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It's so easy to change the look of a room by simply changing out a few of your room's focal points. Not sure where your focal points are in your room? Walk into any room of your home and the first thing that catches your eye is your focal point! If it's a load of unfolded laundry, then it's definitely time for a room refresh.
You can find beautiful and unique pieces at Kathy Kuo Home. Whether your home is French Country, Mid Modern, Eclectic, Industrial, Modern, or even Coastal, you'll find pieces that are absolutely focal point worthy. A large room may have more than one focal point, but don't make your room too busy!
These Kathy Kuo Home items are perfect for just about any decor theme, plus they are all on sale right now! You can shop the site for furniture, lighting, and decor for every room of your home. I love being able to shop by decorating style, but I always check out the sale items first on any site where I'm shopping.
Many people think a focal point has to be HUGE, like a floor to ceiling fireplace, but a focal point only needs to draw attention to itself. The focal point in the front room of my house is an aged canvas world map that hangs on the wall opposite the door. In my kitchen, it's a corner cabinet dating back to the 1920s. The master bedroom is currently undergoing renovation, but my focal point there will be an antique reclaimed window with a chippy paint frame.
The best advice I can give on creating a focal point where there is none, is to not overcrowd the decor item you want people to notice first. I've seen photos of gallery walls so packed full of frames and signs that it almost hurts my eyes to try to look at all of it. Keeping your decor simple helps it have a greater impact. And always shop the sale items first so you can get more for your money!
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