New Children's Books to Teach and Delight

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Give your child just a few minutes out of your busy day, to sit down together and read these wonderful new books. By reading to your child, you're teaching them they are valued, that reading is important, and that reading is fun. When you read to your child, you teach them language skills, which will help them learn how to interact with others. Children who listen to adults reading will learn to read faster than children who spend their time watching electronic screens. These three new books will teach and delight your kids!
Love You Too by Alastair Heim and Alisa Coburn is a charming, interactive board book. It features a father and daughter finishing each other's sentences as they move throughout their day. For example: "When I say swing me, You say high. Swing me, high! Swing me, high!" It's fun to read aloud and even more fun when your child chimes in and begins to participate in the story. A wonderful gift for any young child! Get it HERE.
Little Thor Gets Mad by Victoria Watson Nguyen and Pubin Pingk helps children learn to react in positive ways when they are gripped with anger. Rather than destroy things, Little Thor learns to take a breath, think about it, and talk about it. Being strong isn't just about being able to lift heavy things. This board book is a delightful teaching tool for young children! Get it HERE.
The Little Winter Book of Gnomes by Kirsten Sevig is a charming collection of Scandinavian wisdom accented by whimsical illustrations. Children will learn positive values like "The more the merrier" and "You won't always know the song. Sing anyway." There are even some crafts and recipes for holiday favorites like mulled cider and gingerbread. It is a wonderful holiday gift idea for young readers or anyone who loves gnomes. Get it HERE!

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Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook by Kimberly Storm Ritter

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I'm so excited to share this new cookbook with you! Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook by Kimberly Storm Ritter is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you work inside or outside the home the task of cooking dinner can be daunting. With these fantastic tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have more time for making memories around the table at the end of your busy day.
This book is filled with go-to meals for your busy family. Kim’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes, help you plan a complete meal any night of the week. As a bonus, Kim keeps her readers entertained with stories of motherhood full of her own memories and nostalgic traditions from her childhood. Each chapter contains a Farm to Table Fabulous tip for making dinner extra special, from lighting a few candles to dressing like your favorite superhero.
The foreword includes a complete shopping list to help busy moms stock the pantry and freezer with everything needed to prepare a delicious meal without having to make a last-minute trip to the grocery store. In addition, many meals can be prepped ahead of time or even frozen for future use, then quickly reheated for serving.
Overflowing with tasty recipes, there is something in Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook to satisfy every member of your family. Moms might be busy, but there’s no reason that dinner can’t still be fabulous. I love this cookbook, especially all the color photos. It's a great gift idea!
For more information about Busy Moms: A Farm to Table Fabulous Cookbook, visit the publisher’s website at www.GreatAmericanPublishers.com.

Mimmo Caddy - Organize All Your Stuff with Mollie Ollie

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I am often teased about how organized I like to keep things, but I'm also the person who knows where everything is at when no one else can find it. The Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie is one of the most wonderful storage caddies I've ever used. It's just big enough to store tons of stuff, while still being compact enough to fit almost anywhere.
It's made of beautiful colors that complement any decor, and since I love the farmhouse style, the gray and blue fits right into my home. I love the materials Mollie Ollie uses to create their Mimmo Caddy - a 5mm heavy duty felt material for the exterior and smooth, resilient polyester lining that's easy to wipe clean.
Mimmo Caddy measures 14.5” x 9.5” x 7” plus it has two removable dividers. The workmanship is superior, with a reinforced base, enhanced stitching on the handles, and very sturdy construction. I was delighted that it didn't have any chemical smell, so it's safe to use around babies and would make a great diaper storage bin in a baby's room.
You'll find it super simple to store all your stuff, with 8 pockets of various sizes, including a zippered exterior pocket with 5 elastic loops for easy access and smart organization. Mimmo Caddy is also lightweight and the handles are just long enough to make it super comfortable to carry. It's marketed as a diaper caddy, but there are hundreds of ways to use it!
If for some reason you want to store it away, it folds down easily too. I could truly see using the Mimmo Caddy in every room of my home in one way or another. Here are some ways Mollie Ollie suggests you use it: Baby Diaper Organizer, Portable Nursing Station, Road Trip Tote, Car Seat Organizer, Knitting Supplies Basket, Arts and Crafts Bag, Laundry Storage Bin, Essential Oils Tote, Cosmetic and Skincare Storage Bin, Toy Storage Organizer, and Stationary Organizer.
I came up with some great ideas too! I put together a Get Well Soon caddy, with a large size tissue box, a package of baby wipes, and a package of cleaning wipes, for those days when someone isn't feeling well and needs extra loving care and a clean environment. Tuck in a magazine or coloring book, and you've got a great gift for someone who is under the weather.
I also put together a Kid's Quiet Box, to take along on trips to the doctor or dentist, so your child can have their own toys and snacks on hand, rather than play with the germy toys that are often found in waiting rooms. Kids could also use this to keep busy on a rainy day while their younger siblings take a nap. It would also make a great after-school activity bin.
I think my favorite idea is my Painting Caddy. It stores lots of my paints, brushes, and other creative tools all in one space. I would love to have dozens of these Mimmo Caddy organizers all lined up on my pantry shelves to organize different food staple items, health and beauty supplies, household tools, and more! What will YOU put in your Mimmo Caddy?
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Your Grandchildren Will Love This!

