Embossing Rolling Pins for Unique Bakery Treats at Home

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I just found the most beautiful embossing rolling pins! Can you imagine all the wonderfully unique bakery treats you could make with these Embossing Rolling Pins? Mason Jars MakerPlace has all kinds of interesting products that I haven't seen anywhere else!
The Apple rolling pin and the Leaf rolling pin are perfect for your fall cookies and pies! You could even make little embossed tarts in small round tins. Each rolling pin is made in the USA from high quality solid USA-sourced maple hardwood.
The Damask maple rolling pin is so elegant and classy. These rolling pins are so easy to use. Just roll out your dough with your regular rolling pin, then make one single pass across the surface of the dough with the Damask rolling pin and suddenly you've created something that all the high class hotels would want to serve!
I think I will definitely add the Farm Animals rolling pin to my farmhouse kitchen! How fun would it be to make chicken pot pies with this rolling pin? Surprise your family and friends by adding a touch of extra charm to dinner on the farm!
Who doesn't love mason jars? I am so tickled with this Mason Jar rolling pin. It's a fabulous way to let someone know you home-baked their cookies with love. These rolling pins are the PERFECT gift for birthdays, holidays, and hostess gifts!
Of course, you'll also need the Christmas Tree embossing rolling pin for your Christmas cookies this year! Is there such a thing as too many rolling pins? Go check out all the fabulous products at Mason Jars MakerPlace. You'll be delighted at the wide variety of products at great prices!
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