Care Packages for College Students

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All American Favorites
College students LOVE care packages! College can be a challenging time. These young people are often leaving home for the first time, sometimes off to an unfamiliar place away from friends and family. Let them know you care and are thinking about them with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Away From Home 101
The Away From Home 101 Gift Basket is such a great idea! So many young college students are trying to become independent, and this gift basket allows parents to "help" a little bit with necessities and some treats. It's so hard to let your new adult go, isn't it?
Boredom Buster Care Package
The Boredom Buster care package is filled with fun and distraction for those days when your college student has had enough of chemistry and trigonometry. It's packed full of games, snacks, puzzles, and much more.
It's Game Time Care Package
It's Game Time is a fabulous care package for your shy college student. Send them one of these and they'll make friends fast! There are enough goodies in this package to schedule a game night that will entertain everyone on your student's dormitory floor.
Keep Hanging In There
The days filled with exams can be exhausting, so motivate your college student to keep on task with the Keep Hanging In There care package. Sometimes just knowing someone is back home rooting for you helps you to refocus and get it done!
Midnight Munchies
A care package is a welcome relief to a college student. They spend countless hours studying, attending lectures, tromping across campus in rain, and sometimes feeling very lonely. Let them know they are on your heart with a care package from Canterberry Gifts!
Study Snacks Care Package

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