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Remember the days of hanging out in Grandma's kitchen, baking cookies and cakes, learning new crafts, and hearing stories of when she was young? These days, we are always on the move, which makes spending quality time with Grandma harder to schedule. Make sure your grandchildren are thinking of you by signing them up for Gramma In A Box!
This delicious subscription box will be delivered monthly to your grandchildren, filled with delicious food crafts that are easy to make and includes all the goodies needed to make three complete sweet treats. The August Gramma In A Box contains a Beach Party theme of Goldfish Bowls, Seashell Pretzels, and Sea Life Cookies.
Moms will be happy that the cookies are already pre-baked, the frosting is already made, and even the toppings are in their own little containers. Everything arrives super fresh and delicious! Gramma In A Box is a great way to spend time with grandchildren who live nearby or far away. Sign up your grandchildren today and they'll get a new box every month!


Ecogear Eco-Friendly Backpacks at Great Prices

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It's time to go back to school and a new backpack is always on the top of students' wish lists. This year, make it a point to get a stylish, eco-friendly backpack. Ecogear is committed to creating bags that have a low impact on the environment. All of their bags are made with Repreve - recycled fiber from plastic bottles.
Ecogear Backpacks are wonderful! They offer interior and exterior pockets galore, with room for everything students need, from kindergarten through a doctorate degree. These backpacks even specially padded pockets that provide protection for laptops. Best of all, these backpacks are offered at an incredibly low price!
The two backpacks I received are the Bighorn 17 (the gray backpack pictured) and the Flash Backpack (the blue backpack pictured). They are impeccably constructed, with careful attention to making sure they are roomy enough to carry everything needed while still providing a lightweight product so students are not weighed down more by the pack.
These two fashionable styles are just some of their line of backpacks, plus Ecogear also offers duffel bags, hip packs, and more. Backpacks are not just for students, though! A backpack is perfect for moms with kids so hands are free while running errands and keeping hold of the kids. Backpacks are used by many professionals in place of the outdated briefcase and teachers love them for their versatility. I always take a backpack when I'm traveling, hiking, and shopping at flea markets and farmer's markets.
At these great prices, you can get a new eco-friendly backpack made from recycled water bottles for everyone in your family. You'll be helping to keep junk out of the landfill while giving your family fabulous backpacks for carrying all their most important things everywhere they go. I am delighted with Ecogear backpacks and highly recommend them!
Order your eco-friendly
today at these great prices!

