#HGTV and #SXSW Photos from The Stages on Sixth

Thanks to HGTV for sponsoring my VIP Press Pass into The Stage on Sixth for SXSW. HGTV and PASTE are presenting a lineup of 44 bands. Click HERE for more information on that. They'll still be there today and tomorrow, so get down there and enjoy!
The music venue at The Stage on Sixth, located at 508 E. 6th. St.

This is the long line I didn't have to stand in, thanks to HGTV.

You can connect with HGTV #lovehome on Twitter and Instagram.

The outdoor stage AKA the calm before the storm.

Von Grey opened the inside stage on Thursday.

Von Grey is a group of four sisters from Georgia.

They have a great sound that I really enjoyed.

I wonder if they fight like my three sisters and I did.

Mount Moriah opened the outside stage on Thursday.

Don't miss the HGTV recharging station if your phone battery starts dying!

The outdoor patio at The Stage on Sixth had free beers and free tea.

The range of music styles to hear at SXSW is amazing.

These talented artists all hope to make it big here in Austin.

Don't forget to dress comfortably!

Music venues all over downtown Austin are hosting hundreds of bands and singers.
You can find out more at sxsw.com.

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