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I just LOVE when a steak comes out perfectly! This mouthwatering Beef Chuck Steak is part of my Beef Sampler Pack from FarmFoods. This is our fourth (of ten) amazing steaks from this package and we have not been disappointed yet. In fact, these steaks are so much better than the ones we've had at expensive restaurants, but the entire Beef Sampler Pack costs less than two dinners out and we'll be able to make ten meals from it!
FarmFoods believes consumers should know where their beef comes from and how it is raised. They work closely with just a few American farmers who raise 100% grass fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones. All FarmFoods beef is vacuum sealed and frozen at the height of freshness, then shipped out in dry ice so you can simply open the box and put it all in your freezer.
This recipe is so super easy to prepare and most of your time spent on preparation is simply waiting through the marination period. We marinated the Beef Chuck Steak on a plate (although we had to set the plate in the microwave during marination so our 80 pound dog wouldn't eat it off the counter), but you can also marinate it in a big ziploc baggie.
Teriyaki Beef Chuck Steak

Apply some McCormicks Meat Tenderizer to each side of the FarmFoods Beef Chuck Steak. Then Add 2 tablespoons of Teriyaki sauce to each side of the steak. Let it sit and marinate on a plate for one hour at room temperature. After an hour has passed, turn on one burner of your gas grill and preheat to about 375-400 degrees. Grill the steak for six minutes on the first side, then flip it over and grill for another 3 minutes on the other side. Remove the steak from the grill and let it stand 2 minutes before serving. Serve with colorful fruits and vegetables for an amazing presentation.

This delicious beef chuck steak was so big that it was enough for both of us! 
This holiday season, send a gift of two, four, or more FarmFoods high quality, farm raised beef. Choose from steaks, ground beef, stew meat, hamburger patties, roasts, ribs and more. Fill your own freezer while you're at it. We LOVE FarmFoods steaks and won't ever shop for beef at the grocery store again!
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