Roll and Play Toddler Game at Thinkfun

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Children learn through play, so parents should always keep that in mind when choosing their child's toys. As an early childhood specialist, I am delighted to recommend the Roll and Play Toddler Game, available at www.Thinkfun.com! Designed for ages over 18 months, this game is a blast for little ones.
Roll and Play comes with a big, soft, dice-shaped cube that displays six colored sides, plus a stack of 48 activity cards. The game is simple and fun - just roll the cube and select a card with the matching color, and act out the activity shown on the card.
Your child will love this game that teaches colors and counting, gross motor skills, following instructions, and picture/word recognition as they "Roar Like a Lion" or "Giggle and Laugh." Included is parent's guide to help you lead your child through this fun game. The cube even has a secret pocket that stores the cards.
My grandson and I love to play with the Roll and Play Toddler Game! It gets us both moving, having fun together, and making great memories. When we're done playing, my other grandson, who is almost nine months old loves to hug and climb on the cube too. I'll bet there is a child in your life who would love to play too!
Order Roll and Play today for the little ones in your life!
It's a great holiday gift idea that requires no batteries!

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