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masada israel
Masada National Park is a beautiful mountaintop site overlooking the Dead Sea. There, King Herod built a huge fortress in 30 BC. Its many sprawling buildings across the mountaintop are simply awe-inspiring. Jewish rebels took Masada in 68 AD at the beginning of the Great Revolt against Rome. The Romans surrounded Masada in 72 AD and built army camps at the base of the mountain. When the Romans began their siege in 73 AD, the Jewish rebels killed their families and themselves rather than fall to the Romans. The "lots" the final ten men drew are in the museum. Masada can be ascended on foot by a snake-trail (for the very hearty traveler) or by cable car (which is how I got to the top).
masada national park
Looking up from the cable car station:
masada cable car
One of the Roman army camps at the base of Masada:
masada army camp
The snake trail for those who want to hike up Masada:
masada snake trail
Another Roman army camp:
masada roman army camp
Looking down at the cable car station, from about halfway up:
masada cable car station
Looking across the valley:
masada valley view
Looking out to the Dead Sea:
masada dead sea
Looking down from the top (400 meters above the Dead Sea):
masada king herods fortress
 Looking across the valley:
masada mountaintop fortress
Part of the Northern Palace:
masada northern palace
Buildings on the southern side:
masada southern buildings
More buildings on the southern side:
masada jewish rebels
A wall of the Northern Palace:
masada palace walls
The "waiting room" to get into the Northern Palace:
masada foyer northern palace
The wall inside the "waiting room" (the blue line on the wall indicates that anything below that was still standing, and anything above it was reconstructed by materials at the site).
masada fresco walls
Views from atop Masada:
dead sea israel

dead sea israel

dead sea from masada
Rock terraces, part of the Northern Palace:
northern palace rock terrace
View from the Northern Palace:
masada base camp
Another Roman army camp: (notice the slanted line at the bottom left of the photo - that was a "ramp" constructed by the Romans where the final siege began.)
masada roman army ramp
Me, standing under an original arched hallway in the Northern Palace:
northern palace arched hallway
The next few photos are some of the beautiful mosaic work at the site:
masada mosaic walls

mosaic tile floor

israel tile floor
I just cannot get enough of this gorgeous view!
israel valley dead sea

beautiful dead sea
Masada is a MUST-SEE site when you visit Israel. The story is fascinating and I took many more photos than what I've actually shared here. The views are simply stunning!

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  1. The story is so inspiring.

    1. It gave me goosebumps to be standing in the hallway where the "lots" were found, listening to the story.

  2. OOPS! I don't know if the other comment went through. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! I'm hoping to get to go to Israel some day. Amazing!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I hope you get to go, too. It was incredible!


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