Warmhearted Children's Book: Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse

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This children's book is the perfect way to teach children about giving from the heart! A warm-hearted homeless woman finds a home in Miss Pinkeltink’s Purse by Patty Brozo and illustrated by Ana Ochoa (from Tilbury Press, ISBN: 978-0884486268; Hardcover $17.95; Ages 4-8). From its humorous opening through its sad midpoint and uplifting end, Miss Pinkeltink’s story shines a light on humanity.
This children's storybook, with children as agents of positive change, reminds us again that communities are best known by their treatment of the disadvantaged among them. "Rosy-cheeked and quite antique, Miss Pinkeltink / carried everything but the kitchen sink. / Her purse was so big that it dragged on the floor. / When she rode on the bus it got stuck in the door." It's a great book to teach children about how different people have differing resources, and that even the poorest among us can be generous. It also teaches that good deeds come back to you tenfold.
Generous and eccentric, Miss Pinkeltink fills her huge purse with everything from a toilet plunger to roller skates, and then gives it all away. "She offers tape to fix a flat tire and a bone to a kitty: Miss Pinkeltink’s gifts never quite hit the mark, / but she gave what she had, and she gave from the heart." And then, with nothing left to give or to shelter herself, she huddles on a park bench, trying to sleep in the rain. And that’s where Zoey sees her from her bedroom window and knows that something must be done. I absolutely love this book and think every child should hear the story!
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