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The master bathroom in my "empty nest" home is far from grand, but it's an adequate size for what we need. I do love soaking in the huge garden tub! When we got the keys to our home last August, we soon noticed a funny smell in the bathroom and decided the toilet needed a new seal. We discovered the previous homeowner had actually GLUED the toilet to the floor. There were more problems. The "flooring" was vinyl tile that had been poorly cut into geometric pieces and stuck to the floor in a haphazard way. The previous homeowner had also screwed the wooden curtain rod bar into the wall with three inch screws. The walls were painted with what I would call "baby puke green."
The first order of business was to get the toilet off the floor to replace the seal. Fearful that a crowbar would break the toilet, my husband finally got it loose by using an angle grinder. My husband also peeled up the vinyl tiles and put down a beautiful sand-colored ceramic tile, the same one we used in the main bathroom. I painted the walls with Behr Gobi Desert (710C3) which is a warm tan color.
We removed the tiny shelves above the toilet and I bought two cabinets, then stacked one on top of the other to give us more bathroom storage. We removed the slatted blinds and the screwed in curtain rod and hung one properly with a chocolate brown valance. We also covered the inside of the window with a patterned, stained glass looking film, to let more natural light into the bathroom.
We hung a towel rack below the window, since there wasn't one in the room. I also stained the bathroom sink cabinet with the Java Gel stain that I used in my kitchen renovation and in the main bathroom. We installed hardware on the sink cabinet doors, where before there was none. My husband also replaced the painted metal sink that was rusting with a ceramic sink.
Although I liked the mirror that was hanging above the sink, I didn't like the antiqued gold-ish color of the mirror frame, so I took it down and spray painted it. The old metal shower curtain rod was replaced with a sculpted dark wood rod. We replaced the funky globe dressing room lights with a more contemporary light fixture too.
I have a love of tropical places, so I chose a palm tree theme for the shower curtain and toothbrush holder. I also purchased a little wall hanging of a palm tree and hung it near the bathroom sink. We also installed a wireless LED motion-sensor night light on the inside of the door for late night trips to the bathroom.
I am so glad the master bathroom renovation is done! There were so many little things to do, and a couple of big things, that the completion dragged out for months. Now everything looks nice and new! What do you think of our makeover?
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  1. It looks great! You did a wonderful job!

  2. The room is beautiful! The cabinets really make it stand out and look more modern. We put an offer on a house and it has similar colored cabinets. I'm so hooked because that is the color of the wood in my house growing up and then it went out of style. I'm happy that it's back in style!

    LOL - I can't believe that they glued the toilet to the ground. Glad that you were able to handle that one.

    1. Thank you! I really love the dark wood too. It's such a great contrast with the floors and counter-tops.

  3. Wow - beautiful!! You go - resort bathroom!! Love the cupboard color change!! Need to do that in my kitchen!

  4. oh i love it! LOVE! i wish i were handy enough to do things like this, amazing! :)

  5. I love the new light fixture! I have a bathroom to redo also and I will be looking for one like that!
    [email protected]
    Jennifer Rogers

    1. Thank you! The light fixture is from Home Depot World Imports Model # WI802608 Internet # 203367632 2-Light Chrome Bath Wall Sconce.


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