To Hear the Forest Sing by Margaret Dulaney

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To Hear the Forest Sing by Margaret Dulaney is a book of essays, dubbed as "some musings on the divine." As a Christian, the premise of the book intrigued me. The author invites the reader to find a path to kindness and mindful living. Dulaney says, "Prayer is both essential and difficult to qualify. There are no rules to prayers. I hope to be an example of someone who has no idea how to pray, but practices it daily."

Her essays demonstrate that a life of mindfulness and kindness can be achieved by a person of any spiritual affiliation. Her memorable, touching, beautiful essays are written from aspects of her childhood, family life, and love of nature and animals. Throughout the book, she weaves love, enlightenment, and hope into her essays.

I found the essays delightful to read and, rather than reading them all at once, I read them a few a time. I think they are most appreciated this way, when I can "chew on" what she's written for a while before reading some more. It's the perfect bedside book or one to enjoy while reading morning coffee before all the little ones are awake. I think it's a great holiday gift idea too!

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Learn more about Margaret Dulaney at www.listenwell.org

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