Bathroom Renovation DIY Home Improvement Before & After

We moved into our empty nest home in August and every room in the house needs attention. We are working our way through the house with our renovations. We have just finished our guest bathroom remodel and I'm so excited to reveal it to you!

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This is how the guest bathroom looked when we bought the house. This is the realtor photo from the online listing:
Since this is the bathroom that all of our guests will use, I wanted it to be stunning. My husband ripped up all of the linoleum flooring and put down ceramic tile. It was his first tile job ever and he did a fantastic job. 
Since the entire house is only 1200 square feet, we need lots of extra storage. I finally found cabinets that I like to surround the toilet. It's actually three cabinets that my husband modified to look like built-ins. I bought two tower cabinets and one wall cabinet and he attached them together and then to the wall. He added a wood base to the bottom of the towers and I stained them to match.
I also stained the sink cabinet to match the other cabinets. I used Java Gel Stain which is the best stain I've ever used. It's really thick, like a pudding, so it's nearly mess-free. I used two coats of the Java Gel Stain and then two coats of Polyacrylic Satin Topcoat. We also added chrome knobs to the cabinet doors on the sink cabinet.
We moved the toilet paper holder from the side of the sink cabinet to across from the toilet and I chose a butterfly shower curtain. We removed the second shower curtain rod and hung the shower curtain and shower curtain liner on the same loop hooks. I only had one set of the fancy ruffled Ice Blue towels and the bathmat from a review I did, so I bought white towels to set in the tower cabinets. All my cleaning supplies are hiding in the bottom of the tower cabinets.
We replaced the lighting above the sink too. The old one was one of those gold bars with three giant ball lights, but this Wall Sconce features the same chrome as the other fixtures. The beautiful blue paint on the walls is Behr Ice Folly.
I added a few other pretty touches to the bathroom like the faux orchid and some blue items and white items, plus a pink bar of soap and a lavender bath poof to the shower. I am absolutely thrilled with my new bathroom!
I'm still deciding which pictures I want to put on the walls and I'm awaiting shipment of a jar of blue bath salts to go in that third cubby over the toilet, but I wanted to share our remodel now. I think I'll also change the doorknob from gold to chrome so it matches. What do you think of our new bathroom?
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