Guest Room Renovation DIY Home Improvement - Before and After

When we moved into our empty nest home, the room I hated most was the guest room. The previous owners had painted the room in an ocean theme for a nursery. This is the realtor's photo of the room:
It took me one coat of primer and two coats of paint to cover the walls. The blue paint even extended onto the window frame, so I had to paint over that too. We patched holes in the walls and ceiling, then changed out the fan for a ceiling-hugging light fixture. I love how the color turned out in this room. Originally this was the color I bought for the living room, but it was too dark for the living room. The color is Behr Townhouse Tan 330D-6. It's much more gold than tan, but it goes really well with the guest bedding, so I'm happy with it.
We put in a queen size bed and I hung white curtains to let lots of light into the room, even if the curtains are closed. The wall hangings in this room are all sentimental ones, passed down by my dad or purchased for us by our kids. My hope chest sits in the corner of the room and a small desk and chair were added for guests who arrive connected.
I think it's very warm and welcoming! Overall, it was a simple room to renovate, but I'm so glad that ocean mural is gone. Now that it's done, who's coming to visit?
We took an old door and upcycled it to make a headboard. It was an easy one-day project and makes a huge impact! See how we upcycled a door into a headboard.

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