Whiskware Egg Mixer and Whiskware Batter Mixer #review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Since I cook to eat, rather than cook because I enjoy it (because I really don't), I'm so glad Whiskware is finding ways to make cooking simpler and faster. The Egg Mixer and the Batter Mixer are designed to make breakfast preparation less of a hassle, so I gave them a try. Eliminating the need for bowls and spoons, these Whiskware tools allow me to add ingredients, mix by shaking, and pour straight to the pan.
The Egg Mixer is a two-cup container that comes with a built-in egg cracker, a removable egg separator, a BlenderBall wire whisk, and a screw-top lid that opens for pouring. It's easy to use - just crack the egg open on the egg cracker and let the egg slide out of the shell into the container. Toss your eggshells into your compost bin, screw the lid down onto the Egg Mixer, and shake them up vigorously.
The Whiskware Egg Mixer helps you make fluffier scrambled eggs, omelets, and quiches. You can even toss extra ingredients in with the eggs, such as onions, peppers, spices, and little ham cubes. I added a bit of hot salsa to my egg mixture because I love a good kick of spiciness in my eggs. The Egg Mixer can easily mix up to 8 eggs at a time!
I was really amazed at how much fluffier the scrambled eggs were after mixing them in the Whiskware Egg Mixer. This handy kitchen tool made breakfast preparation much quicker and easier. I will never mix eggs with a fork again. As a bonus, the Egg Mixer pieces can go right into my upper dishwasher rack for cleaning, or I can just add a bit of soap and warm water to the container and shake it clean, then rinse.
After being so happy with the Egg Mixer, I was excited to try the Whiskware Batter Mixer. The concept is the same as the Egg Mixer - just add the ingredients to the Batter Mixer container and shake it until they're mixed. It also has a soft silicone dispenser nozzle on top, so you can pour just the right amount of batter right from the Batter Mixer onto your griddle, skillet, or waffle-maker.
The base of the Batter Mixer doubles as a stand to hold the container upside down (with the nozzle on) for filling with ingredients. The Batter Mixer also comes with the BlenderBall wire whisk and there's even a pressure-release cap that covers the silicone tip. The screw-off cap releases built-up pressure when opening to prevent accidental spills. Using the Batter Mixer really helps keep my counters clean.
Use the Batter Mixer for pancakes, waffles, and crepes with minimal mess and hassle. Just scoop your ingredients into the container while it's perched on the base stand, then lift the container to grab the base and screw it closed, then shake it up and pour out deliciousness. We tossed blueberry halves in with our batter and our blueberry pancakes were the fluffiest and most delicious pancakes we've ever made! Some other pancake/waffle mix-ins could be strawberry pieces, little peach chunks, or even mini chocolate chips.
Whiskware even created the Whiskware Recipe Box App (for iOS or Android) it's filled with great recipes to make your breakfast the best ever. I am so happy with both the Egg Mixer and the Batter Mixer and I know my family will use them again and again. The Egg Mixer is only $9.99 and the Batter Mixer is just $14.99. These amazing (and affordable) kitchen tools are fabulous holiday gift ideas for all those who love (and hate) cooking. You could even put together a breakfast gift basket with the Egg Mixer and the Batter Mixer, along with a cute apron and an oven mitt for an extra thoughtful gift.
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