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The Hermitage dates back to 1670, possibly even earlier. It was once a sugar plantation. It's a large property filled with gorgeous trees, flowers, and plants. It's tucked away in the tranquil hills of Mount Nevis. It faces Mount Nevis and the back balcony views the Caribbean sea.
I was welcomed there for the week of the Nevis Mango Fest. My "hotel room" was a wooden cottage called Pasture House, possibly because of the small pasture directly below my balcony where the monkeys would come play at dawn and dusk. As I walked into Pasture House, there was a sitting room filled with charming antique furniture.
There was a sofa, two chairs, and two side tables. There were two large wardrobes, one for hanging clothes and one for linens and folded items. There is a locking safe available in the room as well. There were fresh flowers on the sofa and in a vase. It was impeccably clean and very comfortable.
There is no air conditioning, but the temperature of Nevis doesn't fluctuate much and there are always wonderful sea breezes. There are screened windows on all four sides of the cottage, with shuttered blinds that prop open and closed for either stronger breezes or more privacy. It's beautiful summer weather all year long!
In the corner of the sitting room there is a kitchenette, complete with sink, cooktop, fridge, coffee maker, microwave, and dishes. The little wooden cottage is designed to be a home away from home. Staying at The Hermitage is a truly authentic, charming Caribbean experience.
There is running water, both hot and cold. There is electricity and plenty of outlets. There is wifi available, albeit spotty, but who really cares when you're enjoying a Caribbean island? There is a large bedroom in Pasture House, with a big comfortable bed, side tables, and a desk.
The bed features a canopy of mosquito netting, but in reality I only got about five mosquito bites the entire week I was touring around outside on Nevis and I found no mosquitoes in my cottage. I only saw a couple lazy flies sunning themselves on the balcony and a few ants enjoying a mango outside on the ground.
The back door of the bedroom leads to the balcony. The day I arrived, there were tiny flower petals spelling out the word "welcome" on my bed. Each day that the housekeeper cleaned, she left fresh flowers on my bed and sofa.
The bathroom has a door from both the bedroom and the sitting room. There is a tub/shower combination, a sink, a toilet, a vanity table and two mirrors. The shower water pressure was fantastic. They provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, and plenty of towels.
The balcony is amazing. It features two cushioned wooden chairs and a wood table, an iron dinette set with table and two cushioned chairs, and a hammock. I could see three directions. Facing outward, I could see the pasture below, trees further down the mountain, and the sea in the distance.
To the right and left I could see all kinds of trees, including a cocoa tree, cinnamon tree, mango trees, palm trees, coconut trees. I could see many plants and flowers, including a gorgeous vine that grows up the corner of the balcony, featuring tiny purple flowers. Several times I even saw a hummingbird enjoying the flowers.
The hammock was my favorite spot on the balcony. I enjoyed swinging softly in the trade winds and even fell asleep there a couple of times. I could hear the birds, some of which visiting my corner vine regularly. I could also hear roosters and donkeys, which roam the island.
The Hermitage has several types of rooms available, for different sizes of families. They offer Luxury Cottages, Deluxe Balcony Rooms, Hillside and Garden Rooms, and Private Villas. There is a restaurant at The Hermitage that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even afternoon tea. There's also a wonderful pool just up the hill from my cottage.
The Hermitage food is amazingly delicious. I had breakfast there every morning and ate there on Wednesday night for the weekly family-style Pig Roast. They are well-known for their delicious Rum Punch, which is incredibly tasty (I had several).
Everyone who works at The Hermitage is absolutely wonderful. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. They learn your name and greet you warmly every time they see you. No one is ever rushed and everyone is authentically happy to have you visiting.
You'll find that while the monkeys are largely afraid of people and run when they see you, you'll probably hear them on your roof. They like to climb up and chase each other across the roof, using it as a launch pad into the many mango trees. They love to eat the mangoes. The lizard below kept a watchful eye on me all week on the balcony.
The Hermitage is a fabulous place to stay on Nevis. I would absolutely stay there again. I walked the grounds many times during my week there and took many more photos of the other buildings, the pool, the restaurant, the trees and the flowers. Stay tuned for more of my posts about my journey to the peaceful, beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies!

Want to book a room at The Hermitage? Check out their website HERE.
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  1. Loved all the inside pictures. That is always what I am curious about.

  2. Wow, this looks and sounds like a great place. I love all your photos, Lisa especially the very top one, the place looks so relaxing, a perfect spot to put the feet up!

  3. I want to go here! It looks like paradise

  4. I want to go here! It looks like paradise


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