Florida Vacation Day Three

Saturday morning, mom and I got up early, ate breakfast, and headed to the Red Barn Flea Market.
We picked up some very nice melons. LOL. The flea market had so many booths that we easily lost track of which aisles we had already gone down. I still don't think we saw everything.
Then we stopped by to see Shirley. She is such a big sweetie. She is my mom's mother-in-law. I wasn't sure she would remember me because she only met me once about two years ago. She is such a sharp lady and she knew immediately who I was, even before she saw my mom with me. 
Then mom and I headed to the indoor mall. It was getting hot and muggy, so the cool air conditioning of the mall felt so good to us. We walked the entire mall, commenting sadly about how empty it seemed of both people and stores. We found this train and since my daycare is All Aboard Daycare, I had to get a photo!
I'm loving the trees and plants here in Florida. The climate is very similar to Texas, but they have different vegetation than we do. I've noticed many different birds here too. No armadillos though! One more vacation day, then back to Texas.


  1. We have lots of Armadillos. Unfortunately you see them dead on the road a lot. We have some in our area because we live in the forest.
    You look like you had a great time!

  2. Wow, you sure look relaxed! Awesome pictures...makes me want to go to Florida next vacation.

  3. Fun post. When I lived in Florida, I loved to get up early and drive along the coast to the flea markets. Lots of neat treasures just waiting to be discovered :) Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
    Bea Jay
    Whole Radish

  4. Oh! there are lots of armadillos in FL. They're sneaky little suckers! Last time I was home my dad had one digging in his yard. Love the moss. It's one of the things that I (strangely) miss the most. So excited I'm going home in 2 weeks! Yay!! thanks for sharing your pics with us. It's so nice to visit with our moms isn't it?
    Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop again!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  5. I love the flea markets here in Florida. Seems they are a lot nicer.

    1. Here is Texas they are mostly junky stuff brought over the Mexican border. Not much in the way of delicious fruit.


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