No one was snobbish and everyone chatted with everyone else. I even got to say, "You have a baby! In a bar!"
Everyone who was working at Parkside was friendly and helpful. The hosts and wait staff were on top of their game Wednesday night. The wine poured freely, the burgers kept coming, and even the security guys were nice.
One of the best things about Parkside is that they have a wonderful second-floor, outside patio that overlooks 6th Street. Since this week has been very autumn-like with high temps below 90 degrees, it was an awesome evening to sit outside.
We had a fabulous evening and even got a little gift bag as we left. Inside was a lovely plastic promo cup and some temporary tattoos...it doesn't get any more Austin than that!
A walk up and down Historic 6th Street was definitely in order after Beaujolais and Burgers. It's been a while since we've been downtown and we reminisced about our first lunch date together on 6th Street back in June of 2000. Johnny and I are definitely a Perfect Pairing!
Thanks to Geoff at Tasting Table for sponsoring our wonderful evening.
 Thanks also to eShakti for the beautiful dress I got to wear to the event!


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