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Nubian Heritage’s Mango Butter Collection

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My love of mangoes probably began on the Island of Nevis, when I visited there in 2015 for the Nevis Mango Festival. Whether it is blended into a juice or cocktail, chopped for a tropical cobb salad, diced into a delicious salsa, or lathered onto your skin, there are countless ways to enjoy the juicy, summer fruit Mango. I was delighted to discover Nubian Heritage’s Mango Butter Collection, which provides firm, rejuvenated skin ideal for summer, not to mention the tropical fresh scent perfect this time of year. Their products truly smell good enough to eat!
The seed of the mango fruit, first cultivated on the Indian subcontinent and in Eastern Asia more than 4,000 years ago, is revered for its moisturizing benefits. The indigenous people of the tropical rainforest have long used Mango Butter to provide skin a protective moisture barrier against environmental stressors. Rich in carotenoids and antioxidants, Mango Butter provides supple, rejuvenating moisture for the appearance of firmer, healthier looking skin. Nubian Heritage also utilizes Vitamin C in this collection to rejuvenate and firm the skin. These three products that I received are simply wonderful! My skin feels so smooth and soft, plus the wonderful scent lasts a long time.
Nubian Heritage’s Mango Butter Collection of bath and body products is designed for all skin types and includes: Body Wash, Body Lotion, Bar Soap, Hand Cream, Infused Shea Butter, Hand and Body Scrub, Deodorant, and Bath Oil. As with all Nubian Heritage products, the Mango Butter products are cruelty-free, and do not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, petroleum, DEA, synthetic fragrance, or artificial coloring. I absolutely LOVE the Mango Butter Collection and can't wait to try some of the other products.
The Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Collection is available at Vitamin Shoppe stores and online at VitaminShoppe.com.
For more information, please visit NubianHeritage.com.


Electric Motors Catalyst STEM - Tinkering Labs Kit

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Prevent summer brain drain and give your kids a chance to challenge their mind with the Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit from Tinkering Labs. This amazing box of 50 pieces will entertain them all summer long as they create and construct electrical engineering experiments.
The Electric Motors Catalyst Kit comes with tools, safety glasses, idea cards, a booklet, dozens of pieces for tinkering, electric gadgets, and so much more. The kit is designed for ages 8 and above, and allows your child to build and rebuild robotic creations.
As your child works on the challenges, he or she will discover new ways to use the pieces and create their own creations, beyond the idea cards. This amazing kit requires no screen time and no programming, just pure imagination and exploration of invention.
The included booklet is filled with ideas, tips, and tricks to get kids started. It describes, with full color photos, how to use the different pieces in the kit. It's the perfect gift for any child who loves to tinker, take things apart, put things together, and try new ideas.
The Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit even comes with a handy drawstring bag to keep everything together. This kit is like getting an entire subscription box in just one box! Great for both boys and girls, and teachers (and homeschoolers) will love having these in the classroom too.
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Electric Motors Catalyst Kit
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Bedroom Makeover with The Brickyard Collection Luxurious Quilt Set

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I am always amazed at how easy it is to makeover the look of a bedroom with a change as simple as a new bedding set! Southshore Fine Linens is a fabulous place to shop to find just the right look for any decor. I selected The Brickyard Collection, a luxurious quilt set by Vilano Springs in the color Vilano Steel Gray. Their website describes this look as modern but it fits in perfectly with my old-fashioned farmhouse look!
This premium quilt collection features a beautifully detailed brick pattern on the quilt and pillow shams. The Brickyard Collection comes in twin/twin xl, full/queen, and king/california king sizes. It is lightweight yet cozy, soft yet sleek. The Vilano Steel Gray is a true gray, with gray stitching to create the brick pattern.
The two pillow shams fit any standard size pillow and the entire look is simply stunning in my white shiplap bedroom. It's the perfect look whether you go for simple, like my gray/white theme, but you could dress it up easily by adding some throw pillows in robin's egg blue or bright yellow. You could even dress it through the fall by adding a black and white buffalo check throw blanket at the foot of the bed, and take it into the holidays with some themed throw pillows featuring reindeer or snowmen.
The brick stitching is perfect over the entire set. It's just thick enough to appear as a thin "mortar" line, while keeping the quilt filling in place for those times you want to run it through the washer and dryer. I love how my white dust ruffle gives it a more feminine look, but this style is also perfect for a male's bedroom due to the more masculine look of the brick lines.
I am thrilled with The Brickyard Collection quilt set! It is breathable enough through the summer months but will also be cozy warm through the winter. It is extremely well constructed and laid out nicely with no wrinkles straight out of the packaging. It comes in many colors, including black, brown, white, bone, steel gray, dark blue, sky blue, taupe, slate, and steel blue. I highly recommend Southshore Linens for all your bedding needs!
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