Making Guests Feel Welcome in your Home

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The holidays are coming and it's the time of year when families hit the road to visit relatives and friends. If it's your turn to host for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything on your "to do" list. Here's my list of tips to help you make guests feel welcome in your home.
  • Freshen up all the towels and bedding with a quick wash a week or so before guests arrive. This is a good time to take a quick inventory to make sure you have enough of both for everyone who will be staying with you.
  • Create a little sign for your coffee table with your wifi password so guests can easily log onto your wireless network while they are staying with you. They will appreciate the break from bandwidth fees.
  • Almost everyone I know has a small stash somewhere in their house of trial size soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Gather all of them up and put them in a basket in the guest room.
  • Personalize the guest room with throw pillows and accessories that reflect your guests' favorite sports or animals. For example, my mom loves owls so when she's visiting, the guest room bed looks like the photo above. My mother in law loves butterflies, so when she comes to stay, I make a few quick accessory changes so the guest room looks like the photo below. 
  • Check with guests in advance for food allergies or special food requirements. I also like to have additional food items available in case I inadvertently serve a food that someone dislikes. 
  • Since most of the country will be cold this time of year, having extra throw blankets available near the living room and in the guest rooms is a great idea. Drape your extra blankets over the back of the couch and at the foot of each bed.

  • Provide a luggage rack (or sturdy chair) in the guest room for guests' easy access to their suitcases, or have empty drawers and hangers available for clothing storage during their visit to your home.
  • Stock your fridge with a variety of drinks, including seasonal eggnog, lemonade, sodas, water, milk, and juices. Also make certain you have enough coffee, wine, and liquor on hand, depending on the situation.
  • If your house is small, like mine is, and you're expecting a big crowd, pillows covered with pillow shams make fabulous floor seating for the younger people in the group. 
  • If you are serving a big meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas, prepare as many of the items in advance of your guests' arrival so that you have plenty of time to sit and chat, rather than spending all your time in the kitchen. 
  • Have a few snack items on hand, such as crackers, cheese, fresh fruit, and raw veggies, and maybe even plan a simple food project, like decorating pre-made sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles.
  • Dust off your board games and put them in a visible spot in the living room. Someone is sure to spy their favorite game and suggest a round or two. Visits with family and friends should be filled with joy and relaxation, rather than stress and anxiety! 
Happy Holidays!

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