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During my week on the beautiful island of Nevis, my lunch at Sunshine's Beach Bar and Grill was probably the place I had the most fun. Walking up to this colorful restaurant, the word "groovy" came to my mind.
Sunshine himself met us at the door. We were a large group...five out-of-town journalists, Devon and Yvette from the Nevis Tourism Authority, and a chef named Gregory Austin from Barbados who was on Nevis as a guest for the Nevis Mango Fest.
We squeezed in around a table, sitting on couches and chairs under a sea of flags. The walls were covered with license plates from around the world and photos of people who have enjoyed the fun at Sunshine's.
The Killer Bee is a must-have cocktail at Sunshine's. It's his personal recipe of a rum punch and it's absolutely amazing. We also had some garlic bread that's so good it simply melted in my mouth. Here's a picture of the fresh mahi mahi before we ate it:
A few pictures of our mouth-watering lunch:

I love the laid-back atmosphere of Sunshine's! We stuffed ourselves with delicious foods, drank refreshing drinks, talked and laughed, and had a fabulous time.
This is Devon, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Nevis Tourism Authority, and I as we pose for a "nice shot" at Sunshine's.
I also caught a photo of him enjoying his Killer Bee. He's a great guy.
This hilarious guy is Gregory Austin, the guest chef from Barbados. He is truly the life of the party!
After lunch, this huge bottle of bright pink "something or other" was brought out for us to enjoy a few shots.
I had to get in on the fun pictures, but I really only drank the little shot sitting next to the bottle. Okay, maybe two of them.
Getting Gregory to pose nicely for a picture was quite a challenge. I think I look a bit too happy here.
Gregory had us all laughing hysterically. These are only a few of the photos of him enjoying the camera too much!
But we finally got a good shot together. He's an entertaining, wonderful person.
Sunshine's Beach Bar and Grill is a fabulous place to eat, drink, and be merry! Make sure you put it on your list of places that you absolutely must visit while you're on the tropical island of Nevis.

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