Book: One Dog’s Faith by Tom Baker

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The world is a stressful place. There are worries about family and relationships, finances and debts, jobs and health, and much more. For millions of pet owners, the unconditional love and companionship of dogs offers an escape from daily worries. In the uplifting and inspirational book, One Dog’s Faith: How my dog helped me trust in God and overcome chronic worrying, author Tom Baker explores life and faith from a dog’s perspective. Baker's six-year-old spaniel mix Mango helped Tom Baker understand that his chronic worry was taking a huge toll on his healthy and family life. The book is written mostly from Mango's point of view, with perspectives from Baker at the end of each chapter. In the simplicity of Mango's life as a dog, she helped her human by guiding him toward finding hope and peace by trusting in God and His divine plan. By looking at the world through his dog’s eyes, Baker reveals just how much humans can learn from dogs: how to love, how to live in the moment, and how to discover the glory and grace of God.

This book is a heartwarming story that will ring true for dog lovers everywhere. You'll smile at Mango's antics and relate to the daily stresses that Tom Baker and his family experience. You'll gain some perspective on how your dog sees the world and you. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I read it in one sitting. It reminded me how much I miss my dog Buddy, who has already gone home to be with God. Dogs are much like God in the way they love unconditionally and want to please us. One Dog's Faith would make a wonderful gift idea for anyone who has a love for dogs.

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