Florida Vacation Day Four

This is Little Blue, my mom's house in Florida. They have the best landscaping in the neighborhood! This morning we headed to church at mom's church, then to a breakfast buffet of American food at a Chinese restaurant. 
Back at her house, I took a walk around the neighborhood, mostly to assuage the guilt of everything I ate at breakfast. I took my camera along so I could take some nature photos. 
This moss hangs from many of the trees here in Florida and I think it gives the trees such a weepy look, almost like a willow tree.
I'm so happy I got to come to Florida to visit my mom. It's been about a year since I last saw her and we have had a great time together.
My flight is later this evening, so we'll spend the day relaxing and watching NASCAR.
I'll be cheering for someone mom loves to hate! Go Kyle!

P.S. I really miss my husband. I'll be home soon, Johnny. I love you!


  1. beautiful photos!

    thank you for the follow.
    following your lovely blog right back!

  2. You have beautiful photos! Following you! thanks for comment!

    Light Trigger

  3. Your Mom's house is adorable! I love the landscaping. Your nature pictures are very good. Florida has so many cool plants and critters.


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