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Waimea Valley is on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It has been home to kings, chiefs, and high priests. It features historical sites, botanical gardens, and a waterfall pool where swimming is allowed.
We rode The Bus from Waikiki to Waimea Valley, taking the scenic route that took us along the eastern and northern shores. Although it was a two and a half hour ride, we enjoyed seeing how the beautiful shoreline changed from beach to beach.
Waimea Valley is a large valley and great care has been taken to make sure it stays beautiful, peaceful, and culturally significant. The mountains tower over the valley and the trees provide a cool canopy over the water and the plants.
Waimea Valley provides a genuine glimpse into Hawaii's past. There are pathways through the valley, with specific zones for plants brought here from around the world, as well as native species. Wear comfortable shoes when you come!
There are several structures in Waimea Valley that were built during the Hawaiian monarchy, including sleeping quarters for both men and women, a cooking structure, and a storage structure. Historical plaques describe the use of each place. It's fascinating!

Waimea Valley is filled with some of the most unique flowers and plants I've ever seen. I took over 100 photos and here are some of my favorites:

My husband has always wanted to swim in a waterfall pool, so we walked all the way to the back of Waimea Valley, up and down many hills, to reach it. It was absolutely stunning! There are changing rooms nearby, and it's a good idea to wear swim shoes since it's a rocky area.
Everyone is required to wear a life-jacket to swim in the falls, and they have them available right there at the pool. My husband got to check off one of his bucket list items and that's him below the waterfall with hands up in the pictures below.

The water was refreshing and cool. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on the entire island. Waimea Valley is a wonderful place to visit! I think we could have spent the entire day there. With the long bus ride, we only gave ourselves about half the day to explore. It's also an affordable option for budget travelers.
We had delicious burgers and fries at the restaurant in Waimea Valley, then walked across the street to Waimea Bay Beach Park to watch the sunset. It's a great beach and even features a huge rock where brave swimmers can jump off into the ocean.
Waimea Bay Beach Park provides a perfect spot to watch the sun set directly into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. I took all three of these sunset photos from the same spot and I was amazed at how the clouds and the height of the sun completely changed the look of the sunset.
Check out the website for Waimea Valley at www.waimeavalley.net. They are open from 9am to 5pm every day of the year, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I highly recommend adding this spot to your travel plans. It's an especially great site to visit with kids.
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  1. I would so love to visit there one day!! If you ever need any help over there, just let me know. :) Beautiful pictures.

  2. There is nothing like swimming in a waterfall pool--or standing behind it!! Yes I did that when I was younger somewhere in New York--I have never forgotten that sensation--pure ecstasy. That really looks like a place you would have a very hard time getting me to leave!!

  3. What gorgeous photos! I am loving your travels around Hawaii. It was a good idea to take bus to this spot so you could both look at the scenery.

  4. Hawaii is indeed a beautiful place and I would so love to live there. My bucket list has Hawaii on it and hopefully one day I will get there. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the gorgeous photos.


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