mittyz by veyo - Ultimate Gloves for Kids and Toddlers

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Let me start right off by saying there are no better gloves for kids and toddlers than mittyz by veyo! We live in Kansas, so it's about to get super cold here and I'm hoping for mounds and mounds of snow this winter. With two little guys living here, it's a disaster trying to keep any other kind of mitten on their hands, and I certainly don't want them to be cold. These mittyz are the solution!
Putting bulky winter coats, mittens, and hats on kids is not easy. The struggle is real! How can a mitten thumb-hole cause so much frustration trying to get tiny thumbs in? As soon as you get them on, kids get outside and yank them off, leaving parents to battle yet another thumb war in the outside cold. A Utah dad of twins solved this problem with veyo mittyz, which are oversized to easily fit over puffy coat sleeves, are 100% waterproof, keeps hands warm, and come in several cool designs that kids love so they actually want to keep their gloves on!
mittyz have an elastic gauntlet cinch strap to seal out snow and ice, plus a double pull wrist strap for quickly securing the glove on children's hands. They feature a quick release wrist-buckle for easy removal after outdoor play. The integrated thumb pocket makes them easy to put on, plus they are easily reversible for quick drying.
mittyz are fleece lined for warmth and you can wash and dry them in the machine. mittyz are also great for kids with disabilities. As a bonus, they are soft all over so it doesn’t matter where kids wipe their noses. They clip together so you can always find both of them, plus there is a place inside for kids to write their name on them.
Get your kids some mittyz by veyo!

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