We Built Our Own Daybed

Disclosure: Sheets provided at no charge by PeachSkinSheets..
Knowing we were having several guests at our house for my son's wedding this past weekend, we started pricing daybeds to add sleeping quarters to my blogging office. The prices were outrageous, so I started looking for daybed building plans online and found one that claimed to cost less than $100 to build. I loved the look of this one, so we purchased all the materials and my talented husband got to work building it.
My husband spent about a week building it while I was out of town. Even though it cost well more than $100 to build, and even though the building instructions were not completely accurate, my husband managed to create an absolutely beautiful daybed with three drawers underneath.
I spent a couple of days staining the daybed with a pecan colored stain, and we purchased a quality twin size mattress to go on top. The under-bed drawers are such a fabulous part of this daybed because I can store away all my blog review products and my office stays nice and neat.
My first choice for sheets on the daybed are PeachSkinSheets. I have their queen size sheet set on my own bed and we simply love them, so a twin size set from PeachSkinSheets.com in Almond/Ivory color for the daybed was exactly what I wanted for the bed my mom would be sleeping upon.
The daybed is the perfect size for the corner of my office and my mom was quite comfortable here. She stowed away all her clothing in one of the drawers and slept soundly on the new daybed. She loved these luxurious, ultra-soft bedsheets as much as I do!
Now I have a cozy corner in my office where I can curl up to read books and we have an extra space for overnight guests. My husband did a wonderful job on the daybed and my talented mom made the pretty pink quilt (in the first photo) for me to put at the foot of the daybed.

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  1. Your husband did a fantastic job! I love how the daybed turned out.